Sunday, April 14, 2019

April 2019 Meeting

President MaryRita welcomed our visitors who came from as far at Mount Joy PA, Downington PA and Marlton NJ.   I am sure they will come to agree that our meetings are worth the drive.

Patrick opened the meeting by sharing the 2019 Challenge Book.   All members are encouraged to record their finished projects in the book.  Patrick has given  the Challenge of 19 projects for 2019.   Some are well on their way to meeting his challenge.

Patrick also shared our calendar of upcoming programs.

  • April 26-28 -  Semi-annual DVHSG Retreat at Salty Yarns in OCMD.   Members only - Registration has closed.  
  • May - In May, members are encouraged to bring to the meeting what their 'must haves' for class supplies are.   It is always interesting to see what gadgets someone else has that you may never have seen.
  • June - Patty H. of the Gloucester County Historical Society will give a lecture on samplers.
  • July - Francine will teach a victorian Christmas ornament on perforated paper.
  • August - Stash Re-Distribution Yard Sale.  Members are asked to donate 10% of any sales to the Conservation Fund.   At the end of the meeting, any stitcher who wants to donated items left, they will be taken to Fireside for an eBay sale.   The total collected from Fireside sales in 2018 was $1,370.  Kudos stitchers for de-stashing.
  • September - TBD
  • October - Bullion knot class to be taught by Patrick B. 
  • November - 3 Classes with Janice Note of Noteworthy Needle and Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Workes.   There will be one class during our regular meeting, an afternoon class and a Sunday class.    During our meeting Janice will teach us how to drill a foam pumpkin with a cross stitch pattern; the afternoon class will be a piece from Beth Seal; and on Sunday, Janice will teach "Turn".   There is no pre-stitching for Turn as Janice will be teaching the assembling instructions using muslin.   See Needleworkers Delight, Williamsburg  and scroll for a photo of this piece.
  • December - Annual Holiday Luncheon and gift exchange.  Your exchange piece is to be a stitched piece.   You should include your initials, the initials DVHSG and the year, 2019 on your piece.  
Don't forget our 2019 SAL - the Amethyst Band Sampler from Facebook Group - iStitch.
The Delaware Discoveries Book Girlhood Embroidery 1750-1850 has been released.   The Biggs Museum is currently filling pre-orders.   Ordered can be placed online at the Biggs Museum.   The cost is $75 with $12 S/H.   Many DVHSG volunteered time to help identify the samplers that have been included in this beautiful book.    At the upcoming Philadelphia Antiques Show, Gloria Seaman Allan will be at the Finkels booth for a book signing.   

Show and Tell

Our Show and Tell never disappoints.   Below is a needlepoint pumpkin that Patrick brought in to share.   The needlework was a piano bench cover that a friend was stitching on.   He said for all the carrying around she did and all the traveling she did that she took this piece to work on, it was never finished.   When she passed away, he found it in his capable hands.   He had the piece finished into a pumpkin.   Not only is a beautiful finish but what a memory for him.   We all marvel at the finishing ideas Patrick has.

Patrick also shared the laying tools he created from old silverware.   He also created two scissors fobs from charms.

Below is a cute bunny Patrick stitched and finished using this bunny rabbit napkin ring.
An ornament Patrick stitched for his son.

To Bee or Not To Bee bookmark from our own beekeeper Amy G.

Two small but adorable note card patterns stitched by Amy G.

A stitched piece designed by Lori Brechlin of Notforgotten Farms stitched by Amy G.

Patriotic Poppies from With thy Needle and Thread, stitched by Lynn D.   Stitched on large count to be finished as a pillow.

A Blackbird Design drum stitched by Loretta.

Mary Beale Stocking, stitched by Caryl C.
Olga's Tart from Plum Street Samplers, stitched and finished by Caryl C.

Our program this month was making a  collapsible ort container taught by member Linda D.  Linda was super organized and gave easy to follow directions.    Over and above how easy going she was, was how generous she was to bring and donate all the supplies for making this fun ort box.  Part of what she  included was the necessary ring you  use.   She said she used vitamin bottles.   The finished ort container varied by the size of the ring you start with.   She brought along a couple of adorable little samples that using 1 1/2 rings (Sorry, I didn't take a picture of them)

As always, another great meeting.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

March 2019 Meeting

Show and Tell for this month was done informally.   We had a full meeting with a guest speaker.  Members shared there finishes by putting them on display but there was no formal who-stitched-what Show and I cannot credit the stitchers, nor do I know the designer or pattern name for most of the items. 

