Sunday, October 23, 2022

October In-Person Meeting!

We were welcomed to our first in-person meeting in about 30 months!   We had a modest turn out of 30 members and another 7 joined via Zoom.   If you tuned in via Zoom, thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks in these hybrid meetings.   Much thanks to Caryl C. for her computer work as she manipulated through cyber space for the meeting.

Thank you to member Beth D. for finding and recommending the church hall for all our live meetings for the foreseeable future.   The room was lovely, large, well-lit, with bathrooms nearby, parking close to the entrance and no stairs to climb.  

Linda D. welcomed everyone, including new member, Lisa, from Lancaster County.   Lisa was prepared with her Liz Mathews Friendship Tree pre-stitched and she jumped right in when we started the program.

Linda called for reports.   

  • Treasurer reported our balance and no outstanding invoices.  
  • Nominating Committee - Pat L. is heading the Nominating Committee and provided a memo to Linda for the November election slate.     If you would like to run for one of these officers or nominate someone, please contact Pat L. prior to the November Meeting. The two offices that are open are Vice President/Programming and Treasurer.   The Vice President/Programming is a two person position.  Nominees are:
    • Vice President/Programming 
      • Stacy S.
      • Patrick B.
    • Treasurer
      • Robin T.
  • Conservation Committee - Marnie B. has been working with other DVHSG members to select a South Jersey Sampler in need of conservation which we can do in Patty H.'s memory.   They have narrowed the list to at 1775 sampler from South Jersey.   An informal estimate from a conservator from Winterthur is $675.00 for the restoration.  The recipient has not yet been notified of our  selection.   We will ask that they display the conserved sampler with a placard indicating DVHSG assisted in the conservation of the sampler.  This sampler selected has been submitted to the Board for their approval.   Once approval is received, the recipient will be notified.   A future field trip to see the conserved sampler is possible.
  • Holiday Exchange - Susan H. is working on the details for the holiday exchange.   Please watch your email for the link to sign up.   Information will also be in your next newsletter.  Remember to stitch a non-holiday small and to include your initials, the date and the guild initials.    We will have a holiday luncheon.   Members should bring their own beverage as well as a covered dish to share.   The guild will provide a lunchmeat tray (or similar).
  • Stitch A Long - We are continuing with The Garden of Stitches SAL.  Please post your progress on our Facebook page.
  • Programs
    • Stacy provided a re-cap of our recent October Retreat at Salty Yarns in OCMD.   She updated everyone on the status of the store's move to Route 50 near Berlin, MD.   The store size will triple, there will be classroom space and there is plenty of parking.  It is about 10 minutes from their current location.
    • For 2023 we will be having six (6) live meetings and six (6) zoom meetings.  The live meetings will be hybrid meetings.   PLEASE watch your email for the proper link to join the meetings.   The HYBRID link will be DIFFERENT from the ZOOM ONLY meeting link.  
    • Stacy is in talks with four five different designers or speakers to come to DVHSG for future meetings.  She will share more information once the details are finalized.   Also, if you have any ideas for a meeting or if you have a collection you would like to share, please contact Stacy S.
    • November Meeting - ZOOM only - Liz Mathews will join us to demonstrate how to assembly the tree she designed for DVHSG.   If you did not order the tree kit and would like to have one, there are 1 or 2 kits still available.   Contact Stacy S. if you are interested.   
    • December - LIVE meeting - Holiday Exchange and Luncheon
    • January - ZOOM only - Sharing of holiday needlework gifts received; salute to our Designer of the Year/The Scarlett House/sharing of any holiday guild exchange gifts from away members.
    • February - ZOOM only - TBD
    • March - ZOOM only - TBD
    • April -  LIVE meeting - Theresa Baird will teach the spiral trellis stitch.   We will work on doodle cloth.   She has designed a small project for purchase is you want.   More information will follow.
    • May - TBD
    • June - TBD
    • July - TBD
    • August - TBD
    • September - LIVE meeting - Michelle Ink will be teaching how to make strawberry toppers, needle minders, etc. from high quality silver which she will take home to fire for us and will ship the finished piece once polished.       

