Friday, December 29, 2023

December 2023 Meeting

We had a great Annual Holiday Luncheon at our regular December meeting.  Everyone brought a covered dish to share.    Somehow, without even having a sign up sheet of who brings what, we seem to manage to end up with a great variety of goodies.    No one goes away hungry for sure!

We had our usual Business Meeting first.  Linda welcomed new/first time attendees who told us their stitchy story.   The Treasurer’s Report was shared.

Ballots were handed out for selection of our 2024 Designer of the Year.   The winner for 2024 will be With Thy Needle and Thread - Brenda Gervais.   So stitchers get out your WTNT patterns and stitch away.

The Guild acknowledged and thanked Kyle D for his help with the Power Point Presentations and gave him a gift card for his efforts.  As this was Linda’s last meeting as DVHSG President, she shared remarks regarding her tenure and time with Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild.   We are all very appreciative of Linda’s efforts navigating the Guild through the changes we were all confronted with during Covid.   Going forward, Linda plans to still have an active role in the guild.  Thank you Linda for your leadership!

Secret Stitchers
When sending items, use Susan H.’s address as the return address.  This way you will not be giving yourself away.   If any are returned to sender, Susan will be able to tracker done the recipient.    Please remember to post in Facebook when you receive a gift so the sender knows it has arrived.    If you do not have a FB account, send an email to Susan and she will post it for you.

The DVHSG Spring Retreat will be the last weekend of April 2024,    April 26, 27, and 28.  More information will follow.
Show and Tell

Florence Mary Dickinson, by Caryl C

Red Bird Sampler by Robin T.

Garden of Stitches by Robin T.

Northern Lights by Linda D

A Modern Folk Embroidery by Linda D.

Sampler by Marnie B.

Sampler by Marnie B.

Sampler by Marnie B.

Another beauty from Marnie B.   Florence Mary Dickinson

Small pillow by Susan H.

I-Stitch Advent banner by Amy G.

O Christmas Tree by Amy G.

Above and below, some handiwork from members who attended the Michelle Ink Silver Class in September

Beautiful tote bag stitched by Ruth U.

Finished drum and if I have to guess, I would say it was by Caryl C.

“Wool-a-Mina” from Plum Street, stitched by Caryl C.
Beautiful band sampler from a Theresa Baird pattern, stitched by Ann S.

Red School House stitched by Ann S. with the same red variegated floss.    Looks like she did a little thread manipulation to get that school house roof dark.

Stitched by Ann S. in memory of her father.

Upcoming programs

Zoom only meetings will be in - January, February, June, July, August and November

In person and Zoom meetings will be - March, April, May, September, October and December
January - Members will share their holiday gifts received.    We will have a PowerPoint presentation of all the complete programs from our 2023 Designer of the Year - Plum Street Samplers.   If you haven’t sent in a photo of your finish, please send to Linda by January 1st.    Stacy has reached out to Paulette and invited her to attend the meeting.   There will be participation awards for those who have their finishes featured in the Power Point.

February - Kimberly Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten will kick out our 2024 SAL - The Hummingbird Sampler.   Linda will share the schedule of monthly goals.   Stitchers get you supplies ready!    Pre-ordered kits will be mailed in early January.

March - Susan H will lead a demonstration on turning jewelry boxes into sewing boxes.   More information will come prior to the meeting.

April - Jackie DuPlessis will be teaching Cherry Berry.   There will be two uptown’s for the class.   The morning session will be to stitch the as a sampler, stitched over two threads.   The afternoon session will be stitched over one and finished as a needleroll.   This is a pre-register class.   A flyer will be sent shortly with the class options.   The kits for each will include linen, floss, directions.

May - We will have a therapist at the meeting who will share ways to help us with exercises to do to help with the neck, arm, back fatigue and posture from stitching.

June - TBD

July - Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Workes will discuss Susquehanna Samplers

August - Caryl C. will instruct us on how to do a drum finish

September - Theresa’s Primitives Treasures will host a class - more details to follow.

October - Annual Garage Sale - tentative

November - Kim Young of Sassy Jack’s will discuss Mabel Tukes Sampler.  

December - Annual Holiday Luncheon and Gifts Exchange

Thank you Stacy S. for having the best programs for DVHSG.

Before we could eat, we had to do our Holiday Exchange.   Stitchers who wish to participate must stitch a sampler themed small, add DVHSG, their initials and the current year.    This year there were 14 participants in person and two via Zoom.  

What a stunning array of stitchers talents and imagination.   Everyone who took part went away a winner!

Below is the jewelry box conversion when closed.   

And the other side…. 

 Look at this fabulous box

 And this is what was inside.  

A favorite of mine and currently on my work bench to fully finish.   My Stitcher’s Heart by Hands on Design.

This stitcher photo copied in color a piece of her blackbird fabric to line the box.  
Above and below two sweet stitched gifts.

 Beautiful drum and I believe the maker said it was her FIRST!

Cute Altoid finish with some goodies

Cute set of goodies.

Beautiful pear

Looks like a Brenda Gervais pattern!

I think this is a Plum Street

Adorable pillow

Lovely set of smalls and oval box.

