Monday, May 10, 2021

May 2021 Meeting

President Linda D. welcomed everyone.   Treasurer's Report was provided.   

Due to a conflict with several members attending a function on the second Saturday of October, we have moved the monthly meeting for the 4th Saturday of October and the Stitch in to the second Saturday of October.   There were no objections to the change of the meeting.

Linda has spoken to Cokesbury and they are still not allowing outsider meetings.  When we can meet there again, there will be a 63 person maximum and members may be required to show proof of vaccine.   Cokesbury has yet to finalized their requirements but all will be shared once permission have been given to return for meetings.  

Marnie shared information on a framer.   Finley's Art Shoppe, Old Ogletown Road,  Newark DE.

There was no Show and Tell at the meeting due to having a guest speaker.  


  • June - Susan Greening-Davis, Discussion on needles, types, what one to use on what project, etc.
  • July - Catherine Jordan Zoom Presentation/Slide Show
  • August - TBA
  • September - Vicki of Needlework Press will be doing a perforated paper presentation and project.  More information will follow.
  • Fall Retreat - Tentatively on the calendar for the first weekend of October provided pandemic restrictions permit

Today's Program

We had one guest attend the meeting.   His name was John Scott and he was invited by our guest speaker Sheryl DeJong.   John is working on the Antique Kentucky Sampler website where Kentucky Samplers are catalogued, photographed and organized for all to view and read about.   Sheryl DeJong, today's speaker invited John to watch her presentation.

Discussion and slide show of The Samplers in the index of American Design

The Index of American Design consists of approximately 18,000 watercolor renderings of American decorative art objects. 

The WPA, Work Progress Administration, created by Franklin D. Roosevelt, became the Work Projects Administration in 1939 as part of the New Deal of President Roosevelt.  "During the Depression that followed the stock market crash in 1929, thousands of businesses and banks failed and a quarter of the American workforce was unemployed. An unintended benevolent consequence of the economic hardships of the times was that attendance at many American museums reached an all-time high. Having little money for anything else, the appeal of free museum admissions attracted many Americans who, for the first time, were exposed to and appreciated works of art. Through New Deal initiatives under President Franklin D. Roosevelt beginning in 1933, there was a confluence between the heightened awareness of public art, the employment relief needs of artists, and the creation of artwork for newly constructed federal buildings that resulted in three public arts programs that were administered out of the Treasury Department." (Excerpt from the US Treasury Department website

The work of the WPA had artist capture works of glass, ceramics, crewel, needlework, samplers and more in paintings.  Artifacts were captured, identified, catalogued, and preserved via paintings.  Sheryl shared many examples of the paintings next to photos of the actual samplers.   The artists even captured the wrinkles in the linen in their paintings.   One artist actually painted in the lines of the linen thread on the canvas before adding the crosses for the sampler.  

Sheryl has worked with John to help John launch his program.  John, having no needlework knowledge has taken on cataloging antique Kentucky Samplers.   You can visit their website here.  Another site is the Tennessee Sampler Survey 

Definitely an interesting project and a national treasure to have such a collection.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021

March 2021 Meeting

Sorry to be a broken record but......continued THANKS to Linda, Caryl, Evalyn, Jon and all who organize, coordinate and make our Zoom Meetings possible.   

President Linda D. welcomed everyone.   The Treasurer's Report was reviewed and  it was noted there are no outstanding bills.   More recent Membership payments and payments for the Susan Greening Davis class should be deposited this week.   

Membership - If you have not yet paid your are PAST DUE.   Dues is $25 annually.  Please complete and return the MEMBERSHIP FORM asap.   

2020 Challenge - Patrick has received the note pads for the 25 winners of the 20 in 2020 Challenge.   He will discuss with the Board how to proceed for delivering these to the winners of the challenge.    Patrick received a late submission from Mary Rita who finished 54 pieces in 2020.  Her additional finishes changes the total of completed projects for 2020 to 705 projects from 25 stitchers.

