Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 2015 Meeting

We did it again!   Another fun meeting.   Where to start.   Some Show 'n Tell first.

Carol W. shared her projects from Jamboree at Salty Yarns, October.  A Needlebook and a Pinbook designed by Hands On Design with JABCo buttons.

Jamboree parting gift from Hands on Design - Scissors fob kit.

Carol also shared her Polish Pottery Pin Cushion.   There are five pieces in this series which is out of production.

 Stacy S. shared her framed Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler.  Beautiful piece and beautiful frame.  (better get my stitch on to finish mine!)

Jean T. had shared some mini sleds and stockings by Blackbird designs and Caryl C. had a Quaker Needle Roll by Catherine Theron to share.  (Sorry, I did't get photos - please send some for me to include here!)

Next, a little business....

  • Membership renewals are due in January.   The cost remains at $25 for the annual fee.   You can pay in December or January.
  • December 12 is the date of our Annual Holiday Exchange.   We will have our smalls exchange.  This is always a favorite meeting.   Beautiful hand stitched gifts are exchanged, great fellowship and fabulous food.
  • Girls of the Guild Stitch-a-Long - December's assignment - Row 20/Completion!    Bring your completed piece - framed or unframed - to the January meeting to qualify in the SAL prize drawing.

Goings on and Upcoming......

Betsy Morgan's
Mexican Stitcher's Purse
  • Winterthur current display/exhibit - Louis Comfort Tiffany glass display now through January 3, 2016.
  • Winterthur - The Diligent Needle exhibit showcases the evolution of needlework and the role it played in the 17th, 18th ad 19th centuries.  
  • Winterthur Needlework Sampler Symposium in October 2016 sponsored, in part, by DVHSG.
  • Devon - next weekend - Susan D's Guild Quilt Show - 50 to 60 quilts on display, bazzaar booths
  • Quilt Show at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown now until February 21st (not sure if I have this correct - with verify with the newsletter from Caryl C.)
  • Betsy Morgan class at DVHSG March meeting.   She will demonstrate cording, cording with beads and tassel making at our regular meeting.  The optional afternoon class be a needlebook and some pre-stitching will be required.   She will demo aztec stitch (used in the Mexican stitcher's purse seen above).    Sign up deadline January 9th.  Guild members can sign up as an away stitcher.   Class cost $65.   More info to follow.
  • Sherry Jones will be teaching at Salty Yarns  - April 15 - 17.
  • Annual Spring Retreat at Salty Yarns  - April 22 - 23 - 24.
  • Cape May Exhibit open now through December.   Monday to Friday with special advance notice required for weekend visits.
  • Gloucester County Historic Society featuring Downtown Abbey period clothing exhibit has been extended until June.   We will be looking into the possibility of having a 'road trip' following one of our regular meetings next spring.
  • 2016 Challenge - not a lot of details yet but I can tell you involves listing five pieces you wish to complete in 2016.   They may be new or previously started (not more than 50% complete) to be included.  More info and final details will be shared at the December meeting.   For now, you can put your thinking caps on for making a mental list of what you may wish to include.  

Wow!  All that and now we get to the program portion of our meeting.    We were asked to bring in smalls for an identification contest.   There were 47 pieces brought in.   Actually there were far many more if you count all the pieces that make up projects like Betsy Morgan's Toy Chest.  All the smalls were placed on displayed.   Susan D. and Stacy S. walked around the numbered items and we TRIED to identify who the designer was.   We had a couple of scary parts to this challenge.   First, was to be able to recognize so many designers and second, and equally as scary was to not remember the designer and we were the one who stitched the project.  Salty Yarns donated stitching notions as prizes for the stitchers who could identify the most.   Susan and Stacy made this a fun event.  (all photos are clickable for a larger view.)

Now for a bit of unpleasant business....... just a gentle reminder to members at meetings.   It is very difficult to take notes while there are many side conversations going on.   Please keep your conversation and volume to a minimum not only for my feeble brain and ability but also to be respectful to the speaker at the meeting.   Sorry - just a pet peeve.  

Happy stitching and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.   See you in December.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Meeting

In October we celebrating our 15th year as a guild!  

This is Evalyn G. one of the original members of the group.   We are about 60 to 70 members and going strong from all walks of life and far as far away as Connecticut to Tennessee and Wyoming!  

For our program this month we had members demonstrate some specialty stitches.  Sali C-P taught everyone the Bullion Knot.   Teresa B. demonstrated the Spiral Trelli. Thanks to both ladies for sharing this information with us. 

For an online demo of the bullion knots, check this website: 

Check out the work of our hands......
 Ann Grant of Shakespeare's Peddler, stitched by Kathy R.

Joan Thomason Needlepoint, stitched by BJ S.

 Delaware Inspiration by Heart's Ease Examplar Workes stitched by BJ S.

 Eileen Bennet Whitework stitched by Francine C.

 Squareology Pin Cushion by Hands On Design, stitched by Francine C.

