Sunday, November 15, 2015

November 2015 Meeting

We did it again!   Another fun meeting.   Where to start.   Some Show 'n Tell first.

Carol W. shared her projects from Jamboree at Salty Yarns, October.  A Needlebook and a Pinbook designed by Hands On Design with JABCo buttons.

Jamboree parting gift from Hands on Design - Scissors fob kit.

Carol also shared her Polish Pottery Pin Cushion.   There are five pieces in this series which is out of production.

 Stacy S. shared her framed Lizzie Kate Mystery Sampler.  Beautiful piece and beautiful frame.  (better get my stitch on to finish mine!)

Jean T. had shared some mini sleds and stockings by Blackbird designs and Caryl C. had a Quaker Needle Roll by Catherine Theron to share.  (Sorry, I did't get photos - please send some for me to include here!)

Next, a little business....

  • Membership renewals are due in January.   The cost remains at $25 for the annual fee.   You can pay in December or January.
  • December 12 is the date of our Annual Holiday Exchange.   We will have our smalls exchange.  This is always a favorite meeting.   Beautiful hand stitched gifts are exchanged, great fellowship and fabulous food.
  • Girls of the Guild Stitch-a-Long - December's assignment - Row 20/Completion!    Bring your completed piece - framed or unframed - to the January meeting to qualify in the SAL prize drawing.

Goings on and Upcoming......

Betsy Morgan's
Mexican Stitcher's Purse
  • Winterthur current display/exhibit - Louis Comfort Tiffany glass display now through January 3, 2016.
  • Winterthur - The Diligent Needle exhibit showcases the evolution of needlework and the role it played in the 17th, 18th ad 19th centuries.  
  • Winterthur Needlework Sampler Symposium in October 2016 sponsored, in part, by DVHSG.
  • Devon - next weekend - Susan D's Guild Quilt Show - 50 to 60 quilts on display, bazzaar booths
  • Quilt Show at the Mercer Museum in Doylestown now until February 21st (not sure if I have this correct - with verify with the newsletter from Caryl C.)
  • Betsy Morgan class at DVHSG March meeting.   She will demonstrate cording, cording with beads and tassel making at our regular meeting.  The optional afternoon class be a needlebook and some pre-stitching will be required.   She will demo aztec stitch (used in the Mexican stitcher's purse seen above).    Sign up deadline January 9th.  Guild members can sign up as an away stitcher.   Class cost $65.   More info to follow.
  • Sherry Jones will be teaching at Salty Yarns  - April 15 - 17.
  • Annual Spring Retreat at Salty Yarns  - April 22 - 23 - 24.
  • Cape May Exhibit open now through December.   Monday to Friday with special advance notice required for weekend visits.
  • Gloucester County Historic Society featuring Downtown Abbey period clothing exhibit has been extended until June.   We will be looking into the possibility of having a 'road trip' following one of our regular meetings next spring.
  • 2016 Challenge - not a lot of details yet but I can tell you involves listing five pieces you wish to complete in 2016.   They may be new or previously started (not more than 50% complete) to be included.  More info and final details will be shared at the December meeting.   For now, you can put your thinking caps on for making a mental list of what you may wish to include.  

Wow!  All that and now we get to the program portion of our meeting.    We were asked to bring in smalls for an identification contest.   There were 47 pieces brought in.   Actually there were far many more if you count all the pieces that make up projects like Betsy Morgan's Toy Chest.  All the smalls were placed on displayed.   Susan D. and Stacy S. walked around the numbered items and we TRIED to identify who the designer was.   We had a couple of scary parts to this challenge.   First, was to be able to recognize so many designers and second, and equally as scary was to not remember the designer and we were the one who stitched the project.  Salty Yarns donated stitching notions as prizes for the stitchers who could identify the most.   Susan and Stacy made this a fun event.  (all photos are clickable for a larger view.)

Now for a bit of unpleasant business....... just a gentle reminder to members at meetings.   It is very difficult to take notes while there are many side conversations going on.   Please keep your conversation and volume to a minimum not only for my feeble brain and ability but also to be respectful to the speaker at the meeting.   Sorry - just a pet peeve.  

Happy stitching and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.   See you in December.

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