Friday, February 8, 2013

January Meeting

Stacy and Deb had a neat meeting arranged for the group.   Stacy brought a friend (Oh no!  I need her name) who churns out stitched pieces like no bodies business.   The pieces were fabulous.

Here's what we did.    Stacy had all the pieces numbered.   She held them up and showed them table by table around the room.   It was our task to ~name~ the designer.   25 pieces and I think the winner of the prize for most correct had 14 right.  Here are some of them.  Aren't they beautiful!

Linen and Lace - Drawn Thread

Jane Pattison, 1805 - Shakespeare's Peddler

1830 Margaret Kramer - Handwork Samplers

Margaret Walker, 1832 - Threads of Gold

Ann Lister, 1790

Maria P. Oliver - Carriage House Samplings/Barrick Designs

In the Garden of my Heart - Elizabeth's Designs

Blessed Be Thine - Blackbird Designs


  1. Aha! I see you test it. You're the best. I plan to use your newsletters each month to help me update the site.