Programs -
  • April Meeting - Patty H. will share samplers from her collection and answer sampler questions
  • May Meeting - Sheryl DeJong of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC, will narrate a presentation on samplers.
  • June Meeting - Susan Greening Davis will host a discussion on needles.  Sizes, types and uses.   The discussion is free but if interested you can purchase her booklet for $12 - ADVANCED orders only up to APRIL 1st.  The flyer will be in your March Meeting newsletter.   Complete and mail your $12 to Stacy S.
If anyone has a collection they would like to share or has an idea for a meeting presentation, please contact Stacy S.

Also in June is the Penn Dry Goods Day at the Schwenfelder Museum in Schwenfelder, PA.   While the market is virtual this year, there is still a good series of lectures that are scheduled.

Linda D. shared two books that might be of interest to members.   A Maryland Tradition - Quilts in Maryland, by Gloria Seaman Allen  and Nancy Gibson Tuckhorn

And Delaware Discoveries:  Girlhood Embroidery 1750-1850   by Gloria Seaman Allen and Cynthia Shank Steinhoff, today's speaker.

Cynthia Steinhoff comes to DVHSG with a vast resume.   She is a Professor and Director of the Andrew Truxal Library at Anne Arundel Community College.   She collects antique samplers from the mid-Atlantic area, researching the stitchers, schools and their teachers.  She is a frequent speaker at needlework seminars.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Edinboro University, a Master of Library Science from Clarion Universey and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Baltimore.   She is an EGA member, a member of the Loudoun County Sampler Guild and the Annapolis Historical Society.  

Cynthia started with a Thank You to DVHSG for our support and donation towards Winterthur's purchase of the Mary Orr Sampler in memory of Gloria Seaman Allen.  The Mary Orr sampler was stitched in 1831 by Mary Orr who was from the Wilmington Area.  

Today's program was entitled, Three Stitchers/Two Towns.  Annapolis, Maryland and New Castle, Delaware.

Although the samplers are not related, Cynthia pointed out that the towns are similar.   Both cities were port cities and both ports were replaced by larger ports.  Annapolis by Baltimore and New Castle by Philadelphia.  Annapolis was settled in 1649 and New Castle in 1651.  Both were early seats of government.   Both cites still have many colonial buildings and homes that still remain. And each had residents that were signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Baltimore, Maryland
Henrietta Maria Hall* was from Baltimore, sampler dated 1827.   The Hall family were among the earliest settlers of the county.   They had a large family having 10 children.  During the 1800's most people married into other families in the same area.  Even if the head of the household was a professional, the majority of the families were also farmers and some of these farms remain in the families and are still active today.  Henriettta was born in (approx) in 1813 and was a descendent of Henry Hall, Reverend of the Episcopal Church having arrived in Annapolis in 1698.  Henrietta was married in 1842 to her cousin, Henry Hall.

Sarah Sands* was from Anne Arundel County MD.   Her sampler is similar in style to Henrietta's  The similar borders indicate she likely studied under the same teacher as Henrietta but ten years later.  

Rachel Sophia Waters* also from Anne Arundel County in Maryland, most likely attended school in Annapolis.  She is related to the Hall (Henrietta) Family both through birth and through marriage.  Her sampler is stitched mostly in cross stitch, with some eyelets.  Rachel is buried in the cemetery started by Henrietta Hall's grandfather, Rev. Henry Hall.

New Castle, Delaware
Dorcas Bolden* was a difficult girl to research.  There are a number of different spellings of both her first and her last name.   Dorcas used a variety of colors and stitches in what is basically a marking sampler.   She stitched the text in black.  What is known is that the Bolden Family left England in the early 1600's settling first in Jamestown, VA.   Some of the family moved north to New Castle County by the early 1800's.  Poplar Hill, in western New Castle County is the family home.  

 A marriage bond, dated 3/7/1808, between Richard Bolden (perspective groom) and Elijah Bolden (Dorcas' father) pledging that Richard would marry Dorcas as some time in the future has been located and most likely is the same Dorcas Bolden.  

Dorcas was probably about 20 years old when she stitched this sampler.  It is very well stitched on a high count linen.   Cynthia continues her research on Dorcas.

