Sunday, October 23, 2022

October In-Person Meeting!

We were welcomed to our first in-person meeting in about 30 months!   We had a modest turn out of 30 members and another 7 joined via Zoom.   If you tuned in via Zoom, thank you for your patience as we work out the kinks in these hybrid meetings.   Much thanks to Caryl C. for her computer work as she manipulated through cyber space for the meeting.

Thank you to member Beth D. for finding and recommending the church hall for all our live meetings for the foreseeable future.   The room was lovely, large, well-lit, with bathrooms nearby, parking close to the entrance and no stairs to climb.  

Linda D. welcomed everyone, including new member, Lisa, from Lancaster County.   Lisa was prepared with her Liz Mathews Friendship Tree pre-stitched and she jumped right in when we started the program.

Linda called for reports.   

  • Treasurer reported our balance and no outstanding invoices.  
  • Nominating Committee - Pat L. is heading the Nominating Committee and provided a memo to Linda for the November election slate.     If you would like to run for one of these officers or nominate someone, please contact Pat L. prior to the November Meeting. The two offices that are open are Vice President/Programming and Treasurer.   The Vice President/Programming is a two person position.  Nominees are:
    • Vice President/Programming 
      • Stacy S.
      • Patrick B.
    • Treasurer
      • Robin T.
  • Conservation Committee - Marnie B. has been working with other DVHSG members to select a South Jersey Sampler in need of conservation which we can do in Patty H.'s memory.   They have narrowed the list to at 1775 sampler from South Jersey.   An informal estimate from a conservator from Winterthur is $675.00 for the restoration.  The recipient has not yet been notified of our  selection.   We will ask that they display the conserved sampler with a placard indicating DVHSG assisted in the conservation of the sampler.  This sampler selected has been submitted to the Board for their approval.   Once approval is received, the recipient will be notified.   A future field trip to see the conserved sampler is possible.
  • Holiday Exchange - Susan H. is working on the details for the holiday exchange.   Please watch your email for the link to sign up.   Information will also be in your next newsletter.  Remember to stitch a non-holiday small and to include your initials, the date and the guild initials.    We will have a holiday luncheon.   Members should bring their own beverage as well as a covered dish to share.   The guild will provide a lunchmeat tray (or similar).
  • Stitch A Long - We are continuing with The Garden of Stitches SAL.  Please post your progress on our Facebook page.
  • Programs
    • Stacy provided a re-cap of our recent October Retreat at Salty Yarns in OCMD.   She updated everyone on the status of the store's move to Route 50 near Berlin, MD.   The store size will triple, there will be classroom space and there is plenty of parking.  It is about 10 minutes from their current location.
    • For 2023 we will be having six (6) live meetings and six (6) zoom meetings.  The live meetings will be hybrid meetings.   PLEASE watch your email for the proper link to join the meetings.   The HYBRID link will be DIFFERENT from the ZOOM ONLY meeting link.  
    • Stacy is in talks with four five different designers or speakers to come to DVHSG for future meetings.  She will share more information once the details are finalized.   Also, if you have any ideas for a meeting or if you have a collection you would like to share, please contact Stacy S.
    • November Meeting - ZOOM only - Liz Mathews will join us to demonstrate how to assembly the tree she designed for DVHSG.   If you did not order the tree kit and would like to have one, there are 1 or 2 kits still available.   Contact Stacy S. if you are interested.   
    • December - LIVE meeting - Holiday Exchange and Luncheon
    • January - ZOOM only - Sharing of holiday needlework gifts received; salute to our Designer of the Year/The Scarlett House/sharing of any holiday guild exchange gifts from away members.
    • February - ZOOM only - TBD
    • March - ZOOM only - TBD
    • April -  LIVE meeting - Theresa Baird will teach the spiral trellis stitch.   We will work on doodle cloth.   She has designed a small project for purchase is you want.   More information will follow.
    • May - TBD
    • June - TBD
    • July - TBD
    • August - TBD
    • September - LIVE meeting - Michelle Ink will be teaching how to make strawberry toppers, needle minders, etc. from high quality silver which she will take home to fire for us and will ship the finished piece once polished.       

Show and Tell
 Let's see how good your are?   Can you guess who might have found a little tin and came up with this awesome needlework design.   Who else but Patrick!

Scissors keep from Patrick.  

A couple of Christmas stitches by Pat Y.

Halloween Stitching from Kathy R.
Another Halloween design stitched by Kathy R.
Red Bird Sampler from With Thy Needle and Thread by Kathy R.
Ellen Chester Pattern, stitched by Kathy R.
Mary Amelia Cwyer by Kathy R.
Stitched by Kathy R.
Alphabet from Needlework Press, stitched by Kathy R.
Bristol Sampler by Kathy R. - I think.

Small drum in remembrance of Queen Elizabeth II, stitched by Caryl C.  (So sorry I didn't think to photograph the sides.)

Mary Wigglesworth Sampler by Lynn D.

Theresa Baird designed being stitched by Ann S.
Beautiful sampler from Jackie DuPlessis, stitching by Ann S.

For our program, we worked on the Friendship Sampler Free Pattern from Liz Mathews.   Members pre-stitched the basket, date and part of the border prior to the meeting.   At the meeting we passed the pieces to other stitchers for them to add flowers to our baskets.   Amazing the variety of flosses, fabrics and colors.

These were taken early on in the day.   By day's end, the baskets were filling up.