Wednesday, March 8, 2023

February 2023 Meeting

Our February meeting was via Zoom. The link and password were shared in the February Newsletter for the recording of the meeting.  

Kimberly Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten joined our meeting.   We had the chance to share our finishes of Garden of Stitches with Kimberly.  We had 19 who completed the year long stitch along.   Kimberly donated her Rose Garden Bouquet chart for a drawing from those participating.   We also have two $15 gift cards from Salty Yarns.  

Mary Rita M. received the kit.   Deb S. and Diane A. each received a Salty Yarns gift card. 

Kimberly was generous enough to share a sneak peak at some of her upcoming Nashville Market 2023 releases.   An additional piece she shared was “Hummingbird Garden” which could be a companion piece to Garden of Stitches. Watch for more information on this as a possible SAL project for 2024.

-    Treasurer - Annual website fee, the conservations costs for Salem County Historic Society and three months meeting room rental have all been paid.  

-    Membership - Membership runs January to December and renewals are now due.  Caryl has sent a membership form with your February Newsletter.  If your membership has not been renewed by the March 11th meeting, your email will be removed from our distribution list.  If yo have a question about your membership renewal, please reach our to Robin via our Facebook page.

-    2023 Challenge -  To participate, stitchers were asked to choose five projects and number them 1 through 5.  These pieces can be new projects or current WIPs.  At our monthly meeting we will draw a number.  That will be the piece for you to focus your stitching attention on until our next meeting. If you finish the piece in any given month, for example project #1, just pick a 'new' number #1 from your stash!   The number for this month is #5.

-    Conservation - The conserver came January 31-February 2 to complete the work. The process costs $825 for the work and $180 for travel expenses. Since the piece needs to be re-framed, we will most likely also support this effort. Thanks to the Conservation committee for their hard work!

-    The Green Book - Don't forget to send your list of 2022 finishes to Linda D. to be included in the book.    Prizes will be awarded to those who participated.

-    Spring Retreat - The Spring Retreat at Salty Yarns in Berlin, MD is scheduled for the last weekend of April.  Because the store has relocated, the process for hotel rooms will be different.   Watch for more details to come.

-    Programing

March—(Hybrid) Patrick Barron will share his finishes. If you have any unusual items that you would like ideas on how to use for your needlework, feel free to bring them to the meeting. We will also be handing out the prizes for those who participated with the Scarlett House designer of the year for  2022.  For those who cannot attend the meeting in person, your chart will be mailed.   Patrick will also be handing out prizes for those who submitted finishes to the Green Book.   Bring your Garden of Stitches piece to the meeting so we can take a group picture with our samplers.  

April—(Hybrid) Teresa Baird will  teach us the spiral trellis stitch. She will have available for purchase a small project for the stitch.  Theresa would love to see any of her pieces that you have finished so we encourage you to bring any completed pieces to the meeting.

May—(Hybrid)—Patti Yergey and Cynthia Steinhoff will have a presentation on Delaware samplers.



August—(Zoom) Jennifer Richardson of Violets & Verses will provide a presentation on Shaker history. There will be a small Shaker sampler pattern for you to purchase.

September—(Hybrid) Michelle Ink—making silver accessories. (needle minders, strawberry toppers, etc.)

October—(Hybrid) Garage Sale


December—(Hybrid) Christmas Exchange

If you have any suggestions for something you would like to see at an upcoming meeting, please reach our to Stacy S. 

Continued  thanks to Stacy Stinson for all her hard work in continuing to schedule our programs!! We are planning to have zoom only for 6 meetings and in-person (hybrid) for 6 meetings. Watch your email for specifics as more activities are scheduled.

Next meeting - March 11th, in-person Ebenezer United Methodist Church, Newark DE

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