Sunday, January 10, 2016

January Meeting

Look at this guest!  A member brought a service dog.  These
dogs are so amazingly trained. 
Happy New Year!  We started out the year with a great meeting.

We had some visitors; (Welcome Elizabeth and Kristy) we hope you will be joining us again.

Also designer Sharon Verbos, of The Purple Thread, joined us.  Sharon was on hand for the completion of our Girls of the Guild challenge but more about that later on.

Guild President Susan D. shared a long list of upcoming events....

  • The Kaffe Fasset exhibit will be on view at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA through February 21, 2016.
  • Gloucester County Historical Society Downton Abbey Tribute Exhibit display continues.  Over 100 Downton Abbey period pieces on display. (These are not actual Downtown wardrobe pieces but pieces of the period.)
  • Winterthur - Made in the Americas: The New World Discovers Asia Exhibit - March 26, 2016 through January 8, 2017.    Also at Winterthur, Embroidery:The Language of Art will be opening May 7, 2016.
  • Annual Woodland Exhibit opens March 2 through March 31, 2016.   The exhibit is open Wednesdays through Mondays.  Pat Y. is collecting pieces or pieces can be delivered to Karen's Needlework store by February 1st.   Please have your paperwork completed and include $5 transportation fee.
  • Rehoboth Historical Society - This exhibit will happen again this year but no dates have been set yet.
  • Salty Yarns has posted their 2016 classes on their website.
  • Stitch-by-Stitch, Cape May, will host a Halloween in May retreat. (please share if you have more info - I could not find any on their website)
  • Louden Sampler Guild will host Margaret Hogue April 9th and 10th.
  • DVHSG Retreat will be April 22nd - 24th at Salty Yarns (Members Only event)
  • Celebrations of Needlework, first weekend of May in Nashua, NH
  • Biggs Museum in Dover is exhibiting a calligraphy bible with artwork.  We are told it is beautiful to see by members who have already made the visit.
  • Elegant Stitch, Modesto, CA will participate in a pilot stitch for Betsy Morgan in September 2016.   Betsy Morgan will teach the same piece at Salty Yarns in 2017.
  • Francine C. bought this from eBay.  She
    added the pins, scissors, and trims.  
  • The DVHSG Anniversary Sampler is with Liz and Deb.   They will be finishing up shortly and passing it on to the next person.

Next up, members shared their stitching related Christmas gifts as well as Show 'n Tell of their finishes.  There was a huge variety from antique samplers to gift cards to favorite needlework shops to stitched pieces to stash enhancement!  Here are a few photos of some of the goodies and forgive me for the ones I didn't capture as well as if I confuse gifts from finishes!   We are a prolific group and it is hard to keep up!

This is a finish of Francine's.   It is a one of Guilia Manfredini Cornali's
half-dolls similar to what she taught this past December in Williamsburg.                                                                                                                                   
Patty H. received this fabulous tablecloth stitched by her daughter-in-law. 
Natalie B. was gifted this antique awl.  It is made from sheep bone.  It separates into two pieces so
you can cover the point like you would cap a pen.   It has a small hole on
one end so you can hand it on a cord or ribbon.   
Donna shared her "Frosting Club" fibers from the Trish N.'s series.  For more information see her blog, Thistle Threads

Some health and welfare updates:
  • Jean M. is expected home shortly from a stay in Christiana Hospital.  
  • Pat Y. is recovering from carpel tunnel surgery.
  • Karen K. is scheduled for surgery in March.
Please keep these ladies in your thoughts for quick recoveries.   I am sure cards of well wishes and encouragement will be appreciated.