Show and Tell
 Let's see how good your are?   Can you guess who might have found a little tin and came up with this awesome needlework design.   Who else but Patrick!

Scissors keep from Patrick.  

A couple of Christmas stitches by Pat Y.

Halloween Stitching from Kathy R.
Another Halloween design stitched by Kathy R.
Red Bird Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread by Kathy R.
Ellen Chester Pattern, stitched by Kathy R.
Mary Amelia Cwyer by Kathy R.
Stitched by Kathy R.
Alphabet from Needlework Press, stitched by Kathy R.
Bristol Sampler by Kathy R. - I think.

Small drum in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II, stitched by Caryl C.  (So sorry I didn't think to photograph the sides.)

Mary Wigglesworth Sampler by Lynn D.

Theresa Baird designed being stitched by Ann S.
Beautiful sampler from Jackie DuPlessis, stitching by Ann S.

For our program, we worked on the Friendship Sampler Free Pattern from Liz Mathews.   Members pre-stitched the basket, date and part of the border prior to the meeting.   At the meeting we passed the pieces to other stitchers for them to add flowers to our baskets.   Amazing the variety of flosses, fabrics and colors.

These were taken early on in the day.   By day's end, the baskets were filling up.

Friday, September 16, 2022

September 2022 Meeting

 President Linda D. welcomed everyone to the meeting.   We have had 29 new members since July 2022.

The Treasurer's Report was shared.   We have no outstanding bills.   Donations for the Conservation Fund in Sylvia D.'s name will be accepted.

Elections - Pat Lerch has volunteered to serve on the Nominating Committee for Elections.   Elections will be in November.   Vice-President/Programming and Treasurer are the offices open.

Historian - We are still looking for someone to take on the role of Historian for the Guild.  

Conservation Committee - The Committee is working with two different historical societies in New Jersey to find a sampler for restoration.  Finding a suitable sampler is a slow process and they continue to work at it.  The Committee is going to reach out to Winterthur to get an idea of the cost to restore a sampler.   

Guild Stitch a long - The rows for completion this month on the Garden of Stitches are Band 18 and the second row of the alphabet.     Please remember to share your progress on our Facebook page.

Reminder - The Scarlett House is our Designer of the Year for 2022.  


October meetings will be switched.   The Monthly Stitch-in will be the second Saturday of October, 10/8.   The Regular Meeting will be the 4th Saturday.  On October 22, we will meeting in person for the first time in two and a half years!!!!  More information on the location  will be in your newsletter.   For our first meeting in person in quite some time Stacy has planned something special.  She has organized a One-Day Round Robin.    We will be using the Hello from Liz Matthews Friendship Basket pattern.    It is a complimentary design from Liz Matthews.   How is works is you bring your pre-stitch piece to the meeting with the flosses you would like to be used on your piece.   I suggest you put everything in a bag (zip-lock or similar) and put your name on it.    You need to only stitch the bottom, the basket, and the year.   You should put basting stitches on the sides.   Each stitcher will provide their own linen and floss for the project. The piece is only 53 stitches wide by as tall as you make it.  You will pass your started piece to friends at the meeting who will add flowers to your basket.    Some of the motifs are as few as 4 stitches, while others may have a couple dozen stitches.   DVHSG will create a paper to follow your piece so each stitcher can write their name and what they stitched.   Stitchers can use Cross stitch, eyelets, Smyrna crosses, etc. to complete your basket of flowers.   You may want to include small buttons that stitchers may wish to add to your piece.  Once all the flowers have been added, you will take your piece home to complete the sides and top border.   When finished, you will have a great little stitched piece which has been touched by so many friends.   You can fully finish the piece as you wish.

This will be done at our October Meeting.   If are not participating in the Round Robin, you can still attend the meeting.   Away Stitchers are encouraged to participate.   If you are an Away Stitcher and want to participate, please let Stacy S. know no later than September 24th so she can work out the details.  We will start stitching once the business portion of the meeting is done, breaking for lunch and then continuing to stitch until approximately 3 p.m. Because this will be our first meeting at this new location, it will be easiest if everyone brings their own bagged lunch and beverage.   

