Sunday, September 10, 2017

September 2017 Monthly Meeting

This month, as well as August, were stitch-ins.   While some may not have attended because it was just a stitch-in, it was a nice day to be able to stitch and chat with follow members.   Something we can't usually do at a regular month meeting.

Ann S., with the help of Lynn D., has been working on Nominations for our upcoming election of officers.   Our officers have staggered terms and this year we will elect a new President and a new Secretary.    Mary Rita (MR) has agreed to be on the slate of officers in the President's position.   Caryl C. has agreed to continue and will be on the ballot as Secretary.  Elections will be OCTOBER, not in November as originally scheduled.   A few months back, elections we approved to be moved up one month so as to not conflict with the guest speaker and presentation in November.  

Conservation Fund
The Committee has received three requests for our 2017 donation towards conservation efforts on samplers.   The Committee is reviewing the three applications and will make a recommendation at the next monthly meeting.

Our Treasurer reported we now have 110 Members!   Holy Moly is all I can say.   We know some join to be able to take part in Guild sponsored classes.   We welcome each and every member for however long they are with us.  

The Membership roster circulated and we were asked to make corrections as needed.   Caryl C. will make all the necessary edits and will distributed the lists at a future meeting.

Salty Yarns  Retreat
Registration and deposit were due September 9th to Stacy.  If you'd like to go and missed the meeting, please  call The Lankford BEFORE 9/15.   This is a MEMBERS ONLY event.

The Mancuso Quilt Show will be at the Convention Center in Oaks, PA starting on September 14th and will run for four days.   There are many vendors in the market place with tools, supplies, wool, fabric, patterns and more available.   This is all in addition to the traveling display of hundreds are quilts.  It's a great day out to shop and to be inspired.   

2017 Challenge
The binder for recording completed pieces for the 2017 Challenge was circulated.  Many were adding completed projects to their pages. 

Class - Lauren Sauer
Next weekend are the two classes with Lauren Sauer.   Each day will start at 9:30 a.m.   Lunch is provided as part of your registration.  It is suggested, you bring lighting and a surge protector.   Outlets in the room are limited so sharing a surge protector will help.   There are about 20 attending each of the classes with many away stitchers joining in as well.

Coming up.....
October - Guild elections and a demonstration on Japanese Embroidery by Pat Lerch.
November - Our November Meeting has been opened to other guilds and because of the number attending, our meeting will be at the Sheraton South.   This Sheraton is location just of I95 south of Wilmington in the Churchmans Marsh area.   Coming north on I95, there is a exit; traveling south, you can access either via Airport Road (behind the New Castle County Airport) or from an I95 exit as well.   (I will do a little reconnaissance and add the exact exit numbers to this post.)
December - Annual Holiday Exchange and Covered Dish Luncheon
January - Show and Tell of stitching related holiday gifts.

Show and Tell

Without me giving it away, I bet most members that attend meetings will be able to guess who stitched this one.   Yes, Patrick.   He has the ability to see the wire egg and stitch an adorable bunny on it.   It was cross stitched in wool.

From Marnie B. some Christmas Ornaments.   The first three are from JBW, followed by two from Little House.  

Marnie also stitched and finished this little bunny box from a project kitted up by Evelyn C.

Evelyn C. stitched these.   The violets were part a a challenge.   The Bunny Humbug was too cute as were the other two pieces.   One of which I recognize as a Shepard's Bush.  

Moulin Rouge from Long Dog Samplers was stitched by Carla.  

Carla also stitched this Maura Blackburn sampler.  

Lisa stitched and framed The Ravens Roost from The Good Huswif.

And last but surely not least, Jean T. stitched Rag-a-muffin One from Shakespeare's Peddler.

And now for something completely different.  Pat L. shared with us a lap frame she found at a stitching store while in Florida.  Similar to how q-snaps work, this frame sits nicely on your lap or the table.  The name on the clip section is "R and R Crafts" and is available on Amazon in the neighborhood of $50.00.   It is shipped from England arriving in two to three weeks.   Many plan to check it out and possibly order this accessory for stitching.     

It can be turned around to have either the larger frame on the top or bottom.

 Until next month, keep on stitching.....

Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 2017 Meeting

Business and Announcements

We had two new members attend today's meeting.   That brings our membership to 95!   Wow!   Now don't think we have a room big enough for all these stitchers at a once.   Many are "out of towners" or those who live too far to commute to a monthly meeting but are stitching enthusiasts just the same.   We welcome them one and all.   I wonder if our founding members ever anticipated membership near one hundred as they sat around a table, stitching in hand and decided to form the Guild!   Well done ladies!

Amy G. is still collecting donations of anything "bee" for the annual Bee Lovers Convention in Dover at the end of July.    We need those bestsellers to keep pollinating!  If you have an item you wish to donate, contact Marnie B. 

At the August Meeting, after the "Stash Reduction Sale", Susan D. has offered to take any items left to Fireside to sell on eBay.   Keep this in mind when you are sorting closets and baskets of items you wish to sell.  If you don't want to take anything home at the end of the meeting, this is a good way to benefit you AND the Treasury of the Guild.  

We are taking applications  for our annual Conservation Fund Donation.   A portion of your dues is dedicated towards conservation of samplers.   Applications will be accepted until the end of August 2017.  They will then be reviewed and the announcement of the award will be made in the fall.   Please contact Ann S. if you are interested in helping her review the applications and assist in deciding the recipient.  Please see the tab above - Conservation - for more information and the application.

Salty Yarns Fall Retreat will be October 6th to 8th.   The cost will be $140; deposits are due to Stacy S. at the September Meeting.  (This is a Members Only Event.)

Registration DEADLINE for the Lauren Saurer classes was July 8th.  Classes will be September 16th and 17th.   The Band Sampler one day and the darning sampler the next.  Hope you got your registration in if you are interested!

Elections will be held in October instead of November.   President and Secretary are the offices to be voted on.   Ann S. is chairing the Nominating Committee.   Please contact Ann S. if you would like to help her.   The elections have been moved up to October from November because of our November Program.  

The November Program will be dedicated to our guest speaker, Doug Krenik.  Doug Krenik's visit is being co-sponsored by The Brandywiners EGA and the Lamplighter's EGA.  He will be bring countless samples or works and threads and I believe  even have threads and thread packs for sale.   (I need to confirm the items for sale part.   Not sure I am remembering that correctly or it is wishful thinking!) We anticipate a large crowd.   We will share the venue information as soon as we have it firmed up.  

Don't forget to keep working on your 2017 Challenge Pieces - completing projects started before 2017.

Show and Tell

A Stitcher's Notebook. by Mon Ami Pierre, stitched by Robin T.

 The 'ugly' bird as she called it....stitched by Caryl C.

 Smalls stitched by Carol W.    Clockwise, from top left, Betsy Morgan, Shepherd's Bush, Ole Colonial Designs and Shepherd's Bush
 Seaside Sampler by Rosewood Manor, stitched by Pat L.

 Several pieces from Jean T.    Above is Autumn by the Delaware by The Purple Thread.  Sorry this one is sideways  :-(

 Look at this from Jean T.   Baby JUST born on 7/4 and it is 7/8 and all stitched and framed already!
By Jean T. worked in wool.

Beautiful, beautiful glove stitched as a correspondence course of Trish Nuygent by (new member in a the pretty flowered sweater!! - can anyone help me with a name?)

 A variety of smalls stitched by Francine C.

Just to give you an idea of the scale!    Tiny, tiny, tiny!

Guild member Pat Y. lead a Christmas in July Program.   She shared she love of stitching nativities in a variety of mediums, styles and sizes.    She said she has always been drawn to the mother and child connection since a young girl.  This is evidenced by her celebrating 50 years as a La Leche Society coordinator.  She presented a slide show and discusses the patterns, when she stitched the pieces and details about each set. 

(some of the photos below were taken from the slideshow - the blue border is the project from the laptop)

 And she shared some Christmas stitching along the way.

The stuff tree, another 'find' of Pat's.   Just proves that one persons trash is another persons treasure.

 She found this beautiful piece at Goodwill and made the necessary repairs.  

 Fillet crochet, not stitched by Pat, but mounted over blue by Pat.

