Saturday, March 11, 2023

March 2023 Meeting

 Linda welcomed everyone to our live meeting.   Two new members and one guest were introduced.  

Linda explained about the names tags and the Name Tag Tin was passed.   Members who do not wear a name tag are to donate $1 to the Conservation Fund.  New members have a two meeting grace period.

- Treasurer’s report was shared and membership was discussed.    To date we have 148 active members.   Today (March 11, 2023) is the deadline for membership renewal.   In en effort to help cleanup our email list, if membership is not renewed by the March meeting, the you contact info and name will be removed from the mailing list.    Membership forms are available on the Facebook page.  

- Website - Robin T. has updated the website but experienced problems with launching the changes.   She will continue to work on it and will share when she has been successful.

- Scarlett House chart give-away - Tanya Brockmyer of The Scarlett House in recognition of having The Scarlett House our Designer of the Year for 2022, donated 20 charts.   Charts were distributed randomly to those who participated in the Designer of the Year stitching and who did not already win one of the three grand prizes.

- Green Book - Patrick passed out snips and charms to members who participated in logging their finishes in the green book.    Unlike in 2020 when you had to complete 20 projects to qualify, the criteria now is just to participate, no minimum number required.


- 2022 Stitch-along.  Members who participated in the 2022 SAL with Garden of Stitches from Samplers Not Forgotten assembled for a group picture.  

Kimberly Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten has a companion piece to Garden of Stitches.   It is called Hummingbird Garden.   We are working out the details for it to be our 2024 SAL.   Like Garden of Stitches, it will feature several specialty stitches.  Watch for more details.

- Spring Retreat - Stacy explained the Spring Retreat and passed out flyers for the event.

- WIPGO number of the month - #3

- Upcoming 

  April - Theresa Baird of Hearts Ease Exemplar will be at our LIVE meeting to demonstrate the spiral trellis stitch.   She will have a small kit for purchase.   Hopefully she will be bringing a trunk show.   Members will need to bring a doodle cloth, hoop and floss to practice the stitch.

  May - Patty Yergey of Samplers Revisits and Cynthia Steinhoff of Deleware Discoveries will host a sampler talk at a LIVE meeting.   A flyer was handed out for pre-order of the samplers they will discuss.   Photos of the samplers can be found on our Facebook page.

  June - TBD - Zoom Meeting

  July - Zoom - Erica Michaels tour of her home and studio

  August - Zoom - Jennifer Richardson of Violets & Verses will host a talk about the Shakers and Shaker Samplers.    A small sampler will be featured.   More information will follow.

  September - LIVE - Michelle Ink will do silver molding with us.   You can make needle minders, strawberry toppers, charms, etc.  More info will be coming.

  October - LIVE - Garage Sale 

  November - TBD

  December - Holiday Exchange and Luncheon

Stacy has several irons in the fire for other future programs.   If you have an idea for a program, please feel to share it with Stacy.

- Show ‘N Tell - Because of today’s program, we did not do a formal Show ‘n Tell.   Members were able to check out the 3 - three! - tables of finishes brought to share.   Also, through this Blog and our Facebook pages, pictures are available to check out.  

Goldfish in a pocket watch - Patrick B.

Beautiful hardanger by Becky G.

Shaker Sampler from Violets & Verses and the accompanying smalls, Robin T.

Pin cushion, Patrick B.

 Hands Across the Sea sampler by Linda D.

Assorted smalls from Francine C.

Small cube but Francine C.

Betsy Morgan etui stitched and finished by Patrick B.

Pin pillow in a box and tape measure scissors fob from Dames of the Needle, by Stacy S.

Tiny Strawberries by Francine C.

Red samplers by Jean T.

Pin pillow, Francine C.

On the left, basket of pin pillows using Jeanette Douglas Designs Year of Floral Baskets by Jean T.
On the right, Liz Matthews Tree by Debbie B.

Huswif by Patrick B.

Hand mirror now with a mermaid theme.   Patrick B.

I-Stitch Band sampler by Francine C.

Red February Sampler from Sassy Jacks, stitched by Jean T.

Red sampler by Jean T.

Framed mermaid and spring pillow by Stacy S.

Red sampler by Stacy S.

Red samplers by Jean T.

Look at all those Garden of Stitches Samplers!   Members enjoyed Show ‘N Tell

North, East, South, West - Patrick B.

More red samplers by Jean T.

Liz Matthews Flowers of Friendship by Patrick B.

Pillow by Stacy S.

From Red Barn Sampler by Loretta O.

From Red Barn Samplers by Kelly E.

Pin Cushion by Patrick B

Mickey Mouse in a cookie cutter, Patrick B.

Quaker Spring from Rosewood Manor by Ellen P.

Liz Matthews tree, Jeannette Douglas Designs pin cushion, and Jamboree project by Debbie B.

Jeannette Douglas Designs, stitched and finished by Stacy S.

Smalls in an Altoid tin, Francine C.

Sampler by Francine C.

Jeannette Douglas Designs Year of Floral Baskets by Stacy S.

basket full of strawberries, pin pillows, biscournu and tart pans by Jean T.

Stitched and finsihed by Robin T.

Pillow stitched and finished by Stacy S.

Adorable little bag by Francine C>

Anniversary Perforated Paper Tray by Jean C.

Jeannette Douglas Designs, 2023 SAL, Baskets of Flowers

Two pear, needlebooks, Francine C.

Berry Vase from Catherine Theron, by Evalyn G.

Strawberry pillow by Stacy S.

Francine C.

Todays’ Progam

We had a fabulous program from member Patrick B.   He showcased many of his finishes and his inspiration for his projects and finishes.    Here is a sample of just some of the pieces he brought and shared.   A thoroughly wonderful program.  

Thank you Patrick for the inspiration!