Rachel Wiley, 1815, New Castle, DE.   Her sampler is similar to the Dorcas Bolden sampler.   The layout the same with the verse on the lower left and the attribution on the lower right and the alphabets are very similar.  (No picture available)    Rachel's father was an attorney or a judge and the family left New Castle shortly after the sampler was stitched.  It is likely both Dorcas and Rachel were taught by the same teacher, perhaps at the Deborah Hicks Mundel School.   
Cynthia opened the floor for questions and shared her vast knowledge with the group.   She became interested in documentation of samplers in 2011 when the University of Oregon and the University of Delaware worked together to document samples for the Sampler Archive Project.

None of the samplers Cynthia shared at the meeting have been graphed yet.  Cynthia works with both Barbara Hudson of Queenstown Samplers and Patty Yergey of Samplers Revisted for charting samplers.  

If you own an antique sampler and are interested in getting it restored, contact a museum for who they use or do an internet search.

Researching takes as longs as it takes.   Early records did not include women's names.  Cynthia always researches a sampler before she buys one.  She uses Google, books on samplers of the era, county records, cemetery records, and compares the works to other samplers of similar style.   Researching a sampler is two-fold as she researches the sampler and the family.  For family history she used, local genealogical society, online, libraries, archives.     There are free sites for family records and some states are now digitizing the state records on births, deaths, marriages.   Cynthia will let a seller know if she finds out something about a sampler that is other than what the seller may be saying.   e.g. stating the sampler was a Lancaster Co., PA sampler when her research may indicate it was a Burlington Co., NJ sampler.  

Cynthia has a great wealth of knowledge and provided in a very relatable way.  Cynthia's presentation provided a great deal of in-depth information about each stitcher, what times were like, the area where they lived, their families that Cynthia made the girls come to life for us.  Thank you Cynthia!

*  Photos are courtesy of Cynthia Steinhoff.

Monday, February 15, 2021

February 2021 Meeting

Continued BIG THANK YOU to Linda, Caryl, Evalyn and Jon who organize, coordinate and make our Zoom Meeting possible.   A big Gold Star for your guys!

President Linda D. welcomed everyone.   The Treasurer's Report was reviewed and  discussion on current and pending bills was had.

Membership - Membership is now PAST DUE.   Dues is $25 annually.  Please complete and return the MEMBERSHIP FORM.   

20 in 2020 Challenge  Patrick shared the tally of projects compleled.   There were a total of 651 projects reported as completed in 2020.   Keeping in mind that only 24 people turned in a list.   The top six winners are:

1. Stacy S. with 43

2. Pat Y. with 42

3.  Ellen P with 38

4. Caryl C. with 35

5. Patrick with 34

6. Ann S. and Jean T. tied with 33

Your needles were on fire stitchers!  Each will be receiving a 6 x 6 tablet with the DVHSG Logo.

Designer of the year - For the winners of the 2020 participation in the Blackbird stitching, Sara at Salty Yarns has DOUBLED the prize.  Instead of $10 gift cards, each winner will be receiving a $20 gift card.  Our CONTINUED THANKS to Salty Yarns and their great staff!

2021 Designer La-D-Da - Members are encouraged to stitch charts from La-D-Da in 2021.  La-D-Da Designs in Counted Cross Stitch

Winterthur - If anyone is taking the 2nd class with Sharon Verbos at Winterthur, please contact President Linda D.   The 2nd class is at the same time as today's meeting and Sharon will rebroadcast it for those who will miss it.   Linda needs to give her the number of participants.  Please message Linda if you are part of the class.

Upcoming Programs

March Meeting - Cindy Steinhoff will hold a discussion via Zoom on two Delaware Samplers and one Maryland sampler

April Meeting - Possible member showcase

Spring Retreat - There has been no decision on a spring retreat in OCMD

May Meeting - Sheryl DeJohn of the Smithsonian will lead a discussion on samplers

June Meeting - Susan Greening Davis will lead a discussion on needles, sizes, uses, etc.   The program is free.   There is a brochure available for $12 ($10 and $2 postage).   Please complete flyer that will be sent with your newsletter.  Sign up is due by April 30.

June - The annual in-person NASHVILLE MARKET has been canceled but will be available virtually.  Use the link to Needlework Expo.   You are not able to buy from this site but can see the new releases and contact your LNS.   There is also a Facebook page for Needlework Expo.