 The dolls were from a class Pat took in Detroit.
 Mirabellia or Lavendar and Lace?

 One of Pat's current nativity works.   Beautiful variety of stitches.

 Pat Y. holds an annual open house at Christmas displaying all her many nativity scenes and stitching.   It is really worth the trip to see her display.   Thank you Pat for sharing!

 Some members brought in their holiday stitching as well.
Punch needle work by Cinda
Santa by Cinda

Two beauties, above and below, by Patty H.
Patrick's collection of stitched pieces.

 A nativity strawberry by Jean T.

 As always, please let me know if I have identified something wrong.   It is often hard to catch all the names of the stitchers and designers while taking notes....and then there is that darned auto correct feature that changes my abbreviating into something unrecognizable!   Until next month.....

Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017 Meeting

  • Winterthur Museum has received a donation of needlework from Erica Wilson’s family. Their website has a nice blog article about her. (
  • The International Organization of Lace, Inc. will hold its annual convention at the Radisson Hotel in King of Prussia, PA from July 16-22.  The website is:
  • The Chester County Historical Society has an exhibit on quilts. Layer 1 is finished, but Layer 2 is on now. Check out their website: (
  • We still have charts available for a Teresa Baird ornament. The cost is $15. They are still available and we can order more if we run out. Thanks to Teresa for designing such a beautiful piece!
  • We currently have ~90 members, with several additional folks who have expressed interest in joining.
  • For upcoming classes and seminars, check out Salty Yarns ( Coming soon—Jamboree in October. Also check out Strawberry Sampler’s Facebook page for information on classes. They have amended their shop hours to Tuesday – Saturday, 10:00 to 3:00.
  • Robin T. is continuing the Corsica River Sampler SAL (a reproduction by Barbara Hudson). If you want to participate and need the pattern or threads, they are available at Salty Yarns. There is also a Facebook page (Corsica River Stitch A Long).
  • Amy G. is looking for donations of stitched items with a bee theme for a bee conference at the end of July at the University of Delaware. In the past, they have received many gorgeous bee related stitched items including pillowcases, placemats, napkins, dishtowels, ornaments, keychains, framed pictures, and knitted/crocheted items as well.  Items donated will be auctioned off as a fundraiser in the daily silent auction.  They will provide a receipt on EAS letterhead for tax purposes for each individual who decides to make a tax-deductible donation. If you have any items for donation, please bring them to the July meeting. Marnie B. will be collecting them. (
  • Marnie B. is willing to organize a field trip to the Gloucester County Historical Society to view the wedding display. If you haven’t already seen it, or would like to see it again, email her to let her know you are interested. (
  • The Conservation Fund committee is accepting proposals for this year’s donation ($1000). If you know any organization that would be interested in applying, see our blog ( 
  • We have a nominating committee and will be looking for folks interested in serving as president and secretary. Caryl has agreed to run again for secretary (unless some else has a burning desire for the position.)
  • The Centre County Historical Society (PA) is hosting an exhibit of needlework through September 24 called “Unraveling the Threads of History”. They are located on College Avenue is State College, very close to the Penn State University Park Main campus.

    June Meeting
Caryl C. shared finishing instructions for Theresa’s Inspiration ornament. The needlework was stitched on 40 count linen and mounted on the top of a round box. The design fits on a 6” round box. Written are outlined below to refer to as you finish your own project. This mounting technique can be used with any box top or shape and can also be used for finishing ornaments.  

Mounting Instructions by Caryl C.

• Papier Mache box (6-inch round works well for this project) 
• Optional--Utility knife and sandpaper 
• Craft paint (acrylic—color of your choice) 
• Spray sealer 
• Backing material to mount needlework (Skirtex, comic board, or mat board) 
• Batting 
• Needle & Thread for basting around your design and lacing to your backing material (I used DMC Perle cotton #8) 
• Stitchery tape to secure needlework to the top of your box (You may also choose to use another type of adhesive) 
• Twisted cord (or other type of purchased cording) to trim the top edge of your box 

Preparing the box: 
1. You can use any shape box for this technique, but for this project, I chose a round one. 
2. Choose the color of craft paint for your box. I recommend a color that coordinates with your needlework. I used Folk Art by Plaid, but there are several other brands that will also work (DecoArt Americana, Delta Ceramcoat, etc.) 
3. Paint the box and lid. I used two coats and only painted the exterior of the box and lid, the top edge of the box, and the bottom edge of the lid. Depending on how the box will be used, you may wish to paint the interior as well. You can also use the same mounting process if you want to line the bottom of your box. 
4. Spray sealer on the painted surfaces. This will keep the paint from chipping away and make it last longer. 

