Sunday, November 12, 2017

November 2017 Meeting

 Not our usual venue and not our usual meeting!

First, a bit of business and second, this post is picture heavy and may take a while to load on your system.

So, for business -
This month we met at the Sheraton Wilmington South due to our guest speaker.  More on this below.


  • December Meeting - Annual Covered Dish Holiday Exchange Meeting.   An email will be circulated for sign-ups of what to goodies to bring
  • Class with Nicki's Creations in March 2018.  Nicki will be providing a lecture and Q&A session during the meting and the afternoon will be the class for those who sign up.   Pre-stitching will be distributed at the January Meeting therefore sign-up deadlines the December Meeting.    (I will upload the registration information shortly!!)
This month's meeting -
In collaboration with Brandywiners EGA and Lamplighters EGA, DVHSG sponsored a lecture by Doug Kreinik of Kreinik Industries.   Doug was a knowledge filled and entertaining speaker.    

He explained the origin of his family business.   He comes from a long line of inventors and innovators.   Years ago after his father was laid off, his mother would travel with his father on job interviews.   She would take her needlepoint along and they would visit needlepoint stores along the way.  It soon become obvious she needed something to keep her threads and supplies neat and tidy for all those stops along the way.   Necessity is the mother of invention and they create "Packs", a storage product for needlepoint project threads.   Marketing the product to needlework stores began to mingle with job interviews.  Soon there were other products and there has been no looking back.  

Doug Kreinik (pronounced Cry-Nick) brought 200 to 300 samples with him.   I photographed the tables never expecting that he would be passing these items around the room for each up us to hold, touch, examine up close and personal!  Thank you very much to my very own hand model Lynn for her help while I photographed.

 The applications and beautiful finishes were endless.
So much information was shared........#4, #8, #12, #16, #32........blending filament, hologram filament, braided, silks, glow in the dark threads, knitting, crocheting, sewing machine..........endless applications!

Sew, where to start...

Needles, what needle to I use?
A tip for using Kreinik......Use a Lark's Head know with the threads/fibers when you thread your needle.   It will help you maintain tension and will keep your needle from coming unthreaded.

 Look what they do with what we call ORTS.    The sandwich between two layers of water soluble interfacing all the bits and pieces and create a fabric.   Might not be every one's taste but is shows the versatility.

Look what else they do with ORTS.

 The gold braid used felt like a gold chain couched into place.

 Doug said this was stitched in the 70's or 80's

52 count silk gauze.

Silk Threads

Beautiful gold work

How about glow in the dark threads for Halloween?

Iron on flat braid on the spider web above and the pumpkin below.

Tamari Balls

 String art

 Crazy quilting and quilt embellishment

 Dragonfly with wired Kreinik fibers

An evening purses....

 A letter opener.   Wrapped with Kreinik's double sided tape, laid with gold cord and encrusted with beads.

Necklace and jewelry - tatting

Weaving with Kreinik

Check out the difference.    One the left. DMC, on the right, Kreinik Fibers

 Crochet and Knitting with Kreinik

 Silk crochet

 Beautiful ribbon embroidery and twisted cord trim.

Embellished box

More side by side

Sample of the faceted thread.

On gossamer wings for sure.

Supposedly a picture is worth a thousand words but these photos don't do justice to the beauty of this work.   Doug was entertaining, witty and shared antidotes of the growth and evolution of the business.    Any GoT fans? (Game of Thrones).   Kreinik was consulted and their fibers used for a black gown worn by Cersia in Season 7.....I might have to find that episode to check it out.   If you ever have the chance to attend one of his talks, run don't walk!  

Kreinik is located in Parkersburg, West Virginia.   They offer twice annual factory sales and tours oaf the factory.  Can you say Road Trip!

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