Tuesday, October 31, 2023

October 2023 Meeting

We were called to order by Vice President Patrick B who lead our meeting. Patrick welcomed all and asks any guests/new members to introduce themselves.  

Treasurer’s Report was provided.

Conservation Committee - Marnie B provided a recap on the applications the committee has received and will be reviewing.  Three applications have been received:   Schwenkfelder Museum, Winterthur Museum and Concord Museum, Concord, Massachusetts.  The Committee will forward their recommendation to the Board for review and final approval.

Nomination Committee - Evalyn G and Kathy R presented the pending slate of officers for review.    The positions of President and Secretary are open for election.   Evelyn C has been listed as President and Caryl C has agreed to continue as Secretary.   The floor was opened to nominations for the offices.   The final slate will be presented and voted upon at the November meeting.  Patrick asked Evelyn C to introduce herself and tell everyone about herself.

Patrick asked that anyone who has finished a pattern from Plum Street Samplers, our Designer of the Year for 2023, to send pictures to Linda D so they can be incorporated in the power point for the January meeting.  If you have a suggestion of a designer for our 2024 Designer of the Year, please forward it to Stacy S before our December meeting.

The Thimble Kits from Noteworthy Needle arrived and were distributed to those present.   Kits were mailed to members not in attendance.

Patrick reminded everyone to submit their list of completed projects in an email to Linda D who will print out for filing in the Green Book.

The WIPGO Challenge piece number for October is #5.

Programming - Patrick shared information on upcoming programs which was provided by Stacy S.

November - Semi-annual DVHSG Retreat at Salty Yarns in Berlin, MD.   This will be a Live and Zoom meeting.  It is a members only event and there was a registration deadline.  Following the Business Meeting, Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle will lead a class on a custom designed thimble box.  Pre-stitching is required.

December - Annual Holiday Exchange and Luncheon.  This will be a Live and Zoom meeting. The Guild will provide wraps and paper products.  Please bring your own beverage and a covered dish to share.  The Holiday Exchange will take place.   If you are participating in person, you only need to bring your  sampler themed small to the meeting.   Your small should include your initials, the DVHSG initials and the year on it.   Susan H explained how Away Stitchers can participate in the exchange.

We will also vote on the Designer of the Year for 2024.   Please submit your suggestions to Stacy S.

January 2024 - This will be a Zoom Meeting.  Members will share any holiday needlework related gifts they received.    We will have a slide show of the 2023 Plum Street Designer of the Year stitched pieces.  

We will also draw a name from the list of members who hosted a meeting during the year.

February 2024 - Kimberly Nugent of Samplers Not Forgotten will introduce our 2024 Stitch Along - The Hummingbird Sampler   This is a companion piece to Garden of Stitches but one can definitley be stitched with stitching the other.  Linda is working with Kim on a suggested schedule for the SAL to enable its completion by February 2025.

March 2024 - TBD

April 2024 - A sampler class with Jackie De Plessis.  More information will follow.

May/June/July/August Meetings are open.   Stacy is talking with several designers/presenters and will be finalizing arrangements for these months shortly.

September 2024 - Teresa Miller of Theresa’s Primitive Treasures will be presenting a small project.   More information will follow.

October 2024 - TBD

November 2024 - Kim Young of Sassy Jack’s will be instructions the Mabel Tukes Sampler. 

Today’s Program  

For October, we held our Garage Sale or Stash Re-allocation Sale.   Members bought in patterns, kits, fabric and needlework related items they no longer wanted and offered for sale to other members.    At the end of the sale, members were asked to contribute a portion of their profits to the Guild’s Conservation Fund.   

I captured these photos from the internet but it gives you an idea of what we had.   

(Photos from www.thehomesihavemade.com)

The members present were beyond generous and the Conservation Fund received over $450.    Following the sale, if members did not want to take home upsold items, they were boxed up for delivery to Fireside Stitchery.  It was the first since before Covid so there was a lot to ‘shop’.   Bargains were found and donations were made and all enjoyed the Garage Sale. 

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