Sunday, December 9, 2018

December 2018 Meeting

December Meeting
Our December Meeting is always our Holiday Luncheon and Gift Exchange.  

President MR called our meeting to order and welcomed our two guests.  They traveled from the Mount Joy, PA area and were lucky enough to come when we had such a great spread of food.

It is amazing how with no sign-ups and no lists of who brings what, we always have a great selection of delicious salads, cheeses, spreads, cakes and cookies.   

Watch out!  Here come those holiday pounds!

But, back to our Business Meeting.....

Patrick circulated the binder for members to record their finishes.  He will have the results of all our stitching efforts at the January meeting and promises some goodies for the top stitchers.

Upcoming Programs
January - 

  • Members should bring any holiday needlework related items they received to share.   
  • Stacy S. will distribute a questionnaire for members to complete.   The questions are of a survey nature of your interests, etc.    
  • Members who worked on the Lauren Sauer SAL for 2018 are asked to bring in their pieces - finished or not - to share everyone's progress.
  • Annual Dues is due!  $25 for one year, a bargain!

February - 

  • We will be finishing a pre-stitched Valentine Humbug. Carolyn N. will provide instructions.   The pattern will be mailed to members in their newsletter.   This is a stitch-from-stash project and stitcher can choose fabric count and floss from their stash.   One hint, or option, the directions call for backstitching in one of the floss colors, Carolyn did her backstitching on her sample to match her linen color.   Linen or Aida can be used.  If you are participating you should also bring a 10-12 inch length of coordinating 1/4 inch ribbon for the hanger.
  • Guild SAL - We will be working on the iStitch Amethyst Band Sampler as a group.    The pattern is available by joining the iStitch Facebook Group with Carol Ridyard.    The cost is $27 (payable directly to Carol Ridyard at iStitch) Once the SAL starts, each Friday you receive email with the next installation of the band sampler.   If you do not have a Facebook account or email, she does has a website where you can reach out to her if you wish to participate.  The SAL is for 26 weeks.  The final stitch count is 73 by 1,000.   The sampler can be stitched in any color and on the fabric of your choice.   It is charted for stitching over one but you could stitch over two if you prefer.  Carol does provide a link to banding for sale in the Netherlands or you can get banding from Sassy Jacks.  (they already have pieces in three colors, pre-cut and serged for this project on their website.)   The count for the banding is 28 or 32 count.    Caryl C. will be charting a motif to add to the band sampler to personalize it for DVHSG.   Caryl has stitched previous iStitch Band samplers and does not feel you will need to order extra banding to accommodate the motif she will be sharing.    Stitchers may need to eliminate a row along the way to make room for the motif ....more details on that will follow.  More information will follow at the January meeting and in your member newsletter.

March - Pam Darney will be our guest speaker.  She will have a trunk show during the meeting and will share her "Color Throw-down" technique.   Pam will instruct an afternoon class.   The advanced sign-up deadline is the January Meeting.   The cost is $130.00  The class will consist of a quaker style sampler which is stitched on two linens.  Pam will instruct us on how to join the two linens to stitch on.   You can sign up as an Away Stitcher BUT ONLY is you have already taken one of Pam's joining classes in the past.   We do not have a photo of the final piece yet as Pam is charting a personalization for the sampler that is exclusive to DVHSG. No pre-stitching is necessary.

April - Our Semi-Annual Retreat at Salty Yarns will be the weekend of April 26-27-28.  At the time of sign-ups, there will be a required $50/non-refundable deposit.  More info and sign-ups will follow.  This is a DVHSG MEMBERS ONLY event.

July - Francine will teach a Victorian Christmas ornament for Christmas in July.

August - Annual Stash Redistribution Sale.   Members can bring in stitching related items they wish to sell or exchange.  DVHSG requests a portion of the seller's proceeds be donated to the DVHSG Conservation Fund.    At the end of the meeting, any items any member wishes to not take home will be gathered and taken to Fireside Stitchery for their eBay auction.  Proceeds from any eBay auction sales will go to our Conservation Fund.  

November - Stacy has arranged for two teachers over a two days (Saturday and Sunday).   You can sign up for one or both classes.   At our regular November meeting, Janice Note of Noteworthy Needle will instruct us on her method of cross stitching on a foam pumpkin.   All are welcomed to attend the meeting and those who wish to participate can buy the patterns and tool needed from Janice.    Sign-up and more information will follow.   In the afternoon, there will be a class with Beth Seal of Summer House Stitch Workes.   She will teach a fall themed needlebook she is designing for DVHSG.  This needlebook will be pre-stitched.   On Sunday, Janice will be teaching her changing seasons piece.    No pre-stitching is involved with this class as Janice devotes the class to how the finished project is assembled.   Sign-ups and more information will follow on both Janie and Beth's classes.

The rest of the calendar will be filled in as it is finalized.   One thing being worked on is more "showcasing of members".  This is having a member as a speaker and sharing their history of stitching, their favorite medium, specialties, a collection they may have, etc.

Show and Tell
We had no Show and Tell but we did have our holiday exchange....

...and we are ready!

So many beautiful pieces everyone wanted to get a good look!

 Beautiful pillow was included in the box.

Hands on Design pin cushion and scissors fob.

 Thread painting pansy topping a tin that opened with scissors and needle keep.

 Box lid, and inside shown below.

 A stitched holiday stocking, a bunch of stitchy stash and a cool way to finish off a strawberry with rick-rack.

 Awesome pincushion with the DVHSG logo.   Glass cloche to left covers the stitched piece.

Pin cushion in a teacup!

 Pincushion, scissors fob, needlebook in a tin.

 Tray with pin cushion.

 Beautiful needlework accessory from Drawn Thread

Pretty pin pillow

 Sparkly pretty little blue pocket piece.

 Chatelaine with magnets for needles, scissors, strawberry and rings for floss.

 Dimensional pin cushion with handmade pins.

Bumble bee pin pillow

 Pin keep and project bag.

Happy holidays and see you next year.

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  1. Merry Christmas ladies. I look forward to seeing your stitching next year. So happy stitching.