November - Liz Matthews DVHSG Tree finishing class via Zoom.

December - Susan H. will handle the Holiday Exchange.   She will be sending out a survey in the next few weeks regarding participation in the exchange. 

Today's Program -

We were treated to a tour of The Tinsmith's Wife, hppts://www/    Located in Comfort, Texas the store is housed in a circa 1800 building.  They have tons of fabric which is on display in five different antique pie safes.  They carry all popular cottons and silk threads as well as fibers for canvas work.  This is an excellent place to call if you are in search of that unicorn pattern.....they just may have it.   For the month of September, The Tinsmith's Wife is offering a 15% discount.  Look for the discount word to use in your newsletter.  

Friday, September 2, 2022

August 2022 Meeting

 President Linda D. welcomed everyone to the meeting.   Treasurer's Report was read.  It was noted the $1,500 in donations have been received for a sampler restoration in Patti Hrynecko's name.   The Conservation Committee is hoping to find a New Jersey sampler the needing restoration.  Secretary reported 24 new members since July for a total of 200+ members of the guild

Programs -

September - Zoom Talk about first stitched; how you got into stitching

October - In person meeting - October 22nd - more information will follow in your newsletter.   Semi-Annual Retreat at Salty Yarns will be October 7th, 8th and 9th.  Sign-ups dues by September 1st.

November - Liz Matthews Zoom Meeting on the finishing of one of her trees.   Liz has designed a tree for DVHSG.   Kits must be pre-ordered by August 28th.   Liz will ship directly to members late September/early October.   Elections will also be held in November.   A Nominating Committee has been formed and they are in need of another volunteer.   Please contact Linda D. is you are willing to serve on the Nominating Committee.  

December - In person meeting -  We will have our annual smalls exchange.   Participation is voluntary.  We will also be voting on the Designer of the Year for 2023.  

January - Share the needlework related holiday gifts you received.

February - Garden of Stitches Showcase - Sharing your finished work on our year long Stitch-a-long.

We will be having a Stash Reallocation again in the future.   It has to be at an in person meeting.   A date will be set and shared when it is decided what meeting it will be.  

Today's Program - Linda D. lead the group and shared many helpful hints for finishing the silk gauze needle book project from our June Meeting.    Linda shared tools to use.  Who ever thought of covering your work area with Press n Seal when you are painting?   Ingenious.    Linda gave examples of how to embellish the needle book with ribbons, buttons, charms, using scrapbooking paper and punches, Folk Art (brand) paints.   She said to check out the Tim Holtz supplies at Hobby Lobby or Micheals as well as the scrapbooking sections  in each store for little add ons.    A couple stitchers who had finished their books shared what they had done.   Very clever and very inspiring.

Next meeting - September 10

Monday, August 8, 2022

July 2022 Meeting

 President Linda D. welcomed everyone and call the meeting to order.   New member, Barbara, introduced herself.

Treasurer's Report - We have one outstanding invoice from Needlework Press.   We have received donations in Patti Hyrnecko's name which will set aside for a sampler conservation.

Conservation Committee - The Committee is meeting to revised and simplify the application process.  The hopes are to have an on-line application process.   For the current year, we will you the process in place.   Once the new guidelines are created the website and blog will be updated with current forms and the necessary links.

Elections - Elections in November will be for Vice-President/Programming and Treasurer.   Both are two-year terms and will be effective January 1, 2023.   A Nominating Committee is needed.   If interested, please contact President Linda D.


    July - The kits for the Civil War Huswif with Linda Vinson will be mailed shortly.   The July Meeting is a discussion with Linda Vinson.   You will not need to have your kit prior to the meeting.  See the June Meeting post for pictures of the Civil War Huswif.

    August -   Linda will shared finishing ideas and techniques for the silk gauze needlebook from our June Meeting.

    September - TBD

    October - Retreat October 7, 8 and 9.   Our October Meeting will be at the end of the month.   What your newsletter and email updates.