Some business updates:
  • DVHSG donated $1,000 to Winterthur for our 2014 and 2015 sampler restoration gift.
  • Today's meeting was the last day to sign up for both the Catherine Theron Needleroll Kit and the Betsy Morgan Class in March.
  • Dues are due.   Sali provided a brief overview of our finances.
Technique sharing:
And now, for our 2015 Challenge

The Girls of the Guild Stitch A Long
We were lucky to have the designer, Sharon Verbos, at the meeting to see all the finishes and all the variations that our stitchers incorporated to make the piece their own.   Sharon echoed that same sentiment that she was honored we all made the piece our own with our different personalizations.

Sharon Verbos joined us for a group photo.   Sharon is on the right in the back row.  I think 29
participated and there are 19 photographed here.  Great job ladies!
 It is ashamed the camera cannot catch how pretty these are.
Jean T. made her's Christmasy but adding Merry Christmas to all at the bottom.
Stacy's in shades of blue and green 
Several side by side.
Gwynne's finish
Close up of Carol W.'s finish
Look at how Karen K. mixed it up.   

Karen composed this verse and stitched it instead of one of the alphabets

Pat H.'s version - sorry to get the glare off the glass I turned the camera sideways!

Pat L.'s cruise inspired blues and whites

Close up of Karen K.'s color changes and heart charm

Patty H.  really changed it up!
MaryRita M stitched in shades of browns and yellow
Robin T.'s blues and greens
Carolyn N.'s 

Some stitchers put their pieces away before the camera came out so I apologize if I didn't get a photo of your completed work.   Not pictured - Diane H. since it is in Tennessee with her.   She stitched hers in a shade of purple and sage.  Karen M. completed her's in blues, yellows and some green; Caryl C. used blue and gold.   Diane H. was the winner of the participate award.   She will receive $50.   Some ladies have uploaded their photos to our FB page.   You can see some more of the variations there.  Everyone did a great job!

And now, as if that is not enough......our 2016 Challenge.   For 2016, we are to select up to five different pieces we would like to finish in 2016.   These can be new pieces or WIP's.   If your piece has already been started, it must be less than 50% completed to qualify.   If you wish to join in, please complete the form Caryl C. included in the meeting reminder email.   If you didn't sign up at the January meeting, please bring your pieces and the patterns to the next meeting.   Susan and Stacy did a great job checking out everyone's stitching plans and have final say on inclusion of smalls.  Participants have a one time chance to switch out a project in June.  Away stitchers you can also participate by emailing the guild your information.

Whew.......I'm done.  

As always, please let me know of any corrections or revisions to this post.   Have a great month in stitching.

Next meeting - February 13th.   We will have a needlework exhibition judge at our meeting to share tips on completely award winning pieces.   She will share what judges look for when judging.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Holiday Luncheon

At our December Meeting we celebrated the season with our holiday luncheon.   The Guild supplied wraps and everyone brought a covered dish - a salad or a sweet - and to be sure we had more than enough food and goodies and no duplicates.   It always amazes me how it comes together so perfectly.....not that we are not capable people....but without making a list and checking it twice...we end up with all the right stuff and more than enough of everything.   There is always one or two dishes that recipes are demanded to be shared.   It is a great meeting and usually one of our mostly heavily attended.   This year there were fewer in attendance but that sure didn't dampen our moods.

I am going to go out of order here a bit and share our Show 'n Tell.
This is called Day Into Night, stitched by Pat. L  (look at how the fillet on the frame changes!)

Exquisite Japanese Embroidery by Pat L.   This is a Phase 8 piece.

Smalls and front of Eleanor's Sewing Box by Sandy J.  This was from a class in Williamsburg in 2014.

Simply beautiful

And if the front was not enough.....the back of Eleanor's Sewing Box.

Peaceable Kingdom stitched by Patty H. and not without some frogging we were told.   

Nativity scene stitched by Patty H.  This is a Lori Birmingham design.   Watch out, Pat Y. may want it!

The Bee Keeper, limited edition chart, stitched by Barbara G.  

ALL beads, stitched by Pat L.

This was supposed to be stitching into a bag but Pat adapted it to the top of her little wooden box.  

