Sunday, February 11, 2024

February 2024 Meeting

President Eve C called the meeting to order.   She quickly welcomed new members and guests and ask that they say a little something about themselves before we jumped right into our program.

We welcomed Kimberly Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten.  DVHSG is doing her Hummingbird Sampler as a year-long Stitch-a-long.   Kimberly went band-by-band explaining the completion of each band and highlighting the specialty stitches in the sampler.  We have 48 stitchers who pre-ordered the kits and are participating in this SAL.  We will also be dedicating part of our monthly Sit and Stitch to answering questions and providing guidance to this SAL.

Kimberly was nice enough to give us a sneak-peek of her Nashville Market Releases.   Many added some of her projects to their wish lists!

Membership for 2024 is now due.   Membership forms are available on our Facebook page under the “files” tab.   Effective March 1st, anyone NOT renewing will be removed from our email list.   Dues is $25 payable to DVHSG, PO Box 1292, Hockessin DE 19707.

Conservation - The Conservation Committee will shortly be sending letters to museums and historical societies regarding our conservation efforts and applying to be considered for our 2024 donations.  Members were encouraged to reach out to their local facilities that house samplers that may be interest in applying for a donation towards conserving needlework they may have in their collection.

The Treasurer is working on compiling a comprehensive list of all the donations DVHSG has made in their 24 year existence.  It will be shared with members when completed.

Designer of the Year for 2024 will be With Thy Needle and Thread, Brenda Gervais.

Secret Stitchers - Reminder to acknowledge receipt of any gift from  your Secret Stitcher on Facebook.   If you do not have Facebook, email Susan H your message and she will post it on FB for you.

Green Book - Patrick is finalizing the entries into the Green Book.  This is a binder where stitches list their yearly accomplishments for a permanent record each year.   Patrick will share the stats at the March meeting.

Upcoming Programs

March Meeting - Hybrid Meeting - Patrick will lead us in the Broken Needle Ceremony during the meeting.   He said to bring your broken scissors as well as your broken needles.   

Member Susan H will lead a demonstration on turning a jewelry box into a custom stitching box.  This month’s Newsletter will Susan’s share sourcing information on jewelry boxes and suggestions on items to collect to include in the finishing.  We have reserved the room until 3 pm to allow time to complete the jewelry boxes.   Pizza will be ordered for lunch (bring your own beverage) for those who want or you have the option to pack your own lunch and beverage.  We hope there is someone attending that will be able to assist with Tech support in the afternoon so Caryl can participate in the program.

April Meeting - Hybrid Meeting - This meeting is an all day meeting/afternoon class.    The meeting and morning class will be for the Cherry Berry Sampler, stitched on 32 count over 2 taught by Jackie DePlussis.   The afternoon needleroll uses an adaptation of the Cherry Berry Sampler.    If you wish to do only the sampler, you should attend the morning meeting and class.   If you wish to do the needleroll, you should plan to attend the meeting, morning class and afternoon class.  Flyers for signups have been distributed.   Away stitchers are welcomed.   Pictures are available on our Facebook page.   Deadline for sign up is the March Meeting.

April Retreat - April 26, 27 and 28.   Cost $70 which includes access to stitching room for extended hours, cocktail reception and goodie bag.   Sign up forms will be in the newsletter.

May Meeting - Zoom Only - We will have a therapist onsite to demonstrate exercises to do to reduce or eliminate neck, arm and upper body strains from stitching posture.

June Meeting - Zoom Only - Silkworm Presentation

July Meeting - Zoom Only -Summer House Stitche Works with Beth Seal presentation on Susquehanna Valley Samplers.  The featured sampler of the presentation will be available at a discounted price following the meeting from Salty Yarns.

August Meeting - Zoom Only - Drum assembly demonstration

September Meeting - Hybrid Meeting - Theresa’s Primitive Treasures customized tray and tray insert project.  Flyers will be sent in a future Newsletter.

October Meeting - In Person Only - Annual Garage Sale

November Meeting - Hybrid Meeting - Mabel Dukes Sampler discussion from Kim Young of Sassy Jack’s.   Flyers will be sent in a future Newsletter.  Members participating in today’s meeting were polled and an overwhelming majority voted to hold our November Meeting at the Fall Retreat at Salty Yarns.  

Fall Retreat - April Retreat - November 8, 9 and 10.   Cost $70 which includes access to stitching room for extended hours, cocktail reception and goodie bag.   Sign up forms will be in a future Newsletter.

December Meeting - Hybrid Meeting - Annual Holiday Luncheon and exchange

Continued THANKS and much APPRECIATION to Stacy S for her unwavering work as our Program Director!  She does an amazing job and is not allowed to end her tenure!

71 members participated via Zoom in the meeting.

Next Meeting - In person and via Zoom - March 9, 2024 at 10 am