Monday, November 12, 2018

November 2018 Meeting

December will be our annual holiday exchange.  Please bring a wrapped, small sampler themed/stitched piece if you wish to participate.   Everyone should attend the meeting whether they are part of the exchange or not.    Members are asked to bring a covered dish of their choice.   The guild will provide paper products and wrap sandwiches.  

Election of Officers
Members elected Patrick Barron for vice-president, Stacy Stinson for co-chair of programming and Nancy Fitzpatrick for treasurer.  Thank you to each one for what they do to make our group fantastic.  

Dues are due in January for 2019.   The dues remain at $25 per person per year.  You can pay your dues starting at the December meeting or mail your check payable to DVHSG at  PO Box 1292, Hockessin, DE 19702.

Conservation Fund 
Ann S. received a Thank You from the Bergen County Historical Society for the donation DVHSG made to their conservation efforts on two historical samplers.  On February 3, 2019, they will be unveiling the two pieces and invited us to join them.  

Ann will have recommendations for the 2018 award and will share at the January meeting.  For the 2019 award, Ann will be send letters to potential recipients.

Winterthur Symposium
Winterthur held a needlework symposium entitled  "The Embroiderer's Story" on October 19 and 20, 2018.   An exhibit catalog is available.   DVHSG was thanked for their donation their restoration efforts.  Check out Fiber Talk podcasts with Linda Eaton, Curator.

2019 Stitch-a-long
Participants will be working on the iStitch band Sampler.    The iStitch Band Sampler is an internet stitch-a-long.   The cost is $27 and all the weekly patterns are shared via email.   DON'T BUY your fabric yet.    Caryl C. is charting a personalization for DVHSG.    Stacy will have more details at the December meeting.

To Amy Gilley for receiving the People's Choice Award at the Rehoboth Needlework Exhibit for her "Water's Edge" piece.

December - Holiday Luncheon and gift exchange
January - Show us what you got!  Bring in any stitch related Christmas gifts your received
February - Assembling a Valentine Humbug.    Pre-stitch from your stash.   Pattern will be shared at the December meeting.
March - Pamela Darney will speak about choosing colors.    She will also teach an optional class in the afternoon, which includes a technique for joining two pieces of fabric together. The cost for the class is $130.   Lunch is included. There is a limited number of seats for the class. Away stitchers can participate, but only if you have taken a joining class with Pamela before.  Sign-up and payment is due by the January meeting.

Show and Tell
Country Stitchers Round Robin piece

Ann's progress on Corsica River

Ann's Catherine Theron's Stitching Accessories

Patrick's puppy belt

Lydia Wharton, a southern DE girl, by Samplers Revisited, stitched by Ann S.

Heartstring Sampler Jamboree piece by Stacy S.

Drawn Thread piece, stitched by Stacy S.

Stitched by Stacy S.

Stitched by Stacy S.

Cherry Hill Sampler, stitched by Stacy S.

Ornament Challenge stitched by Stacy S.

My Grandmother's Needlebook from Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Workes, stitched by Stacy S.

Scarlett House, Samplers, stitched by Stacy S.

Love and Wisdom, from Drawn Thread, stitched by Stacy S.

Lizzie Kate design, stitched by Lynn D.

Strawberry and pin pillow stitched by Jean T.

Autumn in Baltimore stitched by Jean T.

Fern Ridge

Summer House Stitche Workes drum, stitched by Loretta

Drawn Thread wallet, stitched by Kathy R.

Hands on Design pillow, stitched by Kathy R.

 Above and below, two round Robin samplers, stitched by Patty H.

Melanie found this salesman's sampler set at a flea market.   It was truly a lucky find for her.

Lisa B. stitched these halloween silhouettes 

Drum stitched by Linda B

Catherine Theron stitching accessories stitched by Francine C.

Sharon Verbos of the Purple Thread joined us.  She  shared stories from her recent trip to Europe and showed us some great techniques and tricks for finishing the pincushion portion of her project.   Sharon is currently working with Winterthur on charting and releasing five projects a year.  Any guild or shop can sponsor classes for the projects.  Sharon designs her classes as finishing classes therefore pre-stitching is necessary for these all day classes.  

This is a wallet "To John from Jane" from the Winterthur collection.

This, Herbs de Provence, was a well liked piece 

Everyone enjoyed Sharon's storied of her trip as well as her knowledge of antique needlework.