Smalls stitched by Caryl C. including, on the right, the Can't See the Forest by Betsy Morgan.

The Pumpkin and the Crow by Barbara Ana Designs, stitched by Jane G. A nice way to incorporate another hand work method by including the wool pennies around the edge.

 Last by by no means least is Patrick's creation from a needlepoint 
valance he picked up in an estate sale.

Coming up in November we will have a “Guess the Smalls Designer” challenge. Members will bring their smalls (stitched, finished or not) and we will try guess the designer. Prizes will be given for the most correctly  guessed designers.  Prizes have been graciously donated by Salty Yarns. Thank you Sally!

For our Girls in the Guild SA the October assigned was to complete rows 16 and 17. In November, participants should complete rows 18 and 19 to stay on schedule for completion by the January meeting.
In March, Betsy Morgan will be at our meeting. She will demonstrate her cord and tassel techniques during the regular meeting. In the afternoon, she will lead a 3 hour class on a Needlebook design using the Aztec stitch. Cost for the afternoon class plus lunch will be $65 which includes lunch.  More information will be shared at a future meeting.  •    Lauren Sauer (of Forget-Me-Nots In Stitches) will be hosting a needlework weekend in Ohio’s Amish country from Wednesday, May 11, 2016 through Sunday, May 15, 2016. See the attached for more information.

In December will be hold our Annual Holiday Luncheon and gift exchange.   This is always a popular meeting and attendance is always high.

Some things that are happening (somewhat and not) locally:
•    The Cape May Museum is having an exhibition that opened on August 21 and runs until mid-December. The samplers date from 1796 to 1860. Their website is: 
•    Montpelier Mansion in Laurel, Maryland is hosting a exhibition on needlework in November. More information can be found at:

Until next month, yours in stitches, DVHSG.
(Thank you Caryl and Susan for your help with forwarding the info for the October meeting. R.)

Friday, October 2, 2015

September Meeting

Caryl C., our secretary has been faithful in keeping all members up to date.....unlike your blog writer. I missed the September Meeting and will not be at the October Meeting either so I will share Caryl's information......

  • Member Patti H. gave a presentation on Gloucester County Samplers.  I saw her presentation at the Morven Museum last year and it was a good one!  Patti has charted several of the samplers for stitching and they are available at the Gloucester County Historical Society.
  • September SAL Assignment - Complete rows 14 and 15 of Girls of the Guild by September Meeting to stay on course!
  • Fall Guild Retreat - October 2 - 4.   This is a Members Only event.  
  • Annual Donation - Our planning committee will make a decision on the recipient of our annual sampler restoration donation for 2015 in early 2016.   More information will follow.  Past recipients have been:   Winterthur Museum, The Plimouth Jacket Foundation,  The Biggs Museum, The Chester County Historical Society, Lewes Historical Society and Odessa Historical Society.  
Girls having fun at OCMD Retreat.....I mean you do have to stop stitching to eat.

Lynn D. shared what is normally our beautiful view of the ocean from those 
wonderful rockers we like to sit and stitch from.   This weekend is was a view of Hurricane Joachin!

Coming in October   
  • Our October program will be a demonstration of speciality stitches by members Sali and Teresa.  For Sali's stitch demo, bring a doodle cloth, with fabric of your choice, small hoop and floss from stash.  For Teresa's stitch demo, bring a piece of 28 or 32 count linen, a hoop if you choose and #12 perle cotton.  Of course, all your normal stitching supplies (needles, scissors, magnification, etc.)
  • October SAL Assignment - Complete rows 16 and 17 by the October Meeting

Upcoming Needlework Events

  • The Pennsylvania Button Society will be sponsoring two shows.   In Myerstown, PA, October 17 and in Fraser, PA, October 31.  See their website:
  • The Cape May Museum is holding an exhibit that opened in August and will run until mid-December.   The samplers on display write in date from 1796 to 1860.   Their website is
  • Fae Kuhn, Grantville, PA is sponsoring a Cross Stitch Retreat.   Grantville is near Hershey PA.  The dates are October 16 - 18 and will be held at the Granville Holiday Inn.    There will be designers attending.   Check out the Facebook page:   Stitcher's Escapes to find this and all other stitching events!
  • In November, the Montpelier Mansion, Laurel, MD will host an expedition on needlework.   More information is available at their website:

Members!  Please email any Show and Tell you would like me to share here!!  See you all in November!

Monday, August 17, 2015

July and August Meetings

Mea Culpa folks......please forgive in my delay in posting.   Although Apple says Apple systems don't get viruses, I must say my laptop has then had influenza all summer making it difficult and nearly intolerable at times to use that said, please forgive my summer hiatus.....

For July we had a quick business meeting, some Show 'n Tell and then on to the business of Stash Re-allocation.  

Show and Tell

Theresa B.'s design

A jump on the fall season by Patrick

Cute little project bag by Carol W. - without buttons

Same cute project bag with buttons - Barb G.

What a lovely new baby gift!

