Saturday, January 7, 2023

December 2023

We were welcomed to our Annual Holiday Meeting.

The 2023 Challenge was announced.   Participants should choose 5 projects from their stash.   They can be UFO's/WIP's/or new projects.   Number them 1 to 5.   Each month a number will be pulled and the number will coincide with the project you should focus on during the month.   You don't have to be exclusive to the project chosen, just add your main focus to it.  

Upcoming programs -

January Meeting - Zoom - Tanya of The Scarlett House will be part of our Zoom Meeting.   Part of her talk will be sharing her collection of samplers with us.   If you have a particular sampler that Tanya owns, please let Linda know prior to the next meeting so she can alert Tanya.

February - Zoom - Participants in the Garden of Stitches 2022 SAL will share their progress and finishes.  

March - 

April - Live - Theresa Baird of Heart's Ease Essamplaire will teach members the SPIRAL TRELLIS stitch.   She will have a small project available for purchase (optional) that uses the spiral trellis.  Please bring any of your finished pieces that are Theresa's designs.

May  -  Live - Patty Yergey and Cynthia Steinhoff will discuss three Delaware samplers.   One from each of the three counties in Delaware.

June - Zoom

July - Zoom

August - Zoom - Discussion on Shaker Samplers by Jennifer Richardson of Violet & Verses.

September - Live - We will do silver work with Michelle of Michelle Ink.  Each participant will receive an amount of silver 'putty' that will be enough to create 2 or 3 strawberry toppers, or 3 or 4 charms, etc.   Michelle will provide the materials, molds and instructions.   Once molded, Michelle will take the pieces back to be fired, polished and they will be shipped directly to the class participant.  The cost to be determined. 

October -

November -

December - Holiday Luncheon and Smalls Exchange

The guild has three charts from the Anniversary Event available.   Please let Stacy know if you would like to purchase one of the three charts.

2023 Designer of the Year - Members were given a list of 5 different designers to choose from.   Members votes for PLUM STREET SAMPLERS as the 2023 Designer of the Year.   

Conservation - It has been approved to pay for the conservation of the Sara Thompson Sampler housed at the Salem County Historical Society in Salem NJ.   This sampler restoration is being done in memory of Patty Hyrnecko.

Member Kathy R. shared an Exhibition Book on samplers she had recently purchased   The book is available on The Scarlett Letter website.

Holiday Exchange
As always, there was a wonderful variety of smalls in the exchange.

Even the Zoom participants were able to show and share their gifts.

A great variety of some beautiful gifts to and from the participants.


Jane G. shared her collection of needlepoint Santa's

Lynn D.'s ornaments

Ann S.'s Regal Bee

Ann S.'s

Sampler stitched by Marnie B.

Jeannette Douglas Designs Year of Monthly Bouquets by Marnie B.

Sampler stitched by Marnie B.

Pin Ball by Patrick B.

Stitched by Ann S.'s where she listed the names of all the places she lived when growing up.

Baby It's Cold Outside by Stacy S.

Ann S.'s work

Stitched by Carla for her grandson
Stitched by Ann S.

Next meeting - 10 a.m. - January 14 - Zoom Meeting

Friday, January 6, 2023

November 2022 Zoom Meeting

Secretary Caryl C. presided out the meeting for President Lunda D.    New members were asked to introduce themselves and tell us a little about themselves.

Treasurer's Report was shared.   

Caryl thanked Treasurer Nancy F. for her term as our Treasurer.   Caryl also acknowledged Stacy S. and Patrick B. for this service as co-Vice Presidents of the Guild. 

Elections - The slate of candidates was shared.  The two positions open are Treasurer (1) and Vice President (2).   Having no nominations from the floor, the slate was voted on.   Stacy and Patrick will continue in their positions as Vice-President and Robin T. will be the new Treasurer.

Upcoming Programing

  • December - Our Annual Holiday Exchange - In person meeting with Zoom for away stitchers.   Covered dish luncheon with members bringing their own beverage.  The Guild will provide wraps for the luncheon.
  • January 2023 - Showcase of pieces from the Designer of the Year for 2022 - The Scarlett House.  This will be a Zoom meeting.   Send pictures for the slide show of your Scarlett House pieces stitched in 2022.  Show and Tell of any Christmas related needlework items you received for the holidays.
  • February Zoom Meeting - We will share our finishes of the year long SAL of Garden of Stitches from Kimberly Nugent.
  • March - Live Meeting
  • April -  Live Meeting - Theresa Baird will demonstrate the Spiral Trellis Stitch.  She has a small kit prepared (optional - for purchase) for the meeting.
  • May - Live Meeting - Sampler Talk/Speaker to be announced
  • June - TBD
  • July - TBD
  • August - Zoom Meeting - Discussion on Shaker Samplers by Jennifer Richardson of Violets & Verses
  • September - Live Meeting - We will do silver casting with Michelle Ink creating charms, strawberry toppers, etc.
  • October -  TBD
  • November - TBD
  • December - Live Meeting - Annual Holiday Luncheon and Exchange
Retreats - We will continue to have retreats in Ocean City, Maryland.  With the shop moving and all that involves, Stacy will wait until Salty Yarns is set up in their new location in Berlin before reaching out to Sara to set up the spring retreat.  The new location is set to open February 1, 2023.

Green Book - Patrick has asked all to submit their list of completed 2022 projects to Linda as soon as possible after the first of the year so he can print and add to the Green Book which is a record of all the we accomplished over the past year

Conservation - The Board approved the conservation of the Sara Thompson Sampler which is in the collection of the Sale County Historical Society in Salem, NJ.  They are currently securing a conservator that will do the work.   This is being conserved in memory of Patty Hyrnecko, founding member.  

As for October, The Friendship Tree, from Liz Mathews, Liz has shared her design process.   She used bot the Delaware Discovery Book as reference and the Jane Fooks, Sussex County Sampler and the Ann Elizabeth Lockwood Sampler.   She incorporated birds and animals native to Delaware in the design as well as the apple urn that is part of our logo.  Liz led us in a great Zoom class for the finishing of this piece.