Mounting your finished piece: 
1. Select the type of backing board (Skirtex, comic board, etc.). 
2. Trace the outline of your box lid on the backing material and cut out. Try to cut inside the traced line so that your backing material will be slightly smaller than the box lid. This will allow for wrapping the needlework and make sure you have space to add the cording as your final step. 
3. Attach a piece of batting to one side of the backing material. I used stitchery tape to attach the batting. You could also use glue.  Waited until attached to trim to size. 
4. Turn your needlework to the wrong side and lay the backing material, batting side down on the fabric. Come out about an inch and draw a light pencil line around the piece. This is on the back of your finished piece and won’t show.
5. Using a needle and some Perle cotton, stitch a basting line around the outside edge of your pencil line making sure to leave a good length of thread on either end. The ends should be on the right side of your fabric. 
6. Lay your backing material (batting side down) on your needlework and keeping it on a flat surface, put one hand on the backing material. Gather the threads with your other hand and gently pull to gather it around your backing material. Pull it as tight as you can and tie the ends in a secure knot. 
7. Before lacing, look at the piece from the front and make sure it is positioned properly. If not,  gently move to position correctly. 
8. Use a good length of Perle cotton to lace the back of your piece. Start with one pass from top to bottom and another side to side. Continue around the circle like the spokes of a wheel. When finished, secure the thread. (In a pinch, you can also use dental floss) See Figure  
9. Position the piece on the top of your box, and attach with stitchery tape or glue. Once it has dried, decide on the thickness of your cording. Wait until this step to see just how much room I would have so I could decide on the width of the cord. 
11. Run a length of glue around the top edge and attach your cording. For a nice finished edge to your cording, use some glue on either end and you can then cut a clean edge. Waited until almost finished to make the second clean edge so you will know exactly where to make my cut. 
12. If you are not happy with the joining, you can use some ribbon or more twisted cord to make a bow and glue in place. 
Thank you Caryl!

Upcoming Class

Registration is now open and the deadline is our July Meeting (July 8th) to sign up for the Lauren Sauer Class on September 16 and 17, 2017.  See our "CLASSES" tab above for photos of the two projects and information on signing up.   

Check out our FB page - Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild.

(Sorry readers, I was not at the meeting.....I didn't see any meeting photos posted to FB of Show n Tell.)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

May 2017 Meeting

We opened with a quick business meeting before Show & Tell.

Please check out both our sidebar of Calendar of Events and our "Classes" tab above for more info on the Lauren Sauer Classes in September 2017.  And be sure to see Salty Yarns website for upcoming classes.

New members, please see Caryl C.  for a membership card.

Rehoboth Beach Museum will host Delores Andrew entitled "Capturing the scene in embroidery" needlepoint. The lecture is FREE but you will need to pre-register.

Volunteers are being coordinated for work to transfer data from Chester County to the sampler archive project.   Please contact Marnie B.   The training day is Sunday, May 21st.

Show & Tell from our members

Lynn D. stitched AND finished the Betsy Morgan class piece

Caryl C. stitched and finished these three ornaments from 2014 Just Cross Stitch ornament edition.

This tea cup is form Jean T.   The stitched pin cushion is taken from the design which actually is shown on a graph-like background of the design on the cup.

Jean was also busy with the Hands On Design pin cushions.  

Ann S. stitched this beautiful stitchers roll.

Kathy R. stitched her SAL etui and had it finished.   It is a beauty.  Kathy said Evelyn Gant of Vermont did the finishing.   Let me look around and add Mrs. Gant's contact information.   I know several stitchers who have used her and been more than pleased with her finishing.

Deborah S. stitched this Merry Cox class piece.  So pretty!

Patrick B. never disappoints with his finishes.    Here is his finch.

