Saturday, March 14, 2015

March Meeting

The collection jar was passed as this was the first meeting where the "no name tag = $1.00" rule was put in effect.   New members have a two meeting grace period to have a stitched name tag worn at all meetings.  The money collected will go to our Conservation Fund.

Upcoming needlework events of note -
  • Morven Museum, Princeton, NJ - exhibit runs until March 29th.   For those who had tickets to the talk by our own Patty H. that was cancelled due to weather, the talk has been rescheduled for (tomorrow) March 15th at 1 p.m.   Patty has graciously offered to provide her talk to our guide at a future meeting.  (Yeah us! to have such learned and talented people among us!!)
  • Winterthur is planning a guided tour of their Diligent Needle exhibit, April 18th - please see Winterthur's website for more info.
  • Kim Nugent's Class - Money and registration is due to Stacy by March 23rd.  (see the "classes" tab above).    The strawberry will be taught during the meeting and the cost is $10.   Lunch will be provided at a cost of $10.   The afternoon class for the needle book is $75.
  • Retreat at Salty Yarns - Money and registration is due to Stacy S. no later than the next monthly meeting.   The dates are April 24 - 25 - 26.
  • Woodlawn will remain on display through the end of March.
  • Rehoboth Needlework Exhibit is on display now through the end of May  The Rehoboth Historical Society is open Thursday through Sunday.  There is a write up about the needlework exhibit in the March 7the edition of the News Journal and the DVHSG is mentioned!
We have some winners at Woodlawn.  
Theresa B. - First Place - Sampler and Second Place - Counted Work
Ann S. - Second Place and Honorable Mention
Jean T. - Third Place and Honorable Mention
Jean T. - Honorable Mention
Karen K. - Third Place
Pat Y. - Third Place
Catherine Jordan is the recipient of this year's Frank Lloyd Wright Award   
Please go to the Woodlawn website and scroll to the bottom for a complete list.

Show and Tell
We were a busy group again.

Above, to the right is a beautiful box with the house that I didn't get individual picture of.  It was stitched and finished by Francine. To the left is an adorable little pocket and teapot charm stitched by our adorable little Francine!  In the center are some punch needle framed pieces from Debbie.   Some button scissors fobs to the lower right.    And rounding out the front of the table, the "E" for Evelyn from a felting class she took.

By Caryl C., Pattern from Just Cross Stitch, 2012

By Robin T., Sam Sarah Designs - oops! I got a bit wrinkled in transit.

By Pat L., Blue Ribbon Designs.   Pat is becoming at finisher!

 More from Caryl C., beautifully beaded and finished.

 And again, Caryl C.  Ladies Prim Society and some pieces to the shaker box

 Theresa's B. Mayflower smalls.   Pattern will be available next month.

Theresa B. Mayflower cartouche on the inside of Nantucket basket

Evelyn G. - pieces from a felting class she took

WIP from Patrick that he has finished! - Coat of Arms

 Here is the stool that the above is mounting on

 Patrick did fabric painting and asked the Serenity Prayer

Patrick created a needle case out of an antique cigarette case.

And now we had the learning and sharing part of our meeting.   Francine instructed us in punch needle techniques.  She explained how patterns come, cloth used, weavers cloth and where to purchase it; the different needles used and the effect achieved with each one; the different hoops best suited to punch needle; floss to use.    

Punching from the back around the pattern.
 Finished side of the above.

She passed around a variety of punch needle items she made and others brought in their pieces to share. 

 The above are two class pieces fellow stitchers shared

Ann S. received this from her mother.  Check out how the branch is stitched from the wrong side, or rather the right side of the fabric to create the finer lines of the branch and leaves.   I can assure you, more than just me is ready to pick up a punch needle kit.   Thank you Francine for a lovely lesson filled with your joy of needlework and sharing....not to mention the clear how not to punch needle accidentally to your pants!