Sunday, July 9, 2017

July 2017 Meeting

Business and Announcements

We had two new members attend today's meeting.   That brings our membership to 95!   Wow!   Now don't think we have a room big enough for all these stitchers at a once.   Many are "out of towners" or those who live too far to commute to a monthly meeting but are stitching enthusiasts just the same.   We welcome them one and all.   I wonder if our founding members ever anticipated membership near one hundred as they sat around a table, stitching in hand and decided to form the Guild!   Well done ladies!

Amy G. is still collecting donations of anything "bee" for the annual Bee Lovers Convention in Dover at the end of July.    We need those bestsellers to keep pollinating!  If you have an item you wish to donate, contact Marnie B. 

At the August Meeting, after the "Stash Reduction Sale", Susan D. has offered to take any items left to Fireside to sell on eBay.   Keep this in mind when you are sorting closets and baskets of items you wish to sell.  If you don't want to take anything home at the end of the meeting, this is a good way to benefit you AND the Treasury of the Guild.  

We are taking applications  for our annual Conservation Fund Donation.   A portion of your dues is dedicated towards conservation of samplers.   Applications will be accepted until the end of August 2017.  They will then be reviewed and the announcement of the award will be made in the fall.   Please contact Ann S. if you are interested in helping her review the applications and assist in deciding the recipient.  Please see the tab above - Conservation - for more information and the application.

Salty Yarns Fall Retreat will be October 6th to 8th.   The cost will be $140; deposits are due to Stacy S. at the September Meeting.  (This is a Members Only Event.)

Registration DEADLINE for the Lauren Saurer classes was July 8th.  Classes will be September 16th and 17th.   The Band Sampler one day and the darning sampler the next.  Hope you got your registration in if you are interested!

Elections will be held in October instead of November.   President and Secretary are the offices to be voted on.   Ann S. is chairing the Nominating Committee.   Please contact Ann S. if you would like to help her.   The elections have been moved up to October from November because of our November Program.  

The November Program will be dedicated to our guest speaker, Doug Krenik.  Doug Krenik's visit is being co-sponsored by The Brandywiners EGA and the Lamplighter's EGA.  He will be bring countless samples or works and threads and I believe  even have threads and thread packs for sale.   (I need to confirm the items for sale part.   Not sure I am remembering that correctly or it is wishful thinking!) We anticipate a large crowd.   We will share the venue information as soon as we have it firmed up.  

Don't forget to keep working on your 2017 Challenge Pieces - completing projects started before 2017.

Show and Tell

A Stitcher's Notebook. by Mon Ami Pierre, stitched by Robin T.

 The 'ugly' bird as she called it....stitched by Caryl C.

 Smalls stitched by Carol W.    Clockwise, from top left, Betsy Morgan, Shepherd's Bush, Ole Colonial Designs and Shepherd's Bush
 Seaside Sampler by Rosewood Manor, stitched by Pat L.

 Several pieces from Jean T.    Above is Autumn by the Delaware by The Purple Thread.  Sorry this one is sideways  :-(

 Look at this from Jean T.   Baby JUST born on 7/4 and it is 7/8 and all stitched and framed already!
By Jean T. worked in wool.

Beautiful, beautiful glove stitched as a correspondence course of Trish Nuygent by (new member in a the pretty flowered sweater!! - can anyone help me with a name?)

 A variety of smalls stitched by Francine C.

Just to give you an idea of the scale!    Tiny, tiny, tiny!

Guild member Pat Y. lead a Christmas in July Program.   She shared she love of stitching nativities in a variety of mediums, styles and sizes.    She said she has always been drawn to the mother and child connection since a young girl.  This is evidenced by her celebrating 50 years as a La Leche Society coordinator.  She presented a slide show and discusses the patterns, when she stitched the pieces and details about each set. 

(some of the photos below were taken from the slideshow - the blue border is the project from the laptop)

 And she shared some Christmas stitching along the way.

The stuff tree, another 'find' of Pat's.   Just proves that one persons trash is another persons treasure.

 She found this beautiful piece at Goodwill and made the necessary repairs.  

 Fillet crochet, not stitched by Pat, but mounted over blue by Pat.

 The dolls were from a class Pat took in Detroit.
 Mirabellia or Lavendar and Lace?

 One of Pat's current nativity works.   Beautiful variety of stitches.

 Pat Y. holds an annual open house at Christmas displaying all her many nativity scenes and stitching.   It is really worth the trip to see her display.   Thank you Pat for sharing!

 Some members brought in their holiday stitching as well.
Punch needle work by Cinda
Santa by Cinda

Two beauties, above and below, by Patty H.
Patrick's collection of stitched pieces.

 A nativity strawberry by Jean T.

 As always, please let me know if I have identified something wrong.   It is often hard to catch all the names of the stitchers and designers while taking notes....and then there is that darned auto correct feature that changes my abbreviating into something unrecognizable!   Until next month.....