Saturday, July 8, 2023

July 2023 Meeting

Our meeting was called to order by President Linda D. and the normal announcements and reports were made.

Treasurer’s Report was given.  Membership is presently at 181 members.   The Treasurer’s Report included the balance in the Conservation Fund.  

Conservation - Marnie shared the date set for the dedication of the sampler that DVHSG restored in memory of Patti H., a founding member of DVHSG.  All members are invited to attend the dedication.  Dedication is 10:30 a.m., July 29, 2023 at the Salem County Historical Society, Salem, NJ.  Patti’s husband will be at the dedication.   If you have anything to contribute to the tribute Marnie will make, please email her your suggestions.  The dedication will be recorded for members who cannot attend.  A brief reception will follow.

Our Program Coordinator outlined upcoming meetings -

- August - Zoom - Jennifer Richardson of Violets and Verses, discussion on Shaker

Samplers with option to purchase the pattern and fibers through the end of August from Salty Yarns.   Flyers for sign up were in your last newsletter.

- September - In person - Michelle of Michelle Ink will treat us to her wonderful silver works.  Michelle offers high quality reclaimed silver in a moldable form.  She will explain the process and share options.  Participants will then we able to ‘mold’ silver into charms, needle minders, strawberry toppers and more.  Michelle takes all the molded silver her studio to prep for firing, polishing, etc. and will return directly to participants via US Mail in 6 to 8 weeks.  Flyer for sign up will be emailed in the next couple of weeks.

- October - In Person - Annual Garage Sale - Members bring charts, notions, etc. to sell.   Great bargains and unicorn charts can be found!  The Guild encourages members to donate a portion of their proceeds from sales to the Conservation Fund.  At the end of the sale, any items not sold and that the owner doesn’t want to hold on to, will be boxed up and taken to Fireside Stitchery for eBay sales.  Thanks in advance to Patrick B for taking the remaining items to Fireside for eBay sales.

- November - Zoom - Janis Note of Noteworthy Needle will be designing a Thimble Box for DVHSG.   The project will be kitted and offered for pre-stitch.  The meeting will be a demonstration on assembling the stitched piece.   The flyer for sign up of the complete kit will be emailed shortly. 

Sample of the thimble box - this is her July Birthday Thimble Box

Elections are also in November.   The Offices of President and Secretary are open.   Our Secretary has said she will remain in her position unless someone else is interested in the office.   Contact the Nominating Committee - Kathy R or Evalyn G if you are interested in serving in either position or have questions.  

- December  - In Person - Annual Holiday Brunch and Exchange.   Stitched smalls with a sampler theme are exchanged on a voluntary basis.   Whether you decide to participate or not, this is always one of our best attended meetings.  Away stitchers are able to participate as well.  You can expect an email from Susan H around the first of September. Good food and great eye candy looking as all the exchange pieces. 

- January - Zoom - Members will share any needlework related gift items they received.   We also will showcase pieces stitched throughout the year from current Designer of the Year, Plum Street Samplers.   A new designer of the year will be chosen for 2024.  

- February - Zoom - Our 2024 SAL - Hummingbird Sampler, from Samplers Not Forgotten, will start.   A schedule will be provided for the monthly goals to complete the piece by February of 2025.  Flyer to sign up for the complete kitted sampler will be emailed shortly. 

- March - TBD

- April - In Person - Jackie duPlessis of It’s Fineally Finished will teach one of her samplers.   The project can be stitched over two as a sampler or over one and made into a Huswif.  More information will follow.

We will be launching a “Secret Stitcher”  year long group.   Participation is voluntary.   A questionnaire will be sent out and participants will be paired based on their answers.  The secret exchange will start September 1st.   Caryl will be emailing the questionnaire shortly.  The basic idea is you will get the name of a fellow guild members and several times a year you will send that stitcher ‘trinkets’ while remaining anonymous.  A $10 range per exchange was suggested.  Susan H is leading the charge.  Thank you in advance for something fun!

Today’s Program - A chat with Linda Stoltz of Erica Michael’s Designs

Well buckle your seat belts everyone if you think Erica Michael’s is just strawberries!   Linda shared her personal antique sampler collection. Some of these she has reproduced in whole and others in part.  Still others are on her drawing board.   Linda says she acquires things she likes and not necessarily based on age or amount of history known of the piece.   Personally, I thought this was such a freeing approach!   Choose was you like!  Perfect.  

Linda shared a slide show that featured her sampler collection.  We also got to see her collection of spool cabinets, some of her sewing kits and of course, her antique strawberry collection. 

It was a very enjoyable presentation and Linda is sharing a small sampler pattern with guild members.  Look for it in an upcoming newsletter. 

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