Tuesday, September 22, 2020

September 2020 Zoom Meeting


We did some Guild Business before launching into this month's program.   An Agenda was prepared but sharing it on the Zoom Meeting proved to be a challenge.   I am sure each month we will be better at what is new technology to many of us.  I give everyone an A+ for effort.

The Treasurer's Report was read.  All deposits and payments are up to date.   Stacy S. will check our Post Office Box for any incoming mail.


  • The Betsy Morgan kits from the canceled April class have been distributed to all who signed up.
  • October Program - We will have a tour of Kathy R.'s home all decked out for Halloween.  
  • December - The Board will meet to decide if we should commit to the Holiday Exchange and how we will accomplish it.  We should have a decision at the October Zoom Meeting.
  • DVHSG October Retreat - There will be a Zoom Meeting on September 24th for those who have signed up.   What to expect during the pandemic and available options for those attending will be shared.  
  • Blackbird Designs - Don't forget, Blackbird Designs is our featured designer of the year.   

Today's Program
    For today, we showcased two of our members, Caryl C. and Linda D.  

    Caryl provided a powerpoint that listed her 'history'.   She narrated while the slide show shared some of her past hobbies and projects as well as some of her current works.  The PowerPoint presentation has been link in the file section on our FB page.

   Next up, Linda had a video that started with a  lovely welcome out front of her home and then she welcomed us inside.  She shared her home, her needlework and her quilting.
Both ladies provided insight into their history.   Whether we also do quilting or do stained glass work or not, we can all appreciate the workmanship and the effort they each put into their various crafts.   Nice job ladies.

Other updates of interest -
  •     How's everyone like our needlework Facebook questions?   A big thank you to Stacy S. for putting them out there each time.   It is fun to see the different responses.   I don't know how she hasn't run out of questions yet!
  •     The Nimble Needle in Merchantville, NJ is now in a bigger location.  The store is not open for business but the owner will be glad to fill your pre-order at curbside.  
  •     Winterthur is holding a virtual conference on October 23rd.  It is called "The Inspired Needle: Embroidery Past and Present".   See their website for more details and information on registration. 
  •      Don't forget to keep track of your finishes for the 20 in 2020 Challenge.
  •      In August, we held a Zoom-Styled Stitch-In and will be doing it again.   The date for the next stitch-in is September 26 at 9:45. 

And we got a special treat while zooming along.  Some participants noticed Kathy R. was in different surroundings.   When we asked where she was, she treated us to the view of the beautiful setting and scenery at her husband's family cabin in Maine.   What an unexpected treat.  

We will continue our Zoom Meeting format until we can meet again in person.  A link will be sent prior to each meeting.    If you would like to submit photos for the slideshow, please forward to President Linda D.    You should include your name, the designer and the name of the piece when you submit your photos.  Limit your photos to one or two please.   Linda will need them no later than Tuesday before the meeting and would welcome any submitted earlier.  

Thank you to Evalyn and her husband for coordinating our Zoom Meeting.  Thank you as well Linda and everyone else who made the meeting a success.  Looks like this is the way we will continue to 'see' each other for the foreseeable future.  

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