Wednesday, June 15, 2022

June 2022 Meeting

We were welcomed to the ZOOM Meeting by President Linda D.  She welcomed new members and guests.

Linda spoke of recognition and respect of late member Patti H.   Patti was our Historian and provided us a wonderful recap of our history at our Anniversary Event.   Patti's knowledge of samplers was only matched by her dedication to the art and her ability to chart historic samplers.  The Conservation Committee will be researching a New Jersey Sampler to conserve in Patti's honor.   DVHSG is accepting donations in Patti's memory towards this conservation project.    Patti's husband has the large collection of back issues of Just Cross Stitch magazines.   If you are be interested in the magazines, contact Nancy F.  

In light of Patti's passing, DVHSG will be creating a committee to act as the Guild Historians.    The Guild is looking for two or three people.   The committee will be asked to be responsible but not limited to the following:  for posting announcements and activities online; reporting to the Board monthly; attend meetings in person;  taking photos of projects and Show and Tell; document Guild projects with photos and words; maintain a list of members who do programs and coordinate a drawing each January for a gift; use of current technology to have information available, including Facebook; document and keeping a timeline. providing a once a year re-cap each January. Please contact Linda D. is you are interested in working on the committee.

Our Conservation Committee for this year will be Marnie B. as Chairperson, Pat L, Cinda Crane, Mary H., and Susan H. will coordinate the Zoom Meetings for the group.

Holiday Smalls Exchange - Susan Hyedt will coordination a hybrid Holiday Exchange.   

SAL - Garden of Stitches from Samplers Not Forgotten

This month's assignment is to complete Bands 10 and 11.   Members shared their progress.


July - Civil War Huswif with Linda Vinson of Needlemade Designs.   Sign-up directly through Salty Yarns.  A 15% discount on the kit will be in effect until July 30th.    The registration form was sent with the monthly newsletter.  Members only class - become a member for $25.

August - Silk Gauze Finishing Class - Linda D.

October - Ocean City Fall Retreat.  The dates at October 7 - 9, 2022.  Sign up forms will be sent out shortly.   It is a two part registration.   You must sign up with Salty Yarns for the retreat and book your room separately with the Lankford.  Your retreat includes a Friday night cocktail reception; a goody bag and a Saturday night dessert reception.

November - Finishing class from Hello from Liz Matthews.  Liz Matthews has designed a tree for DVHSG.    Registration form was sent with the Newsletter.   Registrations are to be mailed to Stacy S.   Liz Matthews will send out the kits directly to each stitcher late August/early September for the pre-stitching.  Registration deadline line is August 1st.  Members only class - become a member for $25.

November - Election of officers.   We will be electing new officers for the  positions of Vice President/Programming and Treasurer in November 2022 each for a two year term.   Please let Linda D. know if you wish to serve on the Nominating Committee.

December - Holiday Exchange - The Guild is looking for a location for a holiday brunch for our meeting.   More information to follow.

Today's Program Silk Gauze Class

Linda D. discussed the history of silk gauze work.  First done in the 1200's in the Town of Paisley (famous for the lovely paisley patterns we know), in Scotland.  In the early 1700's, England and Scotland united.  Paisley was a border town and the sale of linens and silks flourished until the 1790's.

We will be working on the "leno" style of weaving, it is a stronger weave the interlocks the warp and the weft to keep the weave from shifting.  Counts of silk gauze range from 18 count to 90 count!  The needle size is important.  40 count is the most popular.   A No. 28 needle is suitable for 40 count.  Many silk projects are full coverage.  It is not necessary, just more common.   Work on silk by stitching to attach your gauze in the center of a larger piece of fabric.  CAREFULLY cut away a 'window' of fabric to expose the silk and use a hoop to hold taunt by only the fabric.   See Erica Michael's page for tips on working on silk gauze.  Silk gauze can also be mounted on a cardboard frame using tape - also shown on Erica's Michael's page.  Work with something dark on your lap or work area to help see the silk threads.   For this project, we will be using the Tent Stitch.  Stitching is starting with an away knot.

Stitch the project for assembling at the August meeting.   Some things to 'gather' to use in finishing are kraft paper, Mod Podge, ribbons, laces, coordinating fabrics, stickers, buttons, Folk Art (or similar) paints, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, fronts of greeting cards, felt, hole punch.

Next Meeting - July 9th - Civil War Huswif discussion.

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