Tuesday, May 7, 2024

April 2024 Meeting

Our meeting was called to order by Evalyn C. and she welcomed all present  including those on Zoom.

Committee Reports were shared - 

Treasurer’s Report - Payments and receipts totals for the month were provided.  Outstanding is the balance due to Jackie duPlessis for teaching and kit fees as well as travel expense.  

IRS FORM 990, which will maintain our non-profit status with the IRS, has been filed for 2023.  

We currently have 212 members who have renewed/joined for  2024.   The member roster has been updated and will be provided in the April Newsletter to members.

Conservation Committee The committee has forwarded applications for the funds to 16 organizations, such as Winterthur, Hagley Museum, and the Concord Museum. If you have an organization you would like the Committee to consider, please reach out to Marnie B.

SAL—Members should be working on the March Assignment, Bands 3 and 4, as well as the  adjacent top and side borders. 

Secret Stitcher—Members continue to share items they have been receiving on Facebook.  If you do not have a Facebook account, please pass your “thank you” on to Susan H and she will post it to the DVHSG FB page.  This year’s program runs until August.  Members sign up for the next year will be in August to participate from September to August of 2025.

Retreat The date for the Spring Retreat is the last weekend in April (26th-28th). If you didn’t sign up you can check with Stacy S. to see if spots are still available. 

Designer of the Year - Our designer of the year for 2024 is Brenda Gervais of With Thy Needle. Don’t forget to keep track of any pieces that you finish throughout this year. 

Upcoming Programs

MayOur May meeting has changed.  It will be Zoom only.  Our original presenter had a conflict.   Stacy was able to schedule Cynthia Steinhoff will join us to discuss some of her samplers.   Cynthia is only available via Zoom.   The Board determined that members present at a live meeting would not be able to enjoy the Zoom presentation in person due to lighting in our meeting room.  Therefore, for the ease of everyone being able to view the presentation, the board decided to make this an all Zoom event.

June—(Zoom) Evalyn G. will give a presentation on how silk is created.

July—(Zoom) Beth Seal of Summer House Stitche Workes will discuss Susquehanna Samplers. Additional information on purchasing sampler patterns will be forthcoming.

August—(Zoom) Caryl C. will give a tutorial on how finishing pin drums.

September—(Hybrid)Teresa Miller of Teresa’s Primitive Treasures will demonstrate a project she has designed for DVHSG. Away stitchers can participate. In-person participants will have paint available, but away stitchers will not have that included in the kit. The instructions will include what you need to have available. The order form was sent with the latest newsletter to members and is due July 20th.  A photo of the project is attached and is also on our Facebook page.

 October—(Hybrid) Garage sale

 November (2024)—(Hybrid) Kim Young of Sassy Jack’s will join us to teach  the Mabel Tuke sampler. More information and sign ups will follow.   This meeting is the same weekend as the semi annual fall retreat.   Membership at the meeting when this was discussed (71 members) voted to have the meeting on the same day and at the retreat). People not attending the retreat will be able to participate by Zoom.

 December (2024)We will have our annual smalls exchange. The small should be sampler-related, but not holiday themed.  Please include your initials, the guild initials DVHSG, and the year on your piece.

Today’s Program

Jackie DuPlessis of It’s Finally Finished joined us to teach two wonderful projects. She gave us a brief history of her stitching journey as well as her coming to America and settling in the Boston area.  She is from South Africa and told us of the limited availability of supplies as well as resources when she grew up there. She also shared and discussed some of the samplers she has acquired.  Jackie requested we not share any close ups of her samplers as they are potential new charts for her.  They ranged from Berlin work to Darning Samplers to more standard samplers.  Those present had ample time to look at them up close.

The project for the morning was the beautiful Margaret Towns Sampler. In the afternoon, she taught how to make a paper mock-up of the Cherry Berry Sewing Roll, which was based on the design of the morning sampler, although stitched one over one rather than over two. We were so pleased to have Jackie with us and look forward to her hopefully joining us again at a future date. If you want to follow her on Facebook, look for JackieIFF. If anyone wants to purchase the morning sampler kit, please contact Stacy S. a.s.a.p.  It really became a group effort when Jackie was showing those on the Zoom class how she does the pierced ladder stitch.

 If you have ideas for future programs, please reach out to Stacy. 

We had Show and Tell displayed but it was not done formally so I don’t have names and patterns for everything.

This is by Patrick.  It consists of 56 individual leaves stitched in different needlepoint stitches finished and assemble in a wreath.   The patterns were publish 5 or 6 every other month in a needlepoint magazine.  A big accomplishment for sure!

This is a Jeannette Douglas Pattern

A Jeannette Douglas Pattern Fall into Autumn

Magnificent sampler stitch by member Marsha C.

A Blackbird Design, stitched by Linda D for her grandson

Another piece stitched, front and back by Linda D for her grandson

Stitched by Linda D.

And to continue the Linda D show, this design from La-D-Da

Project bags from Susan L.

Jewelry Box Redo

Next Meeting - ZOOM Only - May 11th 

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