Monday, April 4, 2022

March 2022

President Linda D. welcomed everyone to the ZOOM meeting.   

  • Registration for the Anniversary Event was announced.   The 3-day event will be the weekend of May 13, 14 and 15, 2022.   Saturday and Sunday will both start at 9 a.m.   It will be held at the Embassy Suites, Route 896, Newark DE.    Information will follow regarding rooms at the Embassy Suites.  The event will consist of Tours to Westtown School and Chester County History Center on Friday.   Space will be limited and preference will be given to out of town members attending the weekend.   If there is enough interest, a second tour will be scheduled sometime in June.    Saturday will consisted of recognition and review of the first 20 years of DVHSG.  A lecture by guest speaker, Vickie LoPiccolo Jannett of Needlework Press will follow.   We will then have a hot buffet luncheon  and an afternoon class.  On Sunday, there will be a morning class and the event will end at approximately 1 pm on Sunday.   Registration forms will be distributed with this meetings Newsletter.
  • Today's Guest Speaker is Jenny Garwood of MESDA.   MESDA is the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Arts in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.   Go to to see some of the items in their collection.   Some of the samplers are charted and available from The  
        Jenny provided a slideshow and shared a vast knowledge of the samplers that can be found at the museum.  This presentation was recorded and will be made available for members to view if not in attendance to the ZOOM meeting.   

DVHSG did donate to the conservation of a silk glaze map of the United States, circa 1800's.


  • April Meeting  - Stitch in
  • April Spring Retreat at Salty Yarns, last weekend of April.   $150 for 2 nights, 2 breakfasts, a cocktail reception and a good bag.
  • May - Anniversary Event   Events are broken down.   Signing up for the classes is optional.
  • June - Silk Gauze Class.    Linda D. will instruct everyone on tips for working with silk gauze.  Kits will be mailed directly from Salty Yarns to the stitcher.
  • July - Civil War Huswif.  Registration form will be forthcoming.   Salty Yarns will be assembling and mailing the kits directly to each stitcher participating.  Linda Vinson is the instructor.  There is no pre-stitch for this class.   It is recommended that even if you do no plan to purchase the kit, that you attend the class.  There is a lot of history and information that will be shared.   Kits will be available at a discounted rate until July 30, 2022.
  • August - Linda will lead everyone in a finishing class for the silk gauze piece
  • Garden of Stitches SAL continues.   March Bands are # 3, # 4, and # 5.   Also, begin Band # 24 putting in only the cross stitches - saving the satin stitches until a later month.

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