(sorry - I don't know who the stitcher or designer is)

Francine's work.   I believe this is One Moment in Time by Jackie du Plessis 

The little sterling charm was beautiful

Just to reaffirm, it is THAT small!  Wow, most of us would need two pairs of cheaters for this one!

The meeting started with some announcements....

  • For January meeting - bring any stitching related items your received as a holiday gift to show and share
  • Bring your completed (or not) Girls of the Guild Samplers to the January Meeting.   Remember all those who completed the challenge (finished the sampler) will be eligible for the prize drawing
  • More details will follow about our 2016 challenge.   The details shared here are not necessarily the final rules.   The rules are still being worked out but here is some unofficial tidbits.    Our 2016 challenge will be to pick five projects that are either new or less than 50 percent completed to work on during 2016.  The goal will be to finish the five you select by January 2017.  Away Stitchers can email the Guild's email their list of  five projects if they wish to be in the challenge.   There may be an opportunity to swap out one of your choices for a different project during June 2016.   You should bring your patterns to the January meeting.   Again these are not the official details of the challenge.  Final details will be available at the meeting.
  • Deb S. is handling the sign-ups for the Catherine Theron project.   This is a KIT and not a CLASS.   The January Meeting is the deadline for signing up.  Cost is $75 for the needle book.  Away Stitchers add $6 for postage.
  • The January Meeting is also the deadline for signing up for the Betsy Morgan class.   Betsy will be demonstrating at the March Meeting.   During the meeting Betsy will demonstrate cording and cording with beads and tassel making.  Following the meeting there will be an optional afternoon class.   The cost of the class is $65 and will include lunch.  The class will be a needle book featuring the Aztec stitch.
  • Dues are due in January!   If paying with cash, please put in envelope with your name on it.   
  • The Westown Book is available for pre-order.  Caryl C. has sent a link to the Westown site if you wish to pre-order.
Progress on the Girls of the Guild SAL.   It really is fun to see all the different versions. 
 Barbara G. above and Carol W. below, both framed and both 
stitched in the original (or close to) colors.

Gwynne G.  (Sorry, can't rotate the pix)

MaryRita M. used three colors.  

Robin T. used Baby Spinach and Capri for her Girls of the Guild

Upcoming classes - at Salty Yarns 
  • Sherry Jones will be at Salty Yarns in April 
  • Betsy Morgan will be at Salty Yarns in June.   Her project will be a companion piece to what we stitch in the March Guild class.
  • Jackie du Plessis will be at Salty Yarns in September - Princess and the Pea 
  • Jackie du Plessis  will be at Salty Yarns in September - One Moment in Time
  • Jamboree in October - classes to be determined
Other ongoing and upcoming events
  • Please bring any pieces you wish to send to Woodland to our January meeting.  Please include your completed paperwork and $5 fee for transportation
  • The Rehoboth Historical Society will again be having a show.   Dates to be announced.
  • Cape May cross stitch store (need more info) will be hosting a Halloween in May event/class
  • Spring Retreat at Salty Yarns in April - (members only)
  • Dying to Stitch Retreat with Blackbird Designs - same weekend at Guild Spring Retreat
  • Cape May Historical Society Exhibit is coming to a close but has been extended for a brief time.   Must call for an appt. and there is a $5 donation fee.   (609) 465-3535.
  • Looking into having a judge come to a future meeting to share judging criteria

Just have to share Sandy J.'s progress on her By the Bay Needlearts Serenity Harbor SAL.

This piece is huge!  There are birds and a sun at the top that don't show up.

I think there is one more section to go!

 And if there wasn't enough.....we did our Annual Holiday Exchange.

Truly we have some very gifted stitches and this year they did not disappoint with their exchanges.

Just got to say - what innovation - this is the gift Patrick made for the exchange.   This is a chicken feeder!

 And there you have it.  Another fabulous meeting.

Members please share any edits or revisions with me either by email or at our next meeting.