Sunday, July 14, 2019

July 2019 Meeting

All were welcomed to the meeting.

We conducted a short business meeting before we got to our program.    A motion was made and seconded to purchase a new floor easel for use by teachers and demonstrators.   The current easel is flimsy and needs updating!   

Pat L., Carol W. and Robin T. will serve on the Nominating Committee for this year's upcoming election of Officers.   

Membership - Caryl shared we have 120 members with one of our newest editions being from Luxembourg!   How's that for stitching having no boundaries!

Upcoming meetings and dates to remember - 
  • August Meeting - Stash Reallocation Meeting.   We ask all stitchers who sell to consider donating a portion of the sales to our Conservsation Fund.   Following the meeting, any items brought that the owner does not want to take back home, will be taken to Fireside Stitchery to be put on sale on eBay with the funds coming back to our Conservation Fund.
  • Rehoboth Needlework Show - Bring any items to the August Meeting and give to Robin.   Robin will get these to Stacy and Stacy will deliver to Rehoboth.   
  • September Meeting - "Lennie" from the quilt shop will be teaching us a crayon technique on muslin.    Caryl will provide a list of supplies needed.  (Crayons MUST BE Crayola) There are three designs to choose from.   The cost is $5 per design.   Sign-up by August meeting.
  • September - Our 20th Anniversary will be celebrated in May 2020.   There will be a brief meeting for those wishing to serve on the Anniversary Committee after our monthly September guild meeting.
  • October Meeting - Patrick will teach us Bullion Knots 
  • November Meeting - We will have three classes on Saturday and Sunday of our meeting weekend.   On Saturday, during our regular meeting, Janice Note of Noteworthy Needle will teach us how to drill a foam pumpkin so it can be cross stitched.    In the afternoon, Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Workes will teach a pin cushion class called "The Crown".    Pre-stitch will be handed out at the September Meeting.  On Sunday, Janice Note will teach the piece called "Turn-Turn-Turn".    There is no pre-stitching for the Sunday class as the class will work with muslin and explain the finishing process.  Deadline for sign up is the September Meeting.   Pumpkin class is $25 (plus the pumpkin - price to be determined); The Crown class is $     .   Turn-Turn-Turn class is $     .
  • December Meeting - Annual Holiday Exchange and Luncheon.    A sampler related, needlework stitched small is suggested.   The exchange is volunteer and whether participating or not, you should attend to see all the beautiful work. More info to follow as we get closer to December.
  • January Meeting - Sharing of your needlework haul you got over the holidays.
  • April Meeting - Betsy Morgan Class - a yet to be released etui.    The piece will be debuted in the October issue of Inspirations Magazine.   
  • May Meeting - 20th Anniversary - please please plan to attend and sharing the joy of needlework.   More information will follow after the first of the year. 

Show and Tell

Because of our class, we didn't have a formal Show 'n Tell where members would identify their stitching.    Finished pieces were laid out on the table for all to take a peek at.  Because we did it this way, I don't have all the names of stitchers and designs.

Noah's Ark, stitched by Susan H. who said is was a project in the making for 20 years!

Sampler by Andrea C.

Sarah Comfort Sampler by Susan D.

From With Thy Needle and Thread stitched by Lynn D.

Steam engine stitched by Barb C. for her son as a graduation from college present.   Seems he has always loved trains.   Congratulations to mom and son!

Water's Edge canvas piece stitched by Lynn D.

La-D-Da ABCD stitched by Robin T.

Patriotic ornaments stitched by Robin T.

Easter Peep Parade from With Thy Needle and Thread, stitched by Robin T.
Needleroll by Patty H.

Pin cushion, stitched and finished by Patty H.
Tiny little waxer bag, or scissors keep, stitched by Stacy S.

 Above and below, lotus box, stitched and finished by Caryl C.

With Thy Needle and Thread, stitched and finished by Stacy S.

 Corsica River from Queenstown Samplers, stitched by Pat L.    Below, close up of the Assisi work in the blue band.    Fabulous accomplishment Pat!

Program -  Perforated Paper PinClass taught by Francine C.

Francine was so organized and did such a lot of advanced work.   She had an ample variety to choose from of prepped packages.   All we need to bring were sharp paper scissors and our patience!
Our 'kits' included the perforated paper, colored card stock, holiday motif, floss, batting and instructions.   We also got a small motif already mounted on the cut paper to keep as an example.    Look at the cutting diagram she provided!  Each one was individually drawn by Francine.   I can't imagine the number of hours it took her to prep for this class.

Samples above and below from Francine.   Is there anything she  can't do?      I never thought I had any desire to stitch on perforated paper but after seeing the variety of  what Francine shared.....hmmmm......I may consider it.

Thank you Francine.

Thank you for stopping by and see you at our next meeting - August 10th.