Programming - A continued THANKS  to our Program Coordinator!  It is not easy to come up with virtual meeting ideas.   If you have a suggestion, please let Stacy S. or any Board Member know.

February 2021 Program

Linda Stolz creator of Erica Michael's Designs joined us via Zoom.  Originally from Kansas, she now resides in Tennessee.   She has been designing for the past 21 years and since retiring three years ago, she now can focus all her energy to her designs.  

Twelve years ago she started designing for silk gauze.  As for strawberry designs, she created her first strawberry chart about 5 years ago.  She quickly picked up on stitchers being intimidating on finishing a strawberry.  

Her design process is that she first designs the silk berry.  These are one over one on 40 count.  The linen berry is not an identical chart but rather is a compliment.   She includes both charts in her patterns.  Linda said that she learned a lot about perfecting strawberries by simply just doing them and learning what worked and what did not.  

Linda worked her way through the pattern, kit and instructions and gave us a complete outline on how to assemble our stitched strawberry.  She discussed using her templates; options for filling the strawberry; closing the top of the strawberry.  

Linda shared with us the variety of strawberry top finishes that she has done and explained how we could do each.   She also gave us a 'sneak peak' of her new designs to be released this spring.

Tips to remember - 
  • Use one strand of button/craft thread for your gathering stitch
  • Use stencil plastic or comic board to create stiffer, reusable templates for the strawberries
  • Mark a center at the top and bottom of your stitched design to ad in lining it up when you assemble the strawberry
  • The templates DO NOT INCLUDE seam allowance
  • The template is the size of the interfacing
  • Iron on the interfacing BEFORE cutting the linen
  • Cut a length of yarn and unply it to stuff into the pointed end of the strawberry
  • Pull gathering thread to leave a one inch diameter opening.   This will allow you to continue to stuff the top and work out the wrinkles and will be covered by the topping.
  • Use freezer paper to create/trace patterns to top
  • Complete top with all embellishments first and then attach the completed top to the strawberry
All starter kits were mailed by Linda S. directly to the stitcher.   If you have not received your starter kit yet, contact Linda D. or Stacy and they will get the tracking number from Linda S.

In addition to everything Linda shared today, she has a tutorial on her website, Erica Michaels Designs.

Any Erica Michael's Designs chart ordered from Salty Yarns in February will receive a 15% discount - Let Salty Yarns know you are a DVHSG member when ordering.   

Just a reminder, if you are participating in our Zoom Meeting and you are NOT the speaking or making a comment, please put your device on mute.     Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

January 2021 Meeting

We welcomed in 2021 with our first meeting of the year via Zoom.  

Continued thanks to the Officers and all those who help with the slide shows, gathering the info, sending the notices and creating our Zoom meetings.   You are guys are the rock stars of stitching.  

Please, please, please.....if you are participating in our Zoom Meeting and you are NOT the speaking or making a comment, please put your device on mute.   Many of us watch the meeting using the "speaker view" instead of "gallery view".  Speaker view allows the active speaker to be the only person you see on your screen.   When members do not mute their device, every sneeze, rustle, every noise in their background, etc., activates them as the speaker.    Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

President Linda D. welcomed everyone.  We had 48 members who joined in the meeting.  The Treasurer's Report was reviewed and  discussion on current and pending bills was had.  

Membership - Don't forget to renew your membership for 2021 by the end of January.   Complete and mail this MEMBERSHIP FORM.  Dues is $25.00 annually.    If you have already sent your check and it has not cleared, Stacy batches up the mail to send to Nancy and will be preparing a package containing the registrations and membership renewals this week.

2020 Challenge - Send your list of completed 2020 needlework projects to Linda no later than January 18, 2021.   She will print and forward all the individual lists to Patrick for the book and for him to tally for any Challenge Surprises there may be.

Meeting Suggestions - It is difficult to come up with new and interesting ideas that are Zoomable (hmm, I wonder if that is a word)   If you have any ideas or suggestions for things you like to see, please email Linda.

