Sunday, June 12, 2016

June Meeting

We started our meeting with a few announcements.....
  • Wintherthur Symposium, October 13 and 14, Lectures and Classes.   Please go to for more information.
  • Fall Retreat dates set - MEMBERS ONLY - Salty Yarns, September 30, October 1 & 3.   $135 per person and $40 extra per person for additional night(s)
  • Start working on your holiday exchange piece for the December meeting.   This should be a stitched piece, typically a small or needlework tool with a Sampler theme

2016 Stitching Challenge
June is the month to change one item on your list for another.   Also, make sure during Show & Tell you let Stacy S. know if your completed piece is a challenge piece.

Show 'n Tell
Again this month our members do not disappoint.

Large needlepoint rabbit stitched by Patrick.   (Sorry Patrick - I didn't get a good pix of 
the whole piece!)   This guy is beautifully stitched and particularly heavy as he is filled with shot.

Grace Mason from Of Female Worth stitched by Carol W.

Look forward to more pictures of Grace Mason.   Eight stitchers did this piece as a stitch along among themselves.   We hope to get all eight together for a picture.  It is always interesting to see the different looks by using different counts, different linens and different colors.

Above Blackbird Designs stockings stitched and finished by Marnie B. 
Below Periwinkle Promises pillows stitched and finished by Marnie B.

Two sweet finishes by Jean T.

Sampler by Kathy R.    Kathy took this one on a recent trip to

China and stitched part of it while there.  

Four Season's Pin Cube from Betsy Morgan stitched by Pat L.

Jeannette Douglas's My Stitching Treasures, stitched by Robin T. 

Lizzie Kate's Things Unseen Mystery Sampler, stitched by Robin T.

Above and below, stitched by Caryl C.   Above is part of the Ladies Prim Society stitching pieces.   Below is a sewing bird pocket with a pocket for scissors on the back.

Sandy J. is ready for the fall season with Halloween quilted table runner she made.

This is called Pumpkin Harvest Nests Easier from Praiseworthy Stitches, stitched by Francine. 

Jean T.  stitched this patriotic project bag.  
I understand there is a tutorial for this.   Here's a link to a YouTube tutorial by Vonna Pfeiffer, "The Twisted Stitcher". 

Carol W. stitched and finished My Beaded Garden by Jackie Du Plessis

Nancy F. shared a find she snagged at the Penn Market Days vendor booths.

And now on to our class for today.

We were delighted to have fellow stitcher and EGA-Lamplighters member, Joan T. join us for the day to demonstrate needle painting.  Joan is not a needle work teacher but rather a retired 1st grade teacher and as she pointed out, the only difference between us and her 1st graders, was our size.   It must have been a great experience to have Joan as your first grader teacher.   You know those children were started off with a good foundation for second grade.

 Joan's first needle painting piece.

This picture pales to how beautiful this was in person.  Joan received  first place ribbon for this when she had it at Woodlawn.   Joan is modest and doesn't consider herself a fabulous stitcher BUT she is.     Her stitching and finishing is impeccable and we are lucky to have her stitch with us.
Joan gave us a brief over view of needle painting and shared a video from Trish Burr.   (once the newsletter comes out, I hope to share some links to Trish's site) Then we were off to the races.   It was easy to get right to work with the beautifully kitted bags Joan had.   And bless her little stitching heart, she had traced all the patterns on to the ground cloth for all of us.  
(When I find where I have stashed mine - taught by Joan as my EGA Chapter -  I will post a picture of the finished pansy)

What a treasure and a pleasure it was to have Joan join us.   I think everyone who participated enjoyed the project and feels far less intimidated by this sort of stitching then we did before.

As always, please let me know if I have misidentified a project or stitcher!

Until next month, may your needle be flying and your stitches be plentiful.