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Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild 

The Delaware Historic Sampler Guild (Guild) was formed in 2000 and currently has more than 60 members. Members of the Guild share a passion for antique needlework samplers. The purpose of the Guild is to promote the art of historic and contemporary sampler making, pursue and study sampler history, and contribute to the preservation of antique needlework samplers. 

Members meet on a monthly basis at Cokesbury Village, 726 Loveville Road, Hockessin, Delaware on the second Saturday of each month from 10 A.M. to Noon. The general public is welcome to participate. Annual dues are $25 payable in January for the calendar year. Meetings are devoted to sharing information, hosting teachers of needlework designs and techniques, and hosting guests lecturers on the topic of needlework. Guild information, including meeting dates and programs, is available at and 

The Guild’s Conservation Fund is supported by a portion of each member’s annual dues and members’ voluntary donations throughout the calendar year. Conservation Funds are donated annually to a community non-profit organization committed to the conservation and the general public’s education of antique needlework samplers. In previous years, the Conservation Fund has ranged between $500 and $1000, as the amount depends on the number of members and member donations. Conservation Fund monies have been awarded in the past to non-profit organizations and used to conserve a specific antique sampler/s, offset the cost of seminars open to the public; and to purchase storage cabinets to protect antique samplers for the elements. 

The Guild invites non-profit organizations to submit their written request, on an annual basis, to be considered to receive the current year’s Conservation Fund. 

Non-profit organizations may submit their request, in letter format, to the Guild from April 15 to August 31 by mailing it to: 

Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild 
ATTN: Conservation Fund Committee 
P. O. Box 1292 
Hockessin, DE 19702 

The following information must be included in the request: 
a. Organization’s name; street, mail, and web address; and phone number. 
b. Contact person’s name and contact information. 
c. Organization’s mission statement. 
d. Acknowledgement of Non-Profit Status by IRS. 
e. Organization’s reason for making request. 
f.  Description of how the Conservation Funds will be used: anticipated date of completion; anticipated outcome; etc. The inclusion of documents and pictures is acceptable. 
g. Other relevant information. 

Letters of request must be date stamped (by U.S. Post Office) by August 31 to be considered. The Conservation Fund Committee shall review each request and make a recommendation to the Guild’s Board for final approval. In November the Guild shall notify the awarded organization by U. S. Mail of its selection; organizations not awarded shall receive written notice as well. The decision of the Guild’s Board is final. Organizations are encouraged to submit a request each calendar year, as each year is processed separately. 

Questions and concerns may be directed to Guild member, Ann at 302-678-0108. 

DVHSG Con Funds 
Revised November 2016
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