Monday, January 20, 2020

January 2020 Meeting

Business Meeting
New President Linda D. welcomed everyone to the meeting and started with a few announcements from the different Officers.  Guests were acknowledged and welcomed.

Our Yahoo and website accounts have been renewed for 2020.

Our Post Office Box rental for 2020 has been paid.

Dues for the 2020 year are now due.   Please make sure you are paid by March 1st at the latest.

The Officers wanted to thank those who helped make 2019 successful

  • Thank you to the outgoing officers and Board for their efforts in 2019.
  • Thank You to member Susan D. for her efforts to deliver unwanted stash to Fireside Stitchery for their eBay sales.   We have received another check in the amount of $400 for recent sales.
  • Thank you to Ann S. for her work with the Conservation Fund and coordinating our annual gifts.  Ann shared a Thank Note from Westtown School for our Conservation Fund Donation to their project.
  • Thank you to all the covered a meeting program during 2019.
  • Thank you to this blogger for the blog posts and uploading photos to Facebook.
Newsletter Reminder
Yahoo has a restriction on the number of emails addresses you can include in one email.  Because of this, Secretary Caryl C. has seven different electronic mailing lists.   This means you may sometimes receive information twice.  It is far easier for Caryl to resend to an entire group than pick and choose and end up having to make a new one-time email group.   Could get confusing real fast.    In addition, if an email is sent and not delivered, Caryl gets no notice from Yahoo that the email was not delivered.   If you are not receiving her notices, please let Caryl know at a meeting.   Routinely within a couple days of each meeting Caryl will send a followup out.   Also, usually the Sunday before a meeting, Caryl sends an email to all members as a reminder.    Caryl will also send a new member package to all new members.

2019 Challenge
The 'challenge' was finish 19 in 19. As a group, we completed 438 projects.  The top three finishers received a special laying tool.  Other top recipients also received laying tools.  Thank you Patrick B. for coordinating this for DVHSG.

2019 SAL
Several members have been stitching the iStitch band sampler.   Several brought their pieces to the meeting.

2020 SAL
Members choose from a list of five designers to select a designer to spot light in 2020.   Blackbird Designs was the winner.   There is no one design to be required to SAL.  Members are encouraged to stitch any Blackbird (or several) of their choice during 2020.


  • February - WILL NOT BE AT Cokesbury.   The February meeting will be held at the Kirkwood Highway Library, 5000 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington DE.   We will have guest speaker, Cynthia Steinhoff giving a discussion on Quaker samplers.  Cynthia is co-author of Delaware Discoveries Girlhood Embroidery book as well as other historical sampler books.  Due to the room size and the meeting format, there will be NO SHOW and TELL at the February Meeting.

  • March - Theresa Baird of Hearts Ease Exemplar Workes will teach us the spiral trellis stitch.
  • April - Class with Betsy Morgan for her latest design - Christmas Etui.   Sign ups are due by FEBRUARY 1st.   Ghost stitchers are permitted.

  • April - Salty Yarns Retreat - Last weekend in April.   Sign-ups and deposit are due by the March Meeting.
  • May - Our 20th Anniversary Celebration.   A committee is working on a weekend full of celebration and events.  There were will a morning lecture and Saturday afternoon class and an all day Sunday class.   More information will follow.
  • June - TBA
  • July - Christmas in July
  • August - Stash Reallocation Sale
  • September - TBA
  • October - Salty Yarns Retreat - Date to be determined
Special Show and Tell

We had three special Show and Tells at our January Meeting.   First, Nancy F. purchased this 1818 sampler for herself.    She believes the "Germantown" in the sampler is for "New Germantown" in Burlington County, NJ.

 Member Melanie found these antique doll clothes to add to her collection.   The bead work and trims are very detailed.
 The little doll corset even has bones!

Our very own member, designer Theresa Baird debuted her latest creation.   This is the Virginia Sampler and is number 6 in her series of samplers for the 13 original colonies.    Virginia is a big one!     It is stitched on 40 count and still dwarfs the wind chair behind it.
If you have seen any of her pieces, you know she creates beautiful borders and well written original verses.    This piece will be an online class.    See her work under Hearts Ease as Exemplar Workes.

Shout Out to DVHSG
In the Sampler Consortium Press Release from the Delaware Historical Society, Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild was mentioned twice!

Show and Tell

 Stitch and Zip dragon bag by Patrick B.

 Assorted Christmas ornaments, KarenAnn M.

The 12 Days of Christmas Basket full of Strawberries, Marnie B.

 Catherine Theron Needle book, Linda D

Tray of finishes by Debi S.   On the left, Aztec stitch Betsy Morgan Needle book; Center C A Wells Acorn; right, Quaker Scissors Pocket

 Foreground, Hands on Design Chalk Christmas; center Barbara Jackson Christmas ornament and Hands on Design Cranberry Christmas Ornament; and back center, Winter Wonderland Drum from The Primitive Hare.   Stitched and finished by Caryl C.

 Shepherd's Bush Christmas Stocking by Patty H.

 Hooray for the Red-White and Blue, EGA canvas piece stitched by KarenAnn M.

 Moose ornament, stitched by Ellen P.

 40 count, silk gauze watch face, by Amy G.

 St. Nick by Beth D.

 Pumpkins from our November class, by Amy G.

 Ghost from Not Forgotten Farms, by Amy G.

 Snowman pillow from Homespun Elegance, by Ellen P.

 Merry Christmas pillow by Susan H.

 Time for Tea by Amy G.

 Basket full of Christmas pillows, stitched and finished by Ellen P.

Pumpkin Box from Jamboree at Salty Yarns, stitched and finished by Linda D.

 Gloria Noel, by Madame Chantilly, stitched by Ellen P.

Christmas Advent, stitched by Linda D.

 Bristol Sampler, stitched by Carol M.

 Ruler Holder, stitched by Linda D.

 Heart String Samplers, stitched by Carolyn N.

 Drawn Thread Band Sampler, by Carolyn N.

 Crowning Glory from Summer House Stitche Workes, by Evalyn G.

 Workbasket cross stitch fox by Beth D.

 Sled with frame from Joanne's with Santa stitched and finished by Stacy S.

 Scarecrow by Beth D.

 Turn-Turn-Turn from November Class with Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle, by Jean T.

 Spider by Beth D.

 Next meeting - February 8th, at the Kirkwood Highway Library, 6000 Kirkwood Highway, Wilmington, DE

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