    November - Liz Matthews will be with us via Zoom and will show us how to finish one of her trees.   Kits for the DVHSG tree will be mailed in late September/early October for pre-stitching.  Deadline for sign up is August 1st.  See the June Meeting post for pictures of the tree.

    December - Holiday Exchange  and Brunch.   More details will follow.

Spring Retreat - We do not know if there will be a Spring Retreat in 2023.   With the sale of the hotel the staff is unsure what will be happening in April 2023.

Of interest - Serendipity Quilt Shoppe in Dagsboro has been sold and will not be going out of business. 

Today's Program

    Linda VInson, Needlework Delights, spoke to up on the history of the Civil War Huswif.  Fabric was hard to come by so these huswifs were assembled from whatever scrapes the homemake had on hand.  These were precious to the soldiers and may have carried photographs, locks of hair from a loved one, needle and thread, buttons and money.  Caryl C. will share copies of Union and Confederate money for you to print and put in your huswif.    

Linda went through the kit and offered tips on finishing the cross stitched work into the huswif.   Linda suggest using navy, dark brown, brick red and cheddar yellow for you fabric selection for the huswif.  She offered a couple of resources for finishing supplies:   Marcus Fabrics has civil ware fabric available;  Lady Dot Creates has 5/8 inch cotton twill tape that is used for the binding.  

56 Members were in attendance via Zoom.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

June 2022 Meeting

We were welcomed to the ZOOM Meeting by President Linda D.  She welcomed new members and guests.

Linda spoke of recognition and respect of late member Patti H.   Patti was our Historian and provided us a wonderful recap of our history at our Anniversary Event.   Patti's knowledge of samplers was only matched by her dedication to the art and her ability to chart historic samplers.  The Conservation Committee will be researching a New Jersey Sampler to conserve in Patti's honor.   DVHSG is accepting donations in Patti's memory towards this conservation project.    Patti's husband has the large collection of back issues of Just Cross Stitch magazines.   If you are be interested in the magazines, contact Nancy F.  

In light of Patti's passing, DVHSG will be creating a committee to act as the Guild Historians.    The Guild is looking for two or three people.   The committee will be asked to be responsible but not limited to the following:  for posting announcements and activities online; reporting to the Board monthly; attend meetings in person;  taking photos of projects and Show and Tell; document Guild projects with photos and words; maintain a list of members who do programs and coordinate a drawing each January for a gift; use of current technology to have information available, including Facebook; document and keeping a timeline. providing a once a year re-cap each January. Please contact Linda D. is you are interested in working on the committee.

Our Conservation Committee for this year will be Marnie B. as Chairperson, Pat L, Cinda Crane, Mary H., and Susan H. will coordinate the Zoom Meetings for the group.

Holiday Smalls Exchange - Susan Hyedt will coordination a hybrid Holiday Exchange.   

SAL - Garden of Stitches from Samplers Not Forgotten

This month's assignment is to complete Bands 10 and 11.   Members shared their progress.


July - Civil War Huswif with Linda Vinson of Needlemade Designs.   Sign-up directly through Salty Yarns.  A 15% discount on the kit will be in effect until July 30th.    The registration form was sent with the monthly newsletter.  Members only class - become a member for $25.

August - Silk Gauze Finishing Class - Linda D.

October - Ocean City Fall Retreat.  The dates at October 7 - 9, 2022.  Sign up forms will be sent out shortly.   It is a two part registration.   You must sign up with Salty Yarns for the retreat and book your room separately with the Lankford.  Your retreat includes a Friday night cocktail reception; a goody bag and a Saturday night dessert reception.

November - Finishing class from Hello from Liz Matthews.  Liz Matthews has designed a tree for DVHSG.    Registration form was sent with the Newsletter.   Registrations are to be mailed to Stacy S.   Liz Matthews will send out the kits directly to each stitcher late August/early September for the pre-stitching.  Registration deadline line is August 1st.  Members only class - become a member for $25.

November - Election of officers.   We will be electing new officers for the  positions of Vice President/Programming and Treasurer in November 2022 each for a two year term.   Please let Linda D. know if you wish to serve on the Nominating Committee.

