Sunday, April 27, 2014

OCMD Retreat

Here's a teaser of what we do when we go on The Lankford Hotel/Salty Yarns Semi-Annual Retreat......

Not much stitching to be shown because I want to share some of the other things we enjoy when we stay at the Lankford.
Our shopping bags lined up like dutiful little soldiers just waiting
for us to drop in a must have goodie during the weekend.
A favorite stitching spot for one and all.
These are the "left-overs" from our Friday night Wine and Hors d'oeuvres
that Sara and Mary put back out on Saturday night.
There are other refreshments to be had.

Some of us were ~forced~ to go to the Captain's Galley for lunch/dinner.
Crab bisque!    Not a drop left.   Yummo!
Two seconds after this shot - these feet retreated from the cold, cold Atlantic Ocean.

Heading back to the rocking chairs for more stitching time.
Saturday night, Sara taught us to Arm Knit.   We were all very attentive and amazed at the 30-minutes start to finish scarf.  Sara has an eye for combining colors and textures.  How cool was this!
Several knitters went into Salty Yarns for yarn the next morning.
Kite Festival Weekend
Salt Caramels, Dark Chocolate Mint Truffles and other goodies to be had.
The wonderful Ocean City Boardwalk.   What a great place to
take your daily walk.

All this and there was some stitching too.
Wonder what fabulous piece Kathy R. is working on.
Francine and Carol chat it up.
Evelyn G. is deep in concentration.
If you haven't joined us before, you need to really consider making the trip next fall.   It is a great time with fellow stitchers, the price is reasonable, the venue is fabulous, the fellowship is great, the welcome we receive is beyond compare.  All combine to make this a rejuvenating retreat.  One trip and you will be hooked.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Meeting

We are so fortunate at DVHSG to be surrounded by talented, knowledgable, prolific stitchers.   This is not just my opinion, apparently the judges at Woodlawn think so too.   Our own Stacy B. won the Judge's Choice ribbon for her beautiful blackwork piece.  

Stacy B.'s winning rendition of a blackwork design from a Just Cross Stitch pattern.

Stacy B. is not the only winner.  Stacy S., Pat L., Pat Y. and others brought back ribbons.  

Stacy S.'s winning finish of a Sherry Jones piece... 

Pat L. had a beautiful Japanese Embroidery piece (I hope to get a photograph of it to add.)

Another Woodlawn submission

Close up of the oh so pretty top band.

Some of our members completed beauties.....

We all have a soft spot for the Maryland Sampler created by our our Theresa Baird of Heart's Ease Examplar Workes
Heart's Ease Examplar Workes - "The Maryland Sampler"

This is just so big that I can't even get it in with three photos.

 A close up look at the beautiful border and the fabulous tree.

Not only did we have members bring back ribbons from Woodlawn, several scored ribbons from the Rehoboth Historical Society Show.
       Jean T. received two 1st places and an honorable mention ribbon
       Carolyn N. received a 2nd and a 3rd place ribbon
       Stacy S. received a 2nd place ribbon
       Ann S. received a 3rd place ribbon

Just some of the 'regular' completed works of our very talented members.   This was completed by Ann S.  Ann shared the story of her journey across country and to stitching this piece.  She added the personal verse dedicated to her grandson and their trip.  What a family heirloom she has created.
Rosewood Manor - "....and a forest grew"

What a talented group we are!  

After all the show and tell and bragging rights, then, we had our meeting.   Carrie D. lead us in a lively discussion about all those unfinished projects we have.  Why do we start things and not finish them?   What do we buy a chart we can't wait to start only to squirrel it away for years and then find we are not interested?  Why do we find something shiny and new we want to stitch and put down a WIP to start it?   Sometimes it is a mistake made and lost interest.    A chart may be lost.  A fellow stitcher may tempt us with a new purchase and we stray from our UFO.  Our tastes change.  A particular difficult section may come up we don't enjoy.  Sometimes new fibers are needed and a project is parked while waiting for the necessary floss.  The discussion let us know that there is similar thread with all of us.   None of us is unique with the tons of supplies, flosses, patterns, started, unfinished and even forgotten projects.  We are all cut from the same cloth.  

Upcoming - 

Our semi-annual retreat will be April 25th - April 27th at the Lankford Hotel in Ocean City, Maryland.   Please let Stacy S. know if you plan to attend.

Pat Yerger of Samplers Revisited will be at our May Meeting.  

Katie F. will be teaching us the lacis portion of our Stitch A Long.  If you are not working on the SAL you can still participate.  Just bring a piece of linen that has an even number of threads outlined by a four sided stitch to secure the threads.

We are looking into launching a Facebook page for DVHSG.   Watch for more information.

Watch your newsletter 
We will have Chessie & Me teaching in November.    There will be two different classes.  

November 15th will be a piece created just for DVHSG.   
There will be pre-stitching required.   
Class cost - $75.00

November 16th will be the "Unfinished Sampler"
Class cost - $100.00

Signup will be by August 9th.   Ghost stitchers will be permitted
 at an additional fee.More information will follow.

***   Members - for each monthly posting, please let me know who   ***
 ***   I might have missed or listed incorrectly.  Also, please email   *** 
 ***   names of designers and projects so I can include in the   *** 
***   caption to each photo.    It is hard to capture all the   *** 
  ***   information while trying not to disrupt our meetings.   ***   
***   Thank you   ***