Monday, August 8, 2022

July 2022 Meeting

 President Linda D. welcomed everyone and call the meeting to order.   New member, Barbara, introduced herself.

Treasurer's Report - We have one outstanding invoice from Needlework Press.   We have received donations in Patti Hyrnecko's name which will set aside for a sampler conservation.

Conservation Committee - The Committee is meeting to revised and simplify the application process.  The hopes are to have an on-line application process.   For the current year, we will you the process in place.   Once the new guidelines are created the website and blog will be updated with current forms and the necessary links.

Elections - Elections in November will be for Vice-President/Programming and Treasurer.   Both are two-year terms and will be effective January 1, 2023.   A Nominating Committee is needed.   If interested, please contact President Linda D.


    July - The kits for the Civil War Huswif with Linda Vinson will be mailed shortly.   The July Meeting is a discussion with Linda Vinson.   You will not need to have your kit prior to the meeting.  See the June Meeting post for pictures of the Civil War Huswif.

    August -   Linda will shared finishing ideas and techniques for the silk gauze needlebook from our June Meeting.

    September - TBD

    October - Retreat October 7, 8 and 9.   Our October Meeting will be at the end of the month.   What your newsletter and email updates.

    November - Liz Matthews will be with us via Zoom and will show us how to finish one of her trees.   Kits for the DVHSG tree will be mailed in late September/early October for pre-stitching.  Deadline for sign up is August 1st.  See the June Meeting post for pictures of the tree.

    December - Holiday Exchange  and Brunch.   More details will follow.

Spring Retreat - We do not know if there will be a Spring Retreat in 2023.   With the sale of the hotel the staff is unsure what will be happening in April 2023.

Of interest - Serendipity Quilt Shoppe in Dagsboro has been sold and will not be going out of business. 

Today's Program

    Linda VInson, Needlework Delights, spoke to up on the history of the Civil War Huswif.  Fabric was hard to come by so these huswifs were assembled from whatever scrapes the homemake had on hand.  These were precious to the soldiers and may have carried photographs, locks of hair from a loved one, needle and thread, buttons and money.  Caryl C. will share copies of Union and Confederate money for you to print and put in your huswif.    

Linda went through the kit and offered tips on finishing the cross stitched work into the huswif.   Linda suggest using navy, dark brown, brick red and cheddar yellow for you fabric selection for the huswif.  She offered a couple of resources for finishing supplies:   Marcus Fabrics has civil ware fabric available;  Lady Dot Creates has 5/8 inch cotton twill tape that is used for the binding.  

56 Members were in attendance via Zoom.

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