A turtle also by Patrick.  Below, left a nativity scene that is stitches on all four sides. And right, a singer sewing box that Patrick outfitted as a stitcher's etui.

And if that is not enough, Patrick stitched this dragon frame weight.

Amy G. just back from a visit to the Royal school of Needlework shared with us from her experiences.  She also shared this Mill Hill old world gentleman.

BJ S. just back from Florida shared these pieces.
The palm tree is a piece by Gail Serna and below, the Iris is by Joan Thomason 

Barbara G. shared two finishes.    First the pansies.   (she has since backstitched around the white which makes it show more.)  Below the pansies, Winter, from Butternut Road.   Barbara substituted DMC and Silks for the called for wool.  (sorry for the glare in the lower is sometimes hard to get a good photo without it.)

Barbara G. and Carol W. also each finished Uncle Sam.   He is from an Alma Lynn Pattern for duplicate stitch on a sweater from 1992!    They plan to finish him as a stand up and will be attaching a flag to him.   We look forward to seeing the finish (and hopefully mine will be finished right next to theirs!)

Deb S. never one to disappoint shared these pieces.   I believe they are Sherry Jones of Patrick's Wood.


We were treated to have Susan G. of Ewe and Us do our program.  (her name may be changing to "Sheepshead Designs".....check out Esty for her)  Sue - who claimed to be nervous about speaking in front of people - was a great speaker to our group.   We were quick to realize like that she was so knowledgeable about working with wool and she offered countless tips.

Sue works at the Little Country Shop, Quilt store on Route 896 in Middletown DE.   Her designs and so much more are available at the store.   She has always been creative working in drawings and painting first.   She has cross stitched and finds great enjoyment working with color and helping pick and match fabrics for quilts for herself and customers.   She also does and teaches punch needle.

For now, she is working mostly with wool but is drawing on her other crafting skills to help her in her designs.   She dyes the wool and explained the process and how difficult it is to achieve the same blue or green each and every time.  Wool work is a very forgiving art form.   Typically, wool does not have a right or wrong side.  And the best tip I learned.....if your wool frays and shreds while you work on it, you need to felt it.  This will save having to iron on interfacing to keep it intact.

When assembling a piece, Sue staples, yes staples, her pieces in place before she does her button hole stitch.   Talk about a forgiving art form.  Your buttonhole stitchings can be done in a color to match your fabric or stiched all in black depending on the look you want to achieve.  On the mice and cheese above, you can see she stitched with colors similar to the wool color.

"Bunny Bottoms" was a favorite of many at the meeting.
Sue also used floss and linen threads for highlights as seen below.   

Sue also shared a variety of finishing ideas.  She uses SF101 Pellon on the back of her pieces for stability.  This is the same interfacing quilters use on the back of t-shirts to provide stability when making a t-shirt quilt.  She buys blank prestretched artist canvas.  Sue pointed out to make sure you  purchase the kind of canvas that is stapled on the back and not the sides.   She then paints the canvas her desired color and attaches her finished wool piece used a Avery Micro Stitcher (available at A. C. Moore and similar stores) It attaches the wool to the canvas with little plastic ties that are similar to how a price tag is attached to a garment in the store.  Sue recommend using freezer paper for patterns and using Press 'n Seal clear wrap to lay across a finish piece to clean it.   Works much like a lint roller would work.

There is no way Sue should have been nervous.   It was obvious she knows what she is doing and her love of her chosen art form really shows.   She was so generous with all the tips and knowledge she shared.   She even offered to help you if you are struggling when a piece.....just stop into the quilt store and she will guide you on your way.  We all enjoyed the program and learned a lot.

Highlights of stitching in white on the sheets help show that movement of laundry on the line.

The "Parade Day" piece was finished with a quilt type backing and binding.

The cardinal and bunny below are an example of how she attached a wool piece to artist canvas.

And last but not least. Amy G. is supporting an upcoming event for the Delaware Beekeeper's Associations.   There is an festival July 30 to August 4th and she is seeking bee-like stitch items or bee anything to donate to the Silent Auction.   The Beekeepers Association is a 503c/non-profit and donations are tax deductible.   More information will follow.