Friday, May 19, 2023

May 2023 Meeting

Our May Meeting was in person as well as on Zoom.

VP Stacy S. ran the meeting.

New members in attendance were welcomed and shared their stitching story with us.

Treasurer’s Report was given with the balances in the General Fund as well as in the Conservation Fund provided.

Conservation Committee - The Committee is tying up the loose ends on the dedication at the Salem County Historic Society.

A Gift Card was presented to Evalyn G. for the work her and her husband do with hosting the Zoom meetings.

Stacy reviewed upcoming programs -

  • June - Kim Young of Sassy Jack’s will join us by Zoom to discuss Bristol Samplers.  She will be sending a pdf pattern in advance of the meeting
  • July - Linda Stolz of Erica Michael’s Designs will lead a discussion on samplers and a tour of her studio and collection
  • August - Jennifer Richardson of Violets & Verses with share her knowledge of Shaker Villages and will discuss an 1847 Shaker Sampler.  The Sampler and supplies will be offered at a discount from Salty Yarns.   More information will follow.
  • September - Michelle of Michelle Ink Designs will conduct a workshop using reclaimed high quality silver to mold into charms, needle minders or strawberry toppers
  • October - Garage Sale - bring in your unwanted stash to sell, trade, donate.
  • Fall Retreat in Ocean City, MD will be the weekend of November 10-11-12.
  • November - Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle will be teaching a Thimble Box designed specially for DVHSG. More information and an order form will follow in a future Newsletter
  • December - Our Annual Holiday Brunch will take place.   Members are encouraged to stitch a   sampler themed small with their initials and Guild initials as an exchange piece.   Participation in optional and you don’t need to have an exchange piece to come and enjoy the meeting.
  • January - The Designer of the Year pieces will be shared.   We hope that Paulette of Plum Street will be able to join us.   We will also share any needlework related holiday gifts we received
  • February - The SAL of the Hummingbird Sampler from Samplers Not Forgotten will be launched.   The SAL will last a year and a schedule for monthly goals will be shared.   More information will follow for sign-ups and cost.
  • March - TBD
  • April - Jackie de Plessis will be teaching a sampler to the Guild.  More information will follow
Watch your Newsletters for more information and sign up flyers to the upcoming events.

Stacy is also working on starting a Secret Stitcher club.   Again, participation will be voluntary.   Guidelines will be set as to dollar limits and the number of times you will send ‘treats’ to your Secret Stitching Pal.   Susan H. will coordinate the Pals.   We hope to have the details planned and available at the June Meeting.

Today’s Program

We treated to having Cynthia Steinhoff via Zoom and Patty Yergey from Samplers Revisted in person.  Cynthia walked us through a slideshow of several Delaware Samplers.   

First us, Elizabeth Shockley, 1821

Elizabeth Shockley has been charted by Patty Yergey.   This is a marking sampler from Georgetown, Sussex County, Delaware.   She was the daughter of a watchmaker and a brother who served as Governor of Delaware.

Rebecca Craig, 1844.   This has also been charted by Patty Yergey.  Rebecca included the initials of family members of the marking sampler.  Rebecca is from Hazlettville, Kent County, Delaware.  She married Elisa Wright and had 7 children.   Only two of their children survived to adulthood.

Dorcas Bolden 1807 Sampler, charted by Patty Yergey.   It is an alphabet sampler with a variation of the The Universal Prayer by Alexander Pope.   There are variations in the spelling of Bolden/Boldin/Boldan so it is difficult to track the lineage of Dorcas.   The closet match geographically has us assume the she stitched this piece at 21 years of age.  She was married to Richard Boldin in 1808 and may be connected to Poplar Hill in the Pencader Hundred.

Rachel Wiley, 1807, a marking sampler with verse.  It is similar to Dorcas Bolden.  She used a verse from Woods and Dales of Derbyshire by Reverend James Stone.  She is likely the daughter of prominent attorney John Wiley.

Maria Aull, 1809.   This sampler is an alphabet sampler with numbers and a cartouche at the bottom.   White lace was added around the border for added interest.

Sarah Shields, stitched between 1822-1825.  The dating was determined by the initials she included on her alphabet and number sampler.  Her blame can be found at the end of the second row.   She was from a Quaker family in the Brandywine Hundred.  She married Joseph Baldwin, moving to Harrison County, Ohio.

Lydia Wharton, 1821, charted by Patty Yergey.  Lydia was from Sussex County, Delaware.  Her marking sampler has fifteen bands and has been stitched in cross stitch over one and over two.  Queen stitch, Algerian eyes, double backstitch and rice stitch  She included her family initials.  The Wharton’s came to Sussex County in the 1600’s.  Lydia was married to Robert Houston in 1831.  They had 9 children.  The Houston family has always been a family involved in civic and community affairs. 



Elizabeth Caulk, 1802.   Elizabeth was a Quaker and attended the Southern Boarding School in Duck Creek, Kent County, DE.   She was married to Samuel Cox in 1821 and later dismissed from the Quaker faith because if dissent.    Prominent in her sampler is the “An Emblem of Love” motif.  

Blanche Welch, 1819    This is a Maryland Sampler.  Her teacher most likely was Mary Cloud show taught in Delaware for five years.  This is called and Fruit and Flower Sampler.  Blanche married Joshua Rutledge in Hartford County, MD.  

There was a brief question and answer period with Cynthia.  Patty Yergey had a brief discussion as well as a fabulous trunk show for our shopping desires.   Much knowledge was shared by both of these lovely women.

WIPGO for the next month will be Number 2.

Attendance - 29 in person and 30 via Zoom