Sunday, July 15, 2018

July 2018 Meeting

Following a brief business meeting we were treated to a presentation on Angels by member Pat Y.   But first the business -

- August - Stash Re-Allocation Event.   Bring in any items you no longer want and wish to sell.   The Guild is suggesting that 10% of any profit from sales be donated to the Conservation Fund.   This is just a suggestion and not mandatory.   Also, if you truly want to get rid of items, you have the option of leaving any unsold items that will be collected and taken to Fireside for their eBay sales.   Over the last year, we have collected in the neighborhood of $1,000 from these eBay sales.  Again, this is a suggestion and not mandatory.   Money from the eBay sales also goes into our Conservation Fund.   This past year we were able to make 3 separate gifts of $1,000 each for deserving organizations for the purpose of sampler conservation.  

  • August - The deadline for organizations to file for our 2018 Conservation Grant is August 31, 2018. Please see our "Conservation Fund" tab above for more information and an applications.
  • September - Member Liz C. will be teaching peyote beading.
  • October -  Salty Yarns Retreat - This is a MEMBERS ONLY event and will be the weekend of October 5-7, 2018.   The price is the same as it was in the spring ($140 I think?) and Stacy would like your registration no later than the September meeting on September 8th.
  • October - Members  Marnie B. and Francine C. will talk about Maulkland wear and will share their collections.
  • October - We are looking for members to volunteer for the Nominating Committee. The Committee will need to present a slate of officers for Programming and Treasurer at the October Meeting.   Elections will be at the November Meeting.
  • November - Election of Officers.
  • November - Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Works will be teaching a class.
  • December - Annual Covered Dish Luncheon and holiday exchange of a sampler themed stitched piece.
  • January - Share you holiday needlework related gifts
  • There are several potential classes in the the works and other fun things planned for 2019.   Please stay tuned!

Other events

  • The Delaware State Fair starts next week in Harrington DE.  The needlework display is in the Dover Building.  
  • The display at the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE, ends next week.  It's worth the trip.
  • ANG - ANG is holding an event in Washington DC from August 22 - 27.   You don't have to belong to ANG to attend.
  • Bobby M. of Tomorrow's Stitches in New Castle is liquidating her supply of scissors.   Watch for more info in your newsletter.
  • August/September/October Meetings -  will be in the Dupont Pavilion Room (July's location)
  • November/December Meetings - will be in the Atrium Meeting Room (directly one floor above our normal meeting room.)

Show 'n Tell
  The Delaware Sampler from Heart's Ease Examplar stitched by Lynn D.

 Ring-bearer's pillow from Stoney Creek stitched by Caryl C. and finished by Faye Rigsby, The Carolina Stitcher

 Huck embroidery tea towel stitched by Caryl C.

 Little House Needleworks Box of Chocolates stitched by Robin T.

 Blackbird designed stitched by Lisa C.

 Tray stitched by Patrick B.

 Baseball pillow above and butterfly pillow below, stitched by Evalyn G.

 Carnation Sampler by Darlene O'Steen stitched by KarenAnn M.

 Above and below, Lauren Sauer Band Sampler from our guild stitch-a-long.   Deb S. in on the left above and in the foreground below.   On the right above and the background below is Marnie B.  The pictures don't do these justice!

 Quaker motifs stitched by Deb. S.

 Presentation - Member Pat Y. spoke to us about angels for a Christmas in July themed presentation.   She shared with us some tidbits about angels across all religions and beliefs.   She had on display her large angel collection and provided some info on many of the items on display.

 Pat saw this design on the cover of a Reader's Digest in the 1970's and she charted and stitched it herself.

 Cute idea for an angel (sorry Blogger won't let me rotate it).   Stitched on banding which was then folded in half.
 Definitely a stitcher's angel with the needlework motifs and buttons.

 Angels from Uganda

 A "nurse" angel.

 The angel in the center, Pat stitched for her mother.  She then stitched the dress in the front so her mother could display all year rather than just at Christmastime.

 A macrame angel.

Lavender and Lace angel

 You can see Pat has a vast collection of stitched angels.   Thank you Pat for sharing.

Pat also share with each of us, a small kit to make our own angel.

 The finished sample above and below, ideas for the stitching.

 Member stitched angels which they brought in to share.
 Stitched by MJ

Below, the next four are stitched by Jean T.

Stitched by BJ S., front and back
 A Joan Thomason design

 Two Miribilia designed angels, stitched by BJ S.

Miribilia's Angel in the Morning, stitched by Lisa.

Garden Angel that was Evalyn's mother-in-law

Below, also from Evalyn

 Above, angels stitched by Barb's mother-in-law and below, Barb's stitched angel

Barbara Jackson class angel stitched by.........

Saturday, June 9, 2018

June 2018Meeting

We had very sparse attendance today at our monthly meeting due to the Delaware Sampler Symposium at the Biggs Museum in Dover, DE today.  The symposium is celebrating the release of the newest release by Gloria Seaman Allen and Cynthia Steinhoff on Delaware samplers.  Over 100 of the museum's featured exhibits are illustrated within the publication.

The day includes guest lectures by Linda Eaton (curator of Winterthur Museum), Susi Slocum (Fruit and Flowers Samplers of Delaware), Cynthia Steinhof (A Tale  of Two Cities - Needlework Teacher Deborah Hicks Mundal and A Sampler Tour of Sussex County), Lynne Anderson (In Wonder, Love and Praise - The Quaker Spirit and Southern Boarding School Samplers), Mary Brooks (Schoolgirl Needlework:  Quaker Connections Near and Far), Sheryl DeJon (The Delaware Orphans Court Records),  as well as lunch and a book signing.  

It's no wonder it was a ghost town at our monthly meeting.   We are looking forward to hearing about the experience from those who attended.

For those who did attend this month's meeting, the following announcements were made:
  • Stitching Challenge - Patrick passed the binder around for those present to document their starts and finishes.
  • July Meeting - Member Pat Y. will share her collection of stitched angels.  Members should bring any stitch angels they have to the meeting.   There will be a small project offered.
  • August Meeting - Annual Stash Redistribution Meeting - Bring you items you will be sell.   Please remember you can offer a percentage of your sales to the Conservation Fund.  Also, there is opportunity if you truly don't want to take this items home again, they can be collected and packaged to be delivered to Fireside Stitchery for sale on eBay.
  • September - Liz C. will teach us peyote beading.   There will be a small class fee.
  • October - Members Francine and Marni will share their marc-lite wear collections.
  • November - TBD
  • December - Annual Holiday Party
Reminder to follow our own members Deb E. and Liz C. on YouTube under the name of Country Stitchers.   They upload a new episode every Thursday.  I've added a link here and on our side-bar.

XXXXXXXX Important Annoucement XXXXXXX
Our meeting location will be changed for the rest of the year due to ongoing renovations at Cokesbury.   Please pay attention to the announcements in your newsletter and notices from Caryl C. as we will not always be in the same location.

July - DuPont Pavilion (where we were when Patty Yergey was our guest speakers)
August - DuPont Pavillion 
September - DuPont Pavillion 
October - Atrium Room on the third floor
November - Atrium Room on the third floor
December - DuPont Pavillion 

Show 'n Tell

The first two samplers were family samplers given to Jean T.   She charted and has stitched each.

Two more from Jean T.    The first is the from our goodie bag from the April Retreat at Salty Yarns.  The second is a class piece stitched by Jean.

 The puppers was stitched by Patrick B.    So cute!

This t-shirt was also stitched by Patrick B.

Last but not least, this was stitched, laced and framed by Lisa B.