December - Holiday Exchange - The Guild is looking for a location for a holiday brunch for our meeting.   More information to follow.

Today's Program Silk Gauze Class

Linda D. discussed the history of silk gauze work.  First done in the 1200's in the Town of Paisley (famous for the lovely paisley patterns we know), in Scotland.  In the early 1700's, England and Scotland united.  Paisley was a border town and the sale of linens and silks flourished until the 1790's.

We will be working on the "leno" style of weaving, it is a stronger weave the interlocks the warp and the weft to keep the weave from shifting.  Counts of silk gauze range from 18 count to 90 count!  The needle size is important.  40 count is the most popular.   A No. 28 needle is suitable for 40 count.  Many silk projects are full coverage.  It is not necessary, just more common.   Work on silk by stitching to attach your gauze in the center of a larger piece of fabric.  CAREFULLY cut away a 'window' of fabric to expose the silk and use a hoop to hold taunt by only the fabric.   See Erica Michael's page for tips on working on silk gauze.  Silk gauze can also be mounted on a cardboard frame using tape - also shown on Erica's Michael's page.  Work with something dark on your lap or work area to help see the silk threads.   For this project, we will be using the Tent Stitch.  Stitching is starting with an away knot.

Stitch the project for assembling at the August meeting.   Some things to 'gather' to use in finishing are kraft paper, Mod Podge, ribbons, laces, coordinating fabrics, stickers, buttons, Folk Art (or similar) paints, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, fronts of greeting cards, felt, hole punch.

Next Meeting - July 9th - Civil War Huswif discussion.

Monday, May 30, 2022

May 2022

 We had a fabulous weekend commemorating our 20th Anniversary, albeit 2 years late thanks to the pandemic!

The weekend started with field trips to The Westtown School, in operation since 1799, they have a vast collection of Quaker needlework.  They are known as the 'sister' school to the Ackworth School in England.   Lunch was at the Couch Tomato in West Chester and  then an afternoon at the Chester County History Center.  

On Saturday morning we started at 9 a.m., entering the room to find a stuffed full good bag.     Below is the sampler from the weekend.   All the smalls that we worked on in class were based on motifs from this sampler.

Above, the complete set of weekend projects completed by member Marnie B.  Below is Caryl C.'s completed book.

Below, a beautiful tribute created by one of our founder members, Patti H.  It is truly a treasure as is she.

Look what else greeted us on arrival!  See that far wall.....there were over 50 items we received and raffled off to attendees.   We made $900 to add to our Conservation Fund for restoring an antique sampler.  

Members enjoying seeing each other in person again!

Original member and guild founder, Marsha C.

Our 5th Year Anniversary Sampler, where members each add a row.

Our President and Master of Ceremonies, Linda D.

Guest speaker, Vicki LoPiccolo Jannett, Needlework Press

Fantastic presentation of our Guild history by historian Patti H.

Here's the best little person in charge of programs this side of the Mississippi!

Someone was clever enough to think to have everyone sign a mat and then frame some beach smalls to commemorate our first Retreat at Salty Yarns and the Lankford Hotel.

Here's a group photo we took at the end of the event on Sunday......silly stitchers, we were so busy enjoying the weekend we forgot to take a group photo on Saturday when there were twice as many stitchers!

Hmm.....wonder what the debate is about......40 ct. versus 46 ct., silks versus overdyed.....

All in all, it was a great weekend and a fantastic celebration of how far we have come as an organization.   Everyone who attended enjoyed the event and I have heard nothing but rave reviews.   Thank you much for the hard work of the Anniversary Committee as well as the Board of the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild.  Here's to the next 20 years!

Monday, April 4, 2022

March 2022

President Linda D. welcomed everyone to the ZOOM meeting.   

