Tuesday, July 30, 2013

UPDATE to Delaware Consortium

This just in......

Lynne Anderson of the Sampler Consortium has re-scheduled the DELAWARE SYMPOSIUM from November 2013 to March 21, 22 and 23, 2014. The site will be the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE. There will be lectures, field trips, classes and hopefully, a sampler exhibition and catalog. The focus of the exhibition and catalog will be to feature Family Records and other Delaware needlework that records family names and/or initials. 

The following Guild members participated in the recent sampler identification days:

Katie F., Sali P., Michelle A., Nancy F, Evalyn G., Terri H., Kathy L., Marnie B., Ann S., and Sylvia D.

        The Sampler Consortium expressed their gratitude for Guild's efforts in this important project.  They sent a big ThankYou all who volunteered their  time to work on this important documentation.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

July Meeting

July Program   Jean Milliken demonstrated how to make buttons decorated with needlework.  It was a great class!  We also welcomed two new members, Mary S. and Patrick B.  It’s great to have new members.   It is great to have others share our passion!

October Scissor Block   Don't forget to put in your order for a scissor block being made by Debi S.’s husband.  In 2014 we’ll bring our completed blocks in and vote for the Viewer’s Choice winner who will receive a pair of scissors that will fit in the block.   For those interested in participating, money is being collected for the scissor holders.  They are $5 each and final orders for the holders will be taken at the September guild meeting.  

Delaware Symposium   The dates for this have reportedly been changed to November 15 and 16.  Please check their website for details

Stitch a Long   Michelle A. went over rows 10, 11, and 12.  Sali will be going over Colonial knots at the August Stitch-in meeting.  Photos with an animated demonstration can be found on the Victoria Sampler site. You can view the animation itself at http://www.victoriasampler.com/StitchAnimations/Default.aspx.  
Just choose "Colonial knot" from the drop-down box.

June Meeting

Our June Meeting was our stash relocation sale.  Some wonderful things changed homes, and a good bit of stash was donated to Quilts for Comfort for their sale.  Rita Safford told us about the group.  They have a big sale of all kinds of crafts items, usually in April.  Rita would be happy to collect stash items you might want to donate, and it will help a good cause.

Casket Article   The Needleprint blog recently featured an article with wonderful pictures of a casket:


July   Jean Milliken will be teaching us a button project.  Please also bring the pieces you have received at our December smalls exchange so newer members can get an idea of what pieces have been stitched.

Upcoming Class with Catherine Theron

Catherine Theron will be coming on November 16, 2013 to teach her piece “No Place Like Home”.  This is a full day class with no pre-stitching.  The registration form and pictures are available at the "CLASSES" tab above.  The cost is $100 and includes lunch.  Full payment must be paid by our August meeting.  You must be present at the class to get the kit.


May Meeting

Patti H. and husband Nick gave an interesting talk about the Gloucester County Historical Society ("GCHS") and how some of the collection’s pieces came to the collection.  Our regular Saturday morning meeting was followed by a road trip to the Gloucester County Historical Society to see the sampler and quilt collection they currently have on display.  Patti has charted a number of the GCHS samplers and the sale of the charts benefits the preservation and conservation of the samplers.

If you are ever in South Jersey, it is worth a stop.

Other Updates from the May Meeting --

Stitch-along   This month complete the next 3 rows.  Sali will be covering rows 7, 8 & 9 in June and Michelle will be covering rows 10, 11 & 12 in July.  Several people have changed their thread or fabric color.

October Scissor Block   At the October, 2013 meeting we will be getting ideas for decorating a scissor block, led by Natalie B.  Blank scissor holders will be distributed at the meeting. The blocks are being made by Debi S. husband.  At a meeting in 2014 we’ll bring our completed blocks in and vote for the Viewer’s Choice winner who will receive a pair of scissors that will fit in the block.   For those interested in participating, money is being collected for the scissor holders.  They are $5 each and you may reserve more than one.  You don’t have to be present at the October meeting to participate.  Final orders for the holders will be taken at the September guild meeting.  You may also send your money to the DVHGS mailbox address,  P.O. Box 1292, Hockessin, DE 19707-5292

Hunterdon County New Jersey Sampler Book   The Society hosted a book signing on June 1 at the Deats Memorial Library, 114 Main Street in Flemington, NJ. The book is $25 per copy, with all proceeds to benefit the Society.  A small exhibition of Hunterdon samplers pictured in the book was on display that day.    You can order the book online $32 including postage.  http://hunterdonhistory.org/hunterdon-needlework-book-update  or call 908.782.1091 with any questions.

Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild has no affiliation with the Hunterdon County New Jersey Sampler Book and provides the above as informational.

Delaware Sampler Documentation Day

The Delaware School Sampler project is a collaborative effort to locate, document and promote awareness of historic schoolgirl samplers and related embroidery stitched in Delaware or in Delaware collections.   The University of Delaware's Sampler Archive Project invited the public to bring in their antique samplers for identification and interpretation.   The information gathered will be part of a national heritage database that will debut online in 2014.  Working with the University of Delaware, this project was launched two years ago with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities to the University's Winterthur Program in American Material Culture.  See also, Sampler Archive Project for more information and forms.

A statewide survey is being conducted and to date it has located more than 400 samplers stitched by Delaware schoolgirls.   These pieces are in private homes, museums, historical society, libraries and private collections.  All will be documented as American, registered and photographed for inclusion in the Sampler Archive.

Three ID Days were scheduled over the summer in different parts of the state.   
   June 8, DE Historical Society
   June 15, Biggs Museum, Dover
   July 18, Lewes Historical Society, Lewes

Delaware Sampler Symposium

On November 16, 2013 a one day, free symposium at the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE, will  feature speakers on various topics related to schoolgirl samplers.  It will provide the first look at some newly discovered samplers.   In addition to the events on November 16th, there will be one or two days of needlework classes and field trips designed to promote the understating of Delaware's sampler making traditions.   info from samplings.com

Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild has no affiliation with the Delaware Sampler Documentation Project of Delaware Sampler Symposium and provides the above at informational.  Please check with the websites I have linked here for the most current information on events and schedules.  

As Promised....

I am such an errant blogger....Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild is alive and kicking, however, this blogger has missed the last several meetings as well as last several months of posting updates.   Thankfully we have a great secretary in Lynn who has kept us all informed with what is going on......so, without further delay (on my part)...

Sharon Verbos of The Purpler Thread.

Sharon was the guest speaker at our April Guild Meeting.  Sharon has a blog but is a self-admitted slacker when it comes to updating her blog.   She shared with us insight into her method of design.   It was interesting to learn her process of trial and error to get it just the way she envisioned and to hear how her career as a needleworker designer has developed.

She had finishes to share as well as kits for sale.   The nice thing about her kits are they contain everything you need:   pattern, linen, floss, embellishments, finishing materials.  It is a one stop shop.  In the last year I have seen more and more of Sharon's designs in shops and online at internet stores.

The little red bag above right is the package the kits is marketed in.   You then complete the stitch and use the already finished bag for your finish.   See what I mean!  Her kits are complete!

Sharon also gifted each member of the guild with a small kits to create marking pins and a personalized scissor fob.   We received the necessary materials along with an alphabet chart for with our initials.

I purchased and completed the following from Sharon.    This patriotic strawberry called "To The Flag".   This blogger attended a class with a voluntary patriotic themed exchange so I stitched it up for the exchange.   It was quick and easy.  I kept the specialty flosses and trims for when I make it for myself and used linen I had on hand and DMC floss for the giveaway. 

I hope to be able to post again shortly to get everyone up to date on the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild.   Until then.....keep your needle threaded and stitch on!