Saturday, June 12, 2021

June 2021 Meeting

Linda D. welcomed everyone who was able to join the meeting.  At one count, there were 49 members attending the Zoom Meeting.  A great turn out.

Linda reviewed Guild Business.  She will be reaching out to Cokesbury again to see if they have relaxed their rules and opened to outside groups meeting there again.

Treasurer's Report was provided.  All outstanding bills have been paid.

Floss Tube Channels - Fox and Rabbits  LINK   This is a new You-Tube/Floss Tube channel.   It features Brendon and Karen Kirk from Australia.  They are the designers behind the  Linens and Threads SAL on Facebook.


  • July - Catherine Jordan lecture.   Prior to the meeting, Catherine will provide a PDF which will be shared via email with members
  • August - Francine C. will share her collection of needlework tools and accessories
  • September - Vicki of Needlework Press will do a lecture on perforated paper.   A kit for a perforated paper needle book is optional.  The needle book is a reproduction.  Sign up for the kit is due to Stacy S. by August.   The cost is $30 and includes postage.   The sign up form will be in your next newsletter.
  • October Retreat - Members only event - this has been moved to the third weekend of October.     Sign-ups due to Stacy S. by July 1.  See your newsletter.
  • October - TBA - Reminder - the date of this meeting has been moved to the 4th Saturday of the month instead of the 2nd Saturday
  • November - Claudia of Dutch Treat Samplers will provide a lecture on Bristol Samplers.


Today the guild welcomed Susan Greening Davis as our guest speaker.  Susan is a designer,  an international teacher, known as a needle artist/technician.  She has designed and taught guilds, classes and shop owners for the last 47-plus years.   Susan studded her trade in Denmark, England, Italy, Ireland, the Netherlands and Germany as will as with Danish masters who have visited the United States to instruct.  

Susan provided a great talk on the different types, brands, styles and makers of needles.   She gave a history of needle making.   She shared tips, tricks and little known needle facts.   We learned the way to correctly choose the right size needle for a project.   We learned what we need to do if our fibers are twisting excessively - change your needle size.   Whenever your needle starts to 'drag', it is time for a new needle.   Did you know the best needle to make french knots or colonial knots is a 22 Tapestry Petite?    Millenner's Needles make the best bullion knots.  A curved tapestry needle is the best needle to use to catch a loose thread that peeks out to the right side of your piece.  The best way to store your needles is in wool.   You should never store needles and pins in the same pin cushion.   Needles have additional coatings that pins don't have and the pins rust faster.   Not good if the needles and pins are in the same pin cushion.   Check out your own tomato pin cushion to see what happens to your needles.

Prior to the meeting, members (who choose to purchase) received Susan's Book - Needles.  Much of what Susan shared is included in her booklet.   It is a great reference book to keep nearby your stitching.

During Show 'N Tell, several were sharing charts they personalized with initials.   They recommended using Valerie LeJeune's Cross Stitch Bible