Blackbird 2020 Challenge - Members shared any finished Blackbird Designs projects they completed in 2020.   Ellen P. and Evalyn G. were chosen randomly as winners of a Salty Yarns gift card from all the projects submitted. 

2021 Featured Designer -  La-D-Da will be our showcased designer for 2021.  Members are urged to stitch designs from La-D-Da and share their completions next January.
Stitch-Ins - Stitch ins via Zoom will continue the 4th Saturday of each month.  The time is from 10 to 12.  

Today's Program - For today's program, members shared the different stitchy Christmas gifts they received or they gifted to themselves.

February Meeting - Our meeting will be a talk from Linda of Erica Michael's Designs.  She will be discussing strawberries, how to stitch, how to finished, etc.  There are 76 signed up.   Your kits will be mailed directly from Linda at Erica Micheals.   Completing the stitching PRIOR to the meeting is not necessary.   The meeting is more of a lecture than an actual class-setting.    You can participate in the meeting even if you have not purchased the commemorative strawberry kit.  

March Meeting - Cindy Steinhoff will be speaking on two Delaware and one Maryland sampler.

April Meeting - TBD

May Meeting - Sheryl DeJohn of the Smithsonian Institute will present a discussion on samplers.  

Anniversary Meeting - There has been no decision of when the Anniversary celebration will be scheduled.  Ample notice will be given to those who will be traveling when a date is determined.  

Thursday, December 31, 2020

December 2020 Zoom Meeting

We closed out 2020 in not the same way we have closed out year's in the past.  Good thing we all know how to 'compensate' our stitching and we are able to 'compensate' for our meetings.

First off, a continued BIG THANK to the ladies (and gentleman) who organize, coordinate and make our Zoom Meeting possible.  

Please, please, please.....if you are participating in our Zoom Meeting and you are NOT the speaking or making a comment, please put your device on mute.   Many of us watch the meeting using the "speaker"view" instead of "gallery view".  Speaker view allows the active speaker to be the only person you see on your screen.   When members do not mute their device, every sneeze, rustle, every noise in their background, etc., activates them as the speaker.    Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

President Linda D. welcomed everyone.   The Treasurer's Report was reviewed and  discussion on current and pending bills was had.

Linda welcomed new members who then introduced themselves.  We had new members from New York Delaware and Pennsylvania, not to mention existing members from Tennessee, Luxembourg, Florida and all over participating in the meeting.   I think there were 44 in attendance.

Membership - Sign up now!   We already had 50 renewals received by the December meeting.  Dues for 2021 is due by the end of January.   Complete and mail this MEMBERSHIP FORM

Upcoming -
January Meeting
  • For our January 2021 Meeting will we will reviewing all Blackbird Design pieces STITCHED in 2020.   Send any pictures to Linda D. no later than January 6th.   
  • Members will also share any stitching related gifts they received over the holidays. - No pictures need to be send of your gift items; individuals will be able to hold up and share during the Zoom meeting. 
  • And last but not least, we will be electing which designer we wish to showcase during 2021.

Designer Showcase for 2020 - Blackbird Designs

Designers on the list for the 2021 Designer Showcase 

February Meeting - Zoom Class with Linda of Erica Michaels Designs.  Deadline for sign-up was December 15th.   Your kits will be mailed to you directly from Linda.

March Meeting - Cindy Steinhoff will hold a discussion via Zoom on two Delaware Samplers and one Maryland sampler.

April Meeting - TBD

Spring Retreat - There has been no decision on a spring retreat in OCMD.

May Meeting - Sheryl DeYoung of the Smithsonian will lead a discussion on samplers.

June - The annual NASHVILLE MARKET has been re-scheduled for sometime in June 2021

A great thank you also to our Program Coordinator!  Is is not easy to come up with virtual meeting ideas.   If you have a suggestion, please let Stacy S. know.

December 2020 Program

Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Samplers joined our meeting via Zoom.  Barbara gave us an overview of her history.  She shared her knowledge of what different sampler motifs indicate and also what origin the motifs are indicative of.   Before purchasing any sampler, she researches the girl who stitched the sampler.   Her process for creating a reproduction is first to research, then to stitch and to chart. When charting from an original sampler, she selects the colors she will use based on the color of the floss on the back of the original sampler.  Members had sent photos to Barbara prior to the meeting and she discussed the individual samplers and share what her knowledge about each.  

