Thursday, February 16, 2023

January 2023 Meeting

For our January Meeting, we met via Zoom.    The normal introductions were done.   

Treasurer's Report was provided.     Robin T. and Nancy F. met at the bank before the new year and took care of transferring everything from Nancy's name  into Robin's.   Nancy has offered any assistance with questions going forward.  The balance in our account reflects the deduction of the payment to Salem County Historic Society for the conservation of the Sara Thompson Sampler in their collection.  The only other outstanding payment at this time is the room rental fee which is estimated at $300 for the year.  

Conservation - Kathleen Martin, the conservator, with be at the Salem County Historic Society January 31st thru February 2, 2023 to work on the sampler conservation.  Pat L. will visit the Society when Ms. Martin is doing her work to observe and offer assistance.  

Membership - It was noted that Dues for 2023 is NOW due.   The membership form has been revised slightly and will be included in the January Newsletter.   The Dues is $25 for January to December, 2023.   If dues are NOT paid by the March meeting (March 11, 2023) you name will be removed from our mailing list.

Green Book - Patrick urged everyone to forward their list of completed projects for 2023 to Linda D. to be printed and added to the "green book" to become part of our permanent record of stitching accomplishments as a group.

2023 Challenge - For those who wish to participate, stitchers should choose 5 projects from their stash and number them 1 through 5.   Your selection can be from WIPs or new starts.  At our monthly meeting a number will be called.    Participants should 'focus' on that piece for the month.   It doesn't mean that is all your can stitch on.   We are hoping the every participant finds it helpful in getting the WIP basket closer to empty.  If you finish the piece during a given month, you can select another project to replace it.  This month’s number is #2.

Designer of the Year 2022 - We had a great number of stitched pieces to share with Tanya Brockmeyer of The Scarlet House.  Approximately 45 Scarlet House designs were stitched by members in 2022.  Tanya offered a fabulous tour of her office space and home.   We were treated to seeing some beautiful samplers.   Thank you Tanya for taking the time to open your collection and house to us.   

Designer of the Year 2023 - The designer of the year for 2023 will be Plum Street 

RetreatsSpring and Fall retreats are still being planned.  More information to come as Salty Yarns will be moving to a new location February 1st.  Watch your newsletter for details.

Members also shared some of the wonderful needlework related items they received for the holiday. 

Continued gratitude and heartfelt THANKS to our program chair, Stacy S.   She continues to bring programs to our guild each month.   If anyone has a suggestion for a meeting program or has a collection that would like to share, contact Stacy.  Of note, the plan it to have zoom only for 6 meetings and in-person (hybrid) for 6 meetings during 2023. 

For  February  The meeting will be Zoom only.  It will be the Garden of Stitches Showcase. Designer Kimberly Nugent will be attending the meeting.  Email Linda D. photos of your completed SAL as soon as possible so it can be included in the slide show for February.   Feel free to send a photo even if you have not yet finished  the SAL. There will be a prize drawing for those who participated in the SAL.

Next Stitch-in - January 28th - Zoom only

Next meeting - February 11th - Zoom only

The link for each is sent the week before the scheduled meeting.