  • Registration for the Anniversary Event was announced.   The 3-day event will be the weekend of May 13, 14 and 15, 2022.   Saturday and Sunday will both start at 9 a.m.   It will be held at the Embassy Suites, Route 896, Newark DE.    Information will follow regarding rooms at the Embassy Suites.  The event will consist of Tours to Westtown School and Chester County History Center on Friday.   Space will be limited and preference will be given to out of town members attending the weekend.   If there is enough interest, a second tour will be scheduled sometime in June.    Saturday will consisted of recognition and review of the first 20 years of DVHSG.  A lecture by guest speaker, Vickie LoPiccolo Jannett of Needlework Press will follow.   We will then have a hot buffet luncheon  and an afternoon class.  On Sunday, there will be a morning class and the event will end at approximately 1 pm on Sunday.   Registration forms will be distributed with this meetings Newsletter.
  • Today's Guest Speaker is Jenny Garwood of MESDA.   MESDA is the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.   Go to to see some of the items in their collection.   Some of the samplers are charted and available from The  
        Jenny provided a slideshow and shared a vast knowledge of the samplers that can be found at the museum.  This presentation was recorded and will be made available for members to view if not in attendance to the ZOOM meeting.   

DVHSG did donate to the conservation of a silk glaze map of the United States, circa 1800's.


  • April Meeting  - Stitch in
  • April Spring Retreat at Salty Yarns, last weekend of April.   $150 for 2 nights, 2 breakfasts, a cocktail reception and a good bag.
  • May - Anniversary Event   Events are broken down.   Signing up for the classes is optional.
  • June - Silk Gauze Class.    Linda D. will instruct everyone on tips for working with silk gauze.  Kits will be mailed directly from Salty Yarns to the stitcher.
  • July - Civil War Huswif.  Registration form will be forthcoming.   Salty Yarns will be assembling and mailing the kits directly to each stitcher participating.  Linda Vinson is the instructor.  There is no pre-stitch for this class.   It is recommended that even if you do no plan to purchase the kit, that you attend the class.  There is a lot of history and information that will be shared.   Kits will be available at a discounted rate until July 30, 2022.
  • August - Linda will lead everyone in a finishing class for the silk gauze piece
  • Garden of Stitches SAL continues.   March Bands are # 3, # 4, and # 5.   Also, begin Band # 24 putting in only the cross stitches - saving the satin stitches until a later month.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

February 2022 Meeting

 Linda D. welcomed everyone to the meeting.   This meeting was recorded and links will be shared in the Newsletter.

Treasurers Report - the Embassy Suites (hotel for Anniversary event) and the PO Box annual fee have been paid.

Linda recognized Ann S. for her many years of dedication and tireless efforts in chairing our Conservation Committee.   Ann has done a fabulous job reviewing applicants and making a recommendation on each year's recipient of our donation towards the conservation of a sampler in their collection.   Not only has Ann's commitment to this benefitted our Guild but also it has helped with the conservation of countless antique samplers up and down the east coast.   We are sorry you are stepping down but understand other duties are calling you.  Thank you Ann for your dedication and great work in this worthy cause.  Ann will be receiving a one year membership and a certificate as a Thank You for her hard work.

2021 - Patrick will be sending out the prizes for the winners of the 2021 Challenge.    We will be again continuing the Challenge in 2022.   Keep in stitching and completing projects and add those to the our green binder for a tally.   (due to Covid, we have been sending an email to Linda at the end of the year with a listing of projects completed in that year.)

Paypal/Venmo - At this time, DVHSG will not be pursuing getting a Paypal or Venmo account for payments.    The current logistics of not meeting in person as well as the cost and fees incurred make it not feasible at this time.   This can be revisited at a future date.

By-Laws - We will be reviewing and editing our existing By-Laws.   Once completed, they will be emailed to all members and will become part of the new member package.  

Programming -

March - Discussion by Program Director of MESDA, Winston-Salem, NC

April - Retreat and Stitch in

May - 20th Anniversary Celebration - sign up information will be sent out shortly

June - Stitching on gauze.  

July - Linda Vinson of Needlework Designs will be providing a discussion on a Cival War Huswif.   Salty Yarns will be kitting up this piece for anyone who signs up for the class.

