Saturday, May 8, 2021

April 2021 Meeting

President Linda D. called the meeting order and welcomed everyone

  • Treasurer's Report was read and the Treasurer reported all necessary tax forms for 2021 have been filed.
  • 2020 Challenge Update - Patrick will be sending, through the US mail, the prizes for 20 projects completed in 2020.  
  • Popular Flosstube Channels - members shared their favorite Floss Tube channels
    • Country Stitchers - Our own Deb and Liz
    • Creative Whim - Theresa Kogut, Designer
    • Brenda and the Serial Starter
    • Barbara's Daughter
    • Saltbox Stitcher
    • Nicola Parkman - Hands Across The Sea
    • Mama Loves You - Great Britain
    • Whilst Iris Naps - Great Britain
    • The Attic - Needlework Shop
    • Modern Folk Embroidery
    • Stitching In the Barn
    • Elizabeth Ann can stitch
    • Lori Holt - Designer  She has two different formats: one for quilting and the other for cross stitch
    • Pumpkin Hollow Quilts - Cross stitch and quilting
    • Cross Hatch Quilts
    • Hello from Liz Matthews - Designer
    • Jean Farris Needlework
  • Upcoming Programming
    • May - Sheryl DeJong of the Smithsonian discussion on 
    • June - Susan Greening Davis - Lecture on needles
    • July - Catherine Jordan Zoom Presentation/Slide Show
    • August - Francine will share her collection of needlework items
Today's Program
We welcomed member Patty H. who shared her personal collection of needlework pieces.  She had a great powerpoint presentation that included a wedding sampler made for her parents, early Christmas ornaments, a birth sampler announcing Patty's very own arrival, and early pieces Patty herself stitched.  

Thank you Patty for sharing a little insight into her stitching history.

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