The Virtues patterns from Little House Needleworks
iStitch Band Sampler stitched by Deb S. 
Another angle on the iStitch Band Sampler by Deb S.

Above and below, A Year in Celebrations from Hands On Design, stitched by Caryl C.

For our meeting - 

  • Salty Yarns Retreat in OCMD - deadline for sign-ups is this weekend.   Please let Stacy S. know if you will be attending.   This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.   There is a non-refundable $50 deposit due at the time of sign-up.    The dates are April 26-27-28.
  • Biggs Museum Book - This book is now available for pre-order.   The cost is $75 and can be found here:  Delaware Discoveries:  Girlhood Embroidery

  • Woodlawn - We had several stitchers awarded ribbons at Woodlawn.   Congratulations to Pat L. for a 1st place ribbon in Japanese Embroidery; Congratulations to Stacy S. for a 2nd place in counted thread work; and Congratulations to Nancy Y. for a 3rd place in sampler work.
  • Dues - Dues are now PAST DUE - please send your $25 to Nancy F. at our PO Box.
  • Programming
    • April - Linda will teach members how to construct a fabric ort container.  Linda will provide all supplies but each member should bring their scissors, needle, etc.   If you have a favorite fabric you would prefer to use, you will need a fat 8, (approximately a 12 x 12 inch piece of fabric) and coordinating sewing thread.
    • May - TBD
    • June - Patty H. will share her sampler presentation recently shared with the Bergen County, NJ Historical Society
    • July - Francine will instruct us in a Christmas in July project
    • August - Stash Garage Sale
    • September - TBD
    • October - Fall Retreat at Salty Yarns, first weekend of October
    • October - Bullion knot project lead by Patrick B.
    • November - Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Works and Janice Note of Noteworthy Needle will be our guest instructors.   During the regularly scheduled meeting, Janice will teach us how to drill cross stitch patterns onto foam pumpkins.   Saturday afternoon class will be a  needle book from Beth Seal; this will involve pre-stitching.   For Sunday's Class, Janice will teach Turn-Turn-Turn.   She recently taught this piece in Williamsburg.   There is no pre-stitch for this piece.   More information will follow on sign-ups, costs, etc.
    • December - Annual Holiday Exchange and Luncheon
  • Conservation Fund - Ann S. has been working to update the application process.   She would like to have applicants from across the mid-Atlantic region.   She is creating a database to send postcards to each with an explanation of the  process.   If you know of a worthy organization, please forward the name and contact information to Ann S. via our email address (or a comment to this post).   Ann also shared we received a nice thank you from Winterthur for our donation of $1,500 to their upcoming Erica Wilson event.
  • SAL - Remember to post your progress on the Amethyst Band Sampler to our Facebook page

Today's Speaker - Pamela Darney

We had the pleasure of having Pamela Darney of Guild House Samplers speak to our group.   She gave us a history of herself.   She has degrees in Architecture, Urban Planning and Finance and taught us a thing or two about samplers.   Her degree in Architecture has given her vast knowledge of what to look for in samplers.  By looking at the houses, the construction of the houses as depicted in samplers, the windows, the lawns, the fences, the chimneys and other elements, one is able to date a sampler, know the state or country of origin, etc.  Since there was no photography prior to the 185o's, samplers are often the only record of buildings and architecture.  American Samplers really do parallel the history of America.  She was very interesting and gave us all a few things to look for when we left to go home and look at our our samplers for these details.  

She works full-time and sampler design and work is her part-time passion.  The humor about samplers and their elements was very entertaining.

Pamela shared with the group her method of choosing colors for samplers.   She calls it her Color Throw Down.   She pulled different hanks of silks and laid them out on different linens.   Adding and subtracting different values of colors to get just the right combination.   She made it seem so easy to see what colors worked and didn't work together.     Pamela is a strong advocate of adapting a sampler to fit you, the stitcher.   Customizing motifs and changing colors to suit you.   
Pamela is so full of knowledge and it was wonderful of her to share with us.   Many stayed for an afternoon class to learn about joining two separate pieces of linen.   This is a hallmark of many of her designs.    Unfortunately, at Pamela's request, I am not able to share her photos of designs and works.    Her website is not completed but should be launched soon.   I recommend an internet search of her and her samplers every now and again to maybe see her beautiful designs until her website if available.  