Until next time.  Next Meeting - Zoom only - 1/13/2024 - 10 am.

Monday, November 20, 2023

November 2023 Retreat and Meeting

President Linda D called the meeting to ordered, welcomed all.   Ask for any new members present but, being shy, no one responded.

The monthly WIPGO number pulled was #1.

Treasurer’s Report was read.  Robin reported all items paid and all deposits made during October.   The only outstanding item is the money due to Kimberly Nugent for the Hummingbird Sampler.  The amount available in the Conservation Fund was shared.  We have 195 current members.  

Nominating Committee - Kathy R worked with Evalyn G on the Nominating Committee.   The offices of President and Secretary positions are open for re-election.   Having no names from the floor a motion was made to close and second the slate of the elections a s presented.   Evelyn C for President and Caryl C for Secretary.    A voice vote of those present was held with all in favor of Evelyn C for President and Caryl C for Secretary.

Secret Stitcher - If you do not have a FB account, please notify Susan H and she will post your acknowledgement or thank you on FB for you when you receive a ‘gift’.

Designer of the Year - We currently have 10 names on the list.    Please send in any ideas you have.   The Board will meet and pare the number down from ten prior to the December meeting.   We will vote at the December meeting.

The Green Book - The Green Book or Patrick’s Book was explained for new members.    It is an ongoing book where members can log their completed projects.   Each person’s list is filed alphabetically in the binder.   Members can review the binder and see a listing of what they have accomplished in any year.    Members should email their list to Linda Daeleman’s before the end of January.   She will print and prepare for Patrick to file in the binder.   Numbers will be reviewed and participation awards will be given.   Following Linda’s term as President, she will continue to collect and prepare these each year for Patrick.

Conservation Committee - The Conservation Committee is preparing a report for the Board with their recommendation for the annual donation.

Patrick was recognized for being featured in the Needlepointers September/October ANG publication. Kudos to Patrick.

Tech Person - Susan H. has volunteered to create power points as needed for the Guild meetings.

Spring Date for the Spring DVHSG Retreat is being finalized.

A road trip to Hobby House Needleworks in Fairport NY is in the “interest”  stages.   The trip will be stitching at Hobby House, tour of the Ontario County Historical Society and their collection of samplers, lunch together following the visit to the historical society.     Each participant will be responsible for their own lodging and transportation to and from Fairport.  More details on dates, etc., and local places of interest will be provided if the trip is arranged.  

December - Zoom and Live, Annual Holiday Exchange and Luncheon,   2 away stitchers participating.   No sign up necessary if those attending in person.   The item should be a sampler themed stitched small and include your initials, the Guild initials and the year.   Bring your wrapped gift to the meeting.  Include a card with your name and pattern information. 

The guild will provide wraps and paper products.   Members should bring their own beverage and a covered dish to share.  

We will be voting on the Designer of the Year for 2024

January - Zoom only - Members will be sharing any stitching related holiday gifts received; review of Designer of the Year finishes.    We will have a slide show of all the Plum Street pieces stitched in 2023.  Paulette Stewart of Plum Street has been contacted and may be able to join us for the meeting.   Please send pictures of any stitched items to Linda D before January 1st to be included in the January Meeting slide show.  Participation awards will be given for those on the slide show.

February - Zoom only - Kimberly Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten will review the 2024 SAL the Hummingbird Sampler.   Linda has a stitching schedule for the completion of the sampler by February 2024 that she will share.  Sign up has closed and the numbers have been provided to Kimberly.

March -  Live and Zoom -  Susan H will demonstrate how to convert a jewelry box to a stitching kit.   More information will follow.

April - Live and Zoom - Jackie DuPlessis Sampler Class.  This will be an all day class.   There are two options.  The piece can be stitched as a Sampler or stitched over one and finished as an etui.  Sampler will be taught in the meeting and the etui will be in the afternoon.   The piece is called Cherry Berry.  Away stitchers will be permitted. More information and sign ups will follow.

May -   Live and Zoom - A therapist will be at the meeting to show us exercises to help with our necks, shoulders and arms that grow sore and tired from sitting and stitching.

June - TBD

July -  Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Workes hold a discussion on Susquehanna Samplers.   More information will follow.

August - TBD

September - Live and Zoom - Teresa Miller of Teresa’s Prim Treasures will be teaching a small piece.   Away stitchers will be permitted.   More information will follow.

October - (garage sale) ?

November - Live and Zoom - Kim Young of Sassy Jacks will be teaching the Mabel Tuke Sampler.  Count options are 32 - 36 - 40.  More information will following

Today’s Progam

Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle taught the DVHSG Thimble Box.   Janis provided her history and anecdotes.   Janis custom designed the box for DVHSG.    The demonstration was both live and via Zoom.    Janis also had a small trunk show.   

Forty-four members enjoyed the combined Meeting/Retreat Combination.   It is always fun to see members in person and having the Meeting/Retreat combo offered a chance to really get to know each other that just doesn’t happen during a regular meeting or via zoom.   Thank all who made it possible.

Meeting attendance:    66.   44 in person and 22 via Zoom.    Way to go stitchers!  

Thank you also to Amy G for taking and posting photos on our Facebook page.