Friday, September 16, 2022

September 2022 Meeting

 President Linda D. welcomed everyone to the meeting.   We have had 29 new members since July 2022.

The Treasurer's Report was shared.   We have no outstanding bills.   Donations for the Conservation Fund in Sylvia D.'s name will be accepted.

Elections - Pat Lerch has volunteered to serve on the Nominating Committee for Elections.   Elections will be in November.   Vice-President/Programming and Treasurer are the offices open.

Historian - We are still looking for someone to take on the role of Historian for the Guild.  

Conservation Committee - The Committee is working with two different historical societies in New Jersey to find a sampler for restoration.  Finding a suitable sampler is a slow process and they continue to work at it.  The Committee is going to reach out to Winterthur to get an idea of the cost to restore a sampler.   

Guild Stitch a long - The rows for completion this month on the Garden of Stitches are Band 18 and the second row of the alphabet.     Please remember to share your progress on our Facebook page.

Reminder - The Scarlett House is our Designer of the Year for 2022.  


October meetings will be switched.   The Monthly Stitch-in will be the second Saturday of October, 10/8.   The Regular Meeting will be the 4th Saturday.  On October 22, we will meeting in person for the first time in two and a half years!!!!  More information on the location  will be in your newsletter.   For our first meeting in person in quite some time Stacy has planned something special.  She has organized a One-Day Round Robin.    We will be using the Hello from Liz Matthews Friendship Basket pattern.    It is a complimentary design from Liz Matthews.   How is works is you bring your pre-stitch piece to the meeting with the flosses you would like to be used on your piece.   I suggest you put everything in a bag (zip-lock or similar) and put your name on it.    You need to only stitch the bottom, the basket, and the year.   You should put basting stitches on the sides.   Each stitcher will provide their own linen and floss for the project. The piece is only 53 stitches wide by as tall as you make it.  You will pass your started piece to friends at the meeting who will add flowers to your basket.    Some of the motifs are as few as 4 stitches, while others may have a couple dozen stitches.   DVHSG will create a paper to follow your piece so each stitcher can write their name and what they stitched.   Stitchers can use Cross stitch, eyelets, Smyrna crosses, etc. to complete your basket of flowers.   You may want to include small buttons that stitchers may wish to add to your piece.  Once all the flowers have been added, you will take your piece home to complete the sides and top border.   When finished, you will have a great little stitched piece which has been touched by so many friends.   You can fully finish the piece as you wish.

This will be done at our October Meeting.   If are not participating in the Round Robin, you can still attend the meeting.   Away Stitchers are encouraged to participate.   If you are an Away Stitcher and want to participate, please let Stacy S. know no later than September 24th so she can work out the details.  We will start stitching once the business portion of the meeting is done, breaking for lunch and then continuing to stitch until approximately 3 p.m. Because this will be our first meeting at this new location, it will be easiest if everyone brings their own bagged lunch and beverage.   

November - Liz Matthews DVHSG Tree finishing class via Zoom.

December - Susan H. will handle the Holiday Exchange.   She will be sending out a survey in the next few weeks regarding participation in the exchange. 

Today's Program -

We were treated to a tour of The Tinsmith's Wife, hppts://www/    Located in Comfort, Texas the store is housed in a circa 1800 building.  They have tons of fabric which is on display in five different antique pie safes.  They carry all popular cottons and silk threads as well as fibers for canvas work.  This is an excellent place to call if you are in search of that unicorn pattern.....they just may have it.   For the month of September, The Tinsmith's Wife is offering a 15% discount.  Look for the discount word to use in your newsletter.  

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