Until next meeting April 13th

Saturday, February 9, 2019

February 2019 Meeting

Vice-President Stacy S. welcomed and everyone and got right to business---

- Annual Dues are now due.   The cost is $25 for 2019.   Please make checks payable to DHVSG.

- Retreat - Our semi-annual retreat will be April 26-27-28 at Salty Yarns in OCMD.   The price is $145 and includes 2 nights, 2 continental breakfasts, a cocktail reception and a goodie bag.  $40 additional charge per each additional night.   A $50 non-refundable deposit is required.  This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.

- Name Tags  - Reminder that members should wear a name tag at all meetings.  If you forget your name tag a $1.00 "fine" is collected.   The monies go towards our conservation fund.

- Conservation - Patty H. shared information about her recent presentation at the Bergen County Historical Society earlier in the month.   They unveiled two samplers recently restored in part with funds from DVHSG Conservation Committee.   The historical society expressed their gratitude to DVHSG.   They have a nice collection of mostly marking samplers.   They are housed in a building that was once where George Washington was headquartered.  

We received a Thank You note from Winterthur for our donation to their Erica Wilson program.

- Classes - There are openings for the Catherine Theron Class at Salty Yarns in March.   Call Salty Yarns for information and to sign up.

- Programs -
March - Pam Darney will give a talk on samplers along with her 'color throw-down' for color selection at our March Meeting.   In the afternoon, there will be an afternoon class (sign-ups have closed)
April - Member Linda will teach us how to make a fabric ort container.    All the materials will be provided.
May - TBD
June - Patty H. will share her powerpoint and discussion on samplers that she recently presented to the Bergen County Historical Society.  
July - Christmas in July - Francine will instruct us on a Victorian Christmas Ornament stitched on perforated paper.
August - Stash Re-Allocation/Garage Sale
September  - TBD
October - Bullion knot class and pumpkin project to be taught by Patrick B.
November - Two teachers and three different sessions between the regular meeting, a Saturday afternoon class and Sunday class.   Participate in one, two or all three. During our regular meeting, Janice Note of Noteworthy Needle will demo and share how to drill a foam pumpkin with patterns to be cross stitched.  (follow this link to see a sample).  In the afternoon class, Beth Seal of Summer House Stitch Workes will teach a needle book class.    Pre-stitching will be required.  On Sunday, Janice Note will teach the "Trees and Seasons" pattern.   More information will follow.
December - Annual Holiday Exchange and Luncheon

In 2020, we will celebrate our 20th year as a guild.   A committee has been formed and work is starting to get underway.  More details will follow.  

Meeting Program -
Members received that chart for a Valentine Humbug for pre-stitching.    Carolyn Newman provided instructions on how to assemble the pre-stitched humbug.    Thank you Carolyn!  They turned out cute and it is always amazing how the same pattern can look so different.

Show and Tell -
 Santa stitched by Loretta.   Pattern by Needles Notions.

 Fall pillow, stitched by Carolyn N.

 Spool Pin Cushion, from My Ladies Needle, stitched by Carolyn N.

 Lydia Wharton, Delaware Sampler, from Samplers Revisited stitched by Carolyn N.

 Stitched by Carolyn N.

 Shakespeare's Peddler, stitched by Carolyn N.

 Rosewood Manor, Three Butterflies, stitched by Lynn D.

 With Thy Needle and Thread, stitched and finished by Lynn D.

 Needlepoint piece, stitched by Beth D.

 Pin cushion, stitched and finished by Patrick B.
 Pin cushion by Patrick, mounted on antique faucet handle

 Brass box above, turned into a needle and scissors case stitched by Patrick B.

 Two yellow birds, stitched by Beth D.

 Tarts above and below, stitched by Beth D.

 Pillow by Stacy and Strawberry stitched by Jean T.

 Tart pans above and below stitched by Jean T.

 Forget me not, stitched by Linda.

 Welcome, stitched by Donna
 Peace on Earth, from Cottage Garden Samplers, stitched by Donna
 Snowman, stitched by Donna
 Stitched by Donna

 Canvas pieces stitched by Joanne

 Catherine Theron Class piece stitched by Francine C.

 Humbugs, above and below stitched by Jean T.