She also shared with us many of her own samplers and gave tidbits of information on each.  She discussed her process for charting a sampler.  Although she usually is stitching on only one sampler at a time, she often has three or more in various stages of being reproduced.  Some may in the charting phase or being stitched by model stitchers.    For her samplers, she has them stored as "Charted" or "Uncharted".   Each type is stored in archival/air tight boxes.   They are store together, unless a particular sampler is fragile.  It is then stored separately.  

Barbara gave some tips on buying a sampler -
  • When buying on line, make sure to read the description thoroughly; verify what is being sold is NOT a poster;
  • In person buys are best; 
  • Make sure you have name and phone number of seller;
  • Check out Amy Finkels website and review her tab on Fraud/Finding an Antique sampler;
  • Fraud has been found by sellers adding or removing stitches; 
  • Rely on an Auction House or sell that monitors eBay.
Barbara has several new releases and several she is working on.  As with all her charts, Barbara includes the history of the stitcher and any other information of interest she uncovered while doing her research.   Any Queenstown Sampler chart ordered from Salty Yarns in December will receive a 15% discount - Let Salty Yarns know you are a DVHSG member when ordering.   Barbara took information on a couple of member's samplers and will be getting back to them with more detail on each.  

What a wealth of knowledge Barbara is and how lovely of her to share it with us.   Thank you Barbara!

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

November 2020 Zoom Meeting

First of all, we would like to reach out with a BIG thank you to all the techie people that are setting up and running our Zoom Meetings.   Caryl, Linda, Evalyn and Jon we can't thank you enough.  It is so nice to 'see' everyone and to hear about their new projects and just share the fellowship.   Just like missing an in-person meeting, we have all grown to hate to miss a  Zoom Meeting.     Not only are our monthly meetings done via Zoom, a monthly stitch-in via Zoom continues.  The Stitch-in is the fourth Saturday of each month from 10 am to 12-noon.  Future scheduled dates are 12/26, 1/23/21 and 2/27/21.   

Business Meeting 

  • For each meeting, we ask members to continue to submit photos of any finishes to Linda D.  Photos need to be submitted to Linda no later than the Tuesday prior the second Saturday of the month.  (Reminds me of the school problem - If a train left Chicago at 10 pm traveling at 65 mpg when.......) This will allow Linda and Caryl the time to work their magic to incorporate your photos into the slide show that will be shared at the meeting.  Please remember to include your name and the designer name in your email.  Following the meetings, the slide shows will be uploaded to the Facebook page.
  • Treasury Report was read.
  • Those darned germs!
    The current updated membership roster was shared by Caryl C. 
  • The Annual Holiday Exchange will be rescheduled once we can again meet in person.
  • The Anniversary Event is still in the wings.  It is too special to be done virtually!  This event will also be rescheduled once we can again meet in person.
  • Membership renewals are due January 1st for the 2021 year.  Please print, complete and submit your membership form found at this link.  


December Meeting - Barbara Hutson, Queenstown Samplers, will be joining our Zoom Meeting.   She will show and discuss some of her designs.  If you have an antique sampler, she is willing to provide you will any information she can on the piece.   Send a photo of your sampler to Linda D. and she will make sure Barbara gets the photo to research prior to the meeting.   Photos can be sent between now and December 9th.   During the meeting Barbara will provide any information she can about your sampler.

As a special treat, Salty Yarns will be offering a 15% discount on any of Barbara's designs in December.   

January Meeting - January will be the end of our 2020 Designer Showcase.   For 2020 Blackbird Designs was the designer chosen.   Please send photos of any pieces your stitched in 2020.  Send your Blackbird photos to Linda anytime between now and January 6th and let her know they are for the January Blackbird Showcase.  

Also at the January Meeting we will be sharing any stitchy gifts received over the holidays.  There is no need to send photos of any gifts to Linda.   We will have a Show 'n Tell of all the goodies with each member holding up their gift(s) in turn.