August - Completion/finishing of the silk gauze piece

This month's program  - A Garden of Stitches

We welcomed Kimberly Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten.   Our 2022 SAL will be her piece, Garden of Stitches.   She told us a little about herself and then began to discuss the sampler.   She review each band and the speciality stitches required for each.  It is a beautiful piece that came kitted with linen and floss.   The pattern includes 13 speciality stitches.   A schedule for completion has been drafted and will be shared in the newsletter.   We should be completed by February 2023.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

January 2022 Meeting

Happy New Year.  Here we go again with a Zoom Meeting rather than meeting in person.   I know it is not February but I am beginning to feel like it we are in the Groundhog Day movie.  Who would have ever thought when we were watching “The Jetsons” as children that we would be talking to each other the way we are today?

Guild Business

President Linda D welcomed all members and had new members introduce themselves.  Designer Lori Markovic of La-D-Da was introduced.  She is our designer of the year for 2021 and joined us for the meeting.

Linda offered much gratitude and special thanks to all that continue to make our meetings happen during these times of the pandemic.  

Holiday GiftsMembers took turns sharing patterns and stitching related gifts they received for the holidays.  There were some great patterns and pieces shared.

Advent Exchanges - Several members shared details on the exchanges they participated in.   Pat L. took part in Kitten Stitchers Advent Exchange and was not disappointed.   She said all the item she received were fabulous and included 16 charts.   These charts will be release by designers next year.  Unfortunately we understand Kitten Stitcher is planning on doing an advent exchange in 2022.

A more unique Advent Exchanges was an advent tree.   It was a SAL from Moonfeathers of Denmark. It was a small tree to be stitched.   Each day you opened a package that had the floss or embellisment and instructions enclosed.   There were You-Tube videos to help with the stitching.   This one sounds like fun!

Designer Showcase - Our designer of the year for 2021 was La-D-Da.   Lori Markovic joined our the meeting and was able to see all the challenge pieces that were completed.  Guild members completed 63 La-D-Da projects in 2021.   Lori generously donated 10 charts to be given as prizes to those who participated.  

Holiday ExchangeMembers who participated shared their exchange pieces.  Although Covid required this was done by mail, all who participated were thrilled.

Membership Dues - Dues for 2022 is now due.   The annual fee is $25. Forms can be found our our Facebook page.

20 in 21 Challenge - Fourteen members have turned in lists of their completed items for 2021.  Top finisher Barbara N. completed 53 projects!    It is still not too late to turn your list in to Linda for it to be added to the record book Patrick maintains.  

Designer Showcase 2022

It is time to vote on our what designer we will showcase for 2022.   The choices are:   

Please email Linda D. by Friday, January 21st with your choice.


February - Samplers Not Forgotten - Kim Nugent will discuss her history and process and will kick off our 2022 SAL piece,  Garden of Stitches.

February - Salty Yarns offers a discount of 30% on orders over $50 on Super Bowl Weekend.  

March - TBD

April - Stitch in

April - Guild Retreat OCMD

May - Anniversary - May 13 - 14 - 15.  Plans are being finalized for our Anniversary Celebration.   It will be a three day event.   A day trip on Friday to a local place of interest.   Saturday morning lecture from Vicki LoPiccolo Jennett of Needlework Press.   She has designed a sampler for DVHSG that will be available for purchase - pattern only.    A luncheon with speakers showing  recognition to our founder members, past officers, etc.  The afternoon will be a class with Vicki.   The piece will be using motifs from the sampler she designed for the  guild.   Sunday morning another class with Vicki.    A block of rooms are being reserved with the Embassy Suites in Newark DE for the weekend.  There is a limited number being reserved.   Please alert Stacy S. ASAP if you plan on getting a room NOT LATER than Friday, January 14th.  More details on the Guild Anniversary will be shared in the coming months.

June - Silk Gauze Class - The project has been designed by Erica Michaels.  Registration for this project is due by the February meeting.  

July - Linda Vinson of Needlemade Delights will be teaching a Civil War huswife.

August - Finishing for the Silk Gauze piece

September - TBD

October - Guild Retreat OCMD

As always, necessary forms for members (membership, class registrations, etc.) can be found under "files" on our Facebook page.

Next Meeting, February 12, 2022