If memory serves me correct, this is Patty H.'s handiwork

Caryl C. shared her scissors block

Francine's strawberries

Now on to the Stash Reallocation part of the meeting.  Many of us pledged to not take home any more than we arrived with but alas famous last words.  The allure of a new pattern from a favorite designed is sometimes hard to resist. Quite a few people went home with additions to their stash and hopefully there were others that were able to reduce their stash.   A real win/win!

For our Stitch-a-long   Girls in the Guild -    July's assignment was rows 10 and 11.

Here's some of our stitcher's progress so far.
Barbara G.

Gwynne G.

Carol W.

Pat L.
Isn't fun to see the different interpretations!

Salty Yarns Guild Retreat (members only)  This will be held October 2-4. More information to follow. 
Cape May County Historical Society   Needleworkers are invited to take a tour of the Museum of Cape May County, 504 Route 9 North, Cape May Court House New Jersey.  Of particular interest to needleworkers is an extensive offering of samplers that date back to the 18th century.  They also have quilts, hand made clothing, textiles, and antique sewing implements.  To arrange a group tour with an emphasis on the needlework collections, a boxed lunch, and an opportunity to sew on the grounds or inside the gallery call 609-465-3535.  Or stop by when you are in the area.

For August, updates on the fall scheduled were shared:

September - Patti H. of Gloucester County Historical Society will give a presentation on antique samplers.
October - Stitch Demonstration by Sali C-P. and Theresa B.
November - Presentation by needlework framer
December - Annual luncheon and gift exchange

For the Girls of the Guild Stitch-a-long - Rows 12 and 13 are scheduled for completion before the September Meeting. 

Alright ladies, get your stitch on!

Saturday, June 13, 2015

June Meeting

We welcomed some guests and new members.   Susan, Evelyn, Anna and Beverly.   We hope you become regulars!

Sali C-P provided a brief overview of Treasury.   More info will be provided to members in the newsletter.

Show and Tell
As always, the work of our hands is beyond description.

 Shepherd's Bush by Susan D. (sorry for the glare Susan)

 Canvas piece, Stacy S. - her first canvas piece

 Snowmen by Stacy S.

 The Mayflower Collection by our own Theresa B./Heart's Ease Exemplar

 Can you guess who has done another wedding sampler?  Look at the ribbon flowers!  
stitched by  Lynn D.

And if Lynn wasn't busy enough stitching wedding samplers, she finished the 
 Inspiration Sampler designed by Theresa B.

Sampler by Patty Yergey, stitched by BJ S.

Cute little pillow by Ellen P. using her new sewing machine.

Not sure who stitched this but it looks like Pine Mountain.

This is an older Danish chart stitched by Pat Y.

These last four were turned out by Francine C.  Each one was lovelier than the one before!

Please share any corrections or feel free to help if I omitted a stitcher or designer's name.

Upcoming Classes
- Red Bank Gardeners - Hosting a garden and needlework display, June 14, Red Bank NJ
- Colonial West Jersey Chapter of EGA will be having a display in Willingboro.  Pat Y. forwarded the information for the Newsletter.
- Stitch by Stitch Retreat, October 23 & 24, Cape May.   Two teachers are schedules:   Sharon Verbos of the Purple Thread and a needlepoint project (with the option to do on linen)
- Stitcher's Retreat - MEMBERS ONLY - at Salty Yarns in OCMD, Oct. 2 - 4
- Jamboree, Oct. 9 & 10 at Salty Yarns in OCMD.   Just Another Button Company and Hands on Threads will teach the three classes.
- Cape May Historical Society - ongoing - needlework and quilts on display.

We also shared the progress we are making on the stitch-a-long.  Rows 6-7-8 were to be completed by the June meeting.  Row 6 is the pulled satin stitches, Row 7 and 8 are the verse - "Be true.....".   For the July meeting, Row 9 - the band of flowers with the date centered is what needs to be completed to stay on schedule.

Everyone's keeping up!  Look at the differences with color choices. Pat Y. is done and FRAMED.   Sorry Pat I didn't get a photo.   Trust me everyone, she has the perfect frame and it looks stunning.

Mary Dawn Ditty, member, shared her large collection of vintage and antique needlework and sewing notions.   Mary narrated the slide show as well as had a vast amount of smalls to share with the group.

Poor Man's Chatelaine's

 Needlebooks, Thimble keeps, tape measures and more.

 Circa 1950's sewing box

 Mary Dawn really has a thing for little emory strawberries!


Dust with chalk and 'stamp' your design.

 How cool for the thread to be 'dispensed' out the side.

 Darners of every shape and size.

 Darners for the fingers of gloves!

Nanny Pins - inside a needle and thread are hidden for Nanny to take a quick stitch in Jr.'s britches!

 See the one with the spring at the center?  The spring was to hold your work in place.

 More smalls.  Hand tooled and very detailed.

 What a collection!

Next Month
July Meeting will be our Garage Sale/Stash Reduction Event
August Meeting will be a stitch-a-long