Tuesday, April 18, 2023

April 2023 Meeting

 President Linda D. welcome those present as well as those on Zoom.   Three new members were introduced.   Linda also introduced her son, Kyle, who has been instrumental in creating and editing our PowerPoint presentations.  We much appreciate Kyle’s efforts for the group.

Upcoming -

Elections - A Nominating Committee is needed for the Fall elections.   The positions of President and Secretary will be on the ballot.    So far, Linda D., Stacy S. and Robin T. will be on the Nominating Committee.   Please reach out to anyone on the Board if you would like to help with the nominations or would like to be considered for one of the positions.  Elections will be in November and Officers will take on their roles in January 2024. 

A new position/committee was also discussed.   This committee would be Technical Support.   The committee would help with PowerPoint presentations, help with Zoom meetings, etc.   For today’s meeting, Kelly E. helped by monitoring the Chat on the Zoom call while Caryl did the recording.  

Newsletter - The Holiday Exchange will be outlined in an upcoming Newsletter.  Participation is voluntary.   The exchange  consists of stitching a sampler themed small that includes DVHSG initials, the date and your initials.   Participation can be in-person as well as for away stitchers.   Susan H. will again take the lead.   The actual exchange will be during our Holiday Luncheon in December.   Watch your in-box for more details.  

Conservation - The committee is working on a date that will work for all parties for the dedication of the sampler at the Salem County Historical Society restored in memory of member Patti Hyrnecko. 

Secretary - An  updated member roster will be circulated in the coming weeks.   A revised roster will not be re-issued during the year.    An updated roster will be issued about this same time every year with the most current list of members as of that mailing date.


For 2024, it is planned to have six in-person with Zoom available (hybrid meetings) and six Zoom only meetings.   Caryl will notify everyone approximately one week before each meeting when she provides the link to the Zoom.

Of interest - Salty Yarns will be hosting a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening Celebration on April 22, 2023 at 11 a.m. at their new location, 10452 Old Ocean City Blvd, Berlin, Maryland.

Retreat - The flyers have been distributed via the Newsletter.   The Retreat is April 28, 29 and 30.   This is a MEMBERS ONLY Event.   Currently +/- 24 are signed up.  Since the Lankford has been sold, you are on your own for room reservations.    A survey will be circulated during the Retreat to discuss options for future retreats.  

May - Patty Yergey and Cynthia Steinhoff of Samplers Revisited and Delaware Discoveries, respectively, will host a discussion Delaware Samplers.  There will be three new charts discussed, one chart for each county in Delaware.   If you would like to pre-order these charts which will be delivered to you at the May meeting, please do so as soon as possible.   Information was provided in your newsletter.  You can order 1, 2, or all 3.   If your charts are delivered to you at the meeting, the cost is 15% off of list price.   However, if your chart is mailed, you will pay full price but the shipping costs will be waived.

June - TBD - Zoom Only

July - Zoom Only - Erica Michael’s Discussion and Tour of her home and studio.

August - Zoom Only - Jennifer Richardson of Violets and Verses will discuss Shaker life and Shaker samplers.   We will work with Salty Yarns for a discount for the month of August for purchasing this sampler.  More information will follow in an upcoming newsletter.

September - In-person/Zoom - Michelle Ink Designs - You will be making you own sterling strawberry topper, needle minder or charm.   Watch for a flyer via email shortly.   

October - In person/Zoom - Garage Sale - Clean out your STASH and bring it in to barter and sell.   We ask that each member consider donating a portion of their sales to our Conservation Fund.   In that past, after the Garage Sale, there was an option to leave your items which would be boxed and taken to Fireside Stitchery for eBay sales to benefit the Conservation Fund.   I cannot guarantee that will be the case for this year’s Garage Sale as we are looking for a volunteer to handle the arrangements with Fireside as well as taking the items to Fireside.  

WIPGO - The WIPGO number for this month is - 5. 


For today’s program we were fortunate to have designer THERESA BAIRD of Heart’s Ease Exemplar Works with us.   Theresa has so many beautiful samplers she has designed not the least of which are her 13 colonies series.   I think she is on number 8.   She had a lovely display of some of her stitched pieces bringing with her one where the spiral trellis stitch was used.  

Prior to the meeting, Theresa had provided a handout that was an excellent tutorial on the spiral trellis.   She answered all our questions and provided some entertainment as well as teaching the stitch.   She made it easy to do - albeit you do need to practice them and each time they get better.  A tip to remember was to do all the cross stitching in a project first and then come back and lay in the spiral trellis stitches.  

Guild members also brought in their finishes of Theresa’s patterns.   We are so lucky to have such a talent as a member of our Guild!

Member tip - New member Audrey B. shared a nifty little tip - you know those erasers you get that you pop on the end of your pencil once the pencil erase is gone?   Well Audrey puts them over the thumb screw on her embroider hoop to help grasp and tighten the screw!  Cool idea.  

For today’s meeting there were 33 present and 26 attending via Zoom.