FOR 2021 will are going to continue to Showcase a Designer.   The choices for 2021 and links to their sites are:

Start checking our their charts and thinking about what designer you would like to see showcased in 2021.

February Meeting - We will be having a virtual class with Linda Stolz of Erica Michaels Needleart Designs.  She has designed a strawberry especially for our guild.   The cost of the kit is $30.   Please print and complete and return the registration form.

And as a special treat, Salty Yarns will be offering a 15% discount on any Erica Michaels Needlearts Designs charts in February.

The November program was a discussion of your go-to tools and accessories for stitching.    We all have our 'favorites' that we can't stitch without.  

Here are some of the things some stitchers don't like to do without -

  • Fiber Finder/DoLolly (available from Salty Yarns or Grip It Plus on Amazon)
  • Ginger Tweezers
  • Marian Needles
  • "Frogger" from Sweet N Round/Word Art by Art (Arthur Miller at or search Facebook for "SweetNRound"
  • Wonder Clips (Joann's, Amazon, Salty Yarns)

Next meeting - 10 a.m., December 12, 2020.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

September 2020 Zoom Meeting


We did some Guild Business before launching into this month's program.   An Agenda was prepared but sharing it on the Zoom Meeting proved to be a challenge.   I am sure each month we will be better at what is new technology to many of us.  I give everyone an A+ for effort.

The Treasurer's Report was read.  All deposits and payments are up to date.   Stacy S. will check our Post Office Box for any incoming mail.


  • The Betsy Morgan kits from the canceled April class have been distributed to all who signed up.
  • October Program - We will have a tour of Kathy R.'s home all decked out for Halloween.  
  • December - The Board will meet to decide if we should commit to the Holiday Exchange and how we will accomplish it.  We should have a decision at the October Zoom Meeting.
  • DVHSG October Retreat - There will be a Zoom Meeting on September 24th for those who have signed up.   What to expect during the pandemic and available options for those attending will be shared.  
  • Blackbird Designs - Don't forget, Blackbird Designs is our featured designer of the year.   

Today's Program
    For today, we showcased two of our members, Caryl C. and Linda D.  

    Caryl provided a powerpoint that listed her 'history'.   She narrated while the slide show shared some of her past hobbies and projects as well as some of her current works.  The PowerPoint presentation has been link in the file section on our FB page.

   Next up, Linda had a video that started with a  lovely welcome out front of her home and then she welcomed us inside.  She shared her home, her needlework and her quilting.
Both ladies provided insight into their history.   Whether we also do quilting or do stained glass work or not, we can all appreciate the workmanship and the effort they each put into their various crafts.   Nice job ladies.

Other updates of interest -
  •     How's everyone like our needlework Facebook questions?   A big thank you to Stacy S. for putting them out there each time.   It is fun to see the different responses.   I don't know how she hasn't run out of questions yet!
  •     The Nimble Needle in Merchantville, NJ is now in a bigger location.  The store is not open for business but the owner will be glad to fill your pre-order at curbside.  
  •     Winterthur is holding a virtual conference on October 23rd.  It is called "The Inspired Needle: Embroidery Past and Present".   See their website for more details and information on registration. 
  •      Don't forget to keep track of your finishes for the 20 in 2020 Challenge.
  •      In August, we held a Zoom-Styled Stitch-In and will be doing it again.   The date for the next stitch-in is September 26 at 9:45. 

And we got a special treat while zooming along.  Some participants noticed Kathy R. was in different surroundings.   When we asked where she was, she treated us to the view of the beautiful setting and scenery at her husband's family cabin in Maine.   What an unexpected treat.  

We will continue our Zoom Meeting format until we can meet again in person.  A link will be sent prior to each meeting.    If you would like to submit photos for the slideshow, please forward to President Linda D.    You should include your name, the designer and the name of the piece when you submit your photos.  Limit your photos to one or two please.   Linda will need them no later than Tuesday before the meeting and would welcome any submitted earlier.  

Thank you to Evalyn and her husband for coordinating our Zoom Meeting.  Thank you as well Linda and everyone else who made the meeting a success.  Looks like this is the way we will continue to 'see' each other for the foreseeable future.