Saturday, November 8, 2014

November Meeting

Our meeting today started with the election of officers for 2015-2016.  The slate of candidates was announced and a voice vote was a resounding "Yes" to all those who were listed for Offices.

Susan D. ~  President
Stacy C. ~ Vice-President and Programming
Sal C. P. ~ Treasurer
Caryl C. ~ Secretary

Chessie & Me Class
Next weekend's Chessie & Me class will be held at the Embassy Suites on Route 896 which is right across the street from the college stadium.   Both the Saturday and Sunday classes start at 9 a.m.

Some pre-stitching completed for one of the classes....this is always the point when I wish I had signed up too!

Winterthur currently has several volumes of German embroidery books which they wish to purchase for their collection.   The books are said to be exquisite, detailed pattern books from the 18th (?) century.   Winterthur is seeking matching funds to their grant to purchase these volumes.   (I need to get more details.)   Please visit the Winterthur website.

December Meeting
Our December Meeting will be our annual holiday exchange.   It will be a covered dish luncheon with the Guild supplying an assortment of wraps.   From past experience, we all know there will be a vast variety of delicious foods to go along with the wraps.   But the highlight will be the exchange.  All are welcomed to participate and everyone should attend the meeting whether they are taking part in the exchange or not.  If you bring an item, you get an item.   Your piece should be a handmade small with a sampler theme to it.   Needlebooks, pinkeeps, scissor fobs and similar are the standard fare.   Check out the Holiday Exchange tab above to feast your eyes on some of the beautiful exchange items from previous years.

Penn Dry Good Market
The annual show and sale will be May 15 & 16, 2015.   Vendors will have antiques and vintage textiles, quilts, needlework, linens, baskets and more.   There are workshops and lectures to attend. All will take place in the Schwenkfelder Library & Heritage Center, Pennsburg, PA.  Admission is $6.00.

Catherine Theron
There's a new needleroll pattern!  Deb S. is taking orders and payment for the kit.   Money is due at the January Meeting.    This for the KIT ONLY.  There is NO CLASS.   The price is $70.00.

Salty Yarns Classes
Sherry Jones will be teaching a class in April 2015.   Betsy Morgan will be teaching three classes in June.   More details will follow OR check out Salty Yarns website.

Pat Y. will be collecting any stitched pieces that will be sent to Woodlawn at the JANUARY meeting.   Items are due to Woodland BEFORE our February Meeting and if you wish Pat to take your piece, please make sure you bring it with you in January.  We are so fortunate Pat makes this annual trek with our treasured pieces.   Of course, you can make other arrangements for getting your piece to Woodlawn by the deadline at the beginning of February.

The Rehoboth Historical Society exhibit will be in May 2015.   It was suggested we send down all the scissors blocks completed from our challenge earlier this year.

Annual Membership dues will be due on January.   The amount is $25.   Our membership year runs January through December.

And now after all that information.....we had show and tell.   Our program today was to share your most challenging piece.    As we went around the room, there are some common themes.   The reasons varied from the difficulty of a pattern, to the multitude of color changes, to the size, to the frequency of color changes or, a cause near and dear to my heart, being lead astray to another piece and loosing interest.    The more we talk and learn about one another, the more we find we stitchers are all cut from the same cloth!

Please enjoy the photos and please don't hesitate to email me with more information or corrections to anything I have shared here.  Some are Show and Tell and some are from the Most Challenging piece column.   I have tried to identify which is which as best a my memory can tell me.

Quaker Scissors Pocket - An EGA project stitched and finished by Caryl C.
 Some of the stitchers decided to stitch on 40ct. instead of 32ct. shown here.
 It is a pretty piece either way.

Another cutie from our cutie Francine!

Also from Francine.   This is the 3-part sampler from Just Cross Stitch Magazine.

Jean T. always astounds us with her stitching and finishing.
 Jean T. - adorable!
 And two more from Jean.    The rushing around this little pillow was fabulous.

Those were all Jean's Show and Tell.....I didn't get a photo of her Challenging Piece.

Barbara G. shared this as her most challenging piece.   She felt it was the largest piece she had done to date and there were just many color changes, a stitch of this and two stitches of that.  This is Rosewood Manor, Quaker Spring.

Sorry for the glare everyone.   This one has less glare but the color is not as nice.

From Patrick

 And remember last month's post?   This little guy was not assembled last month.  Great job Patrick!

Patrick shared this as his most challenging piece.   The photos cannot even begin to show the detail and stitches in this beauty.

This little box was another members (sorry, I didn't get her name/she was without a name tag).  Assembling this was what made this her most challenging piece.

 And full of smalls to boot!

This is Pat Y. most challenging piece stitched.   Another one of those with a million color changes!  From across the room, this looks like an oil painting!

Karen K. and Pat Y. shared their quaker balls.   Karen's, forefront, is on 40ct, all the same color linen.   Pat stitched hers on 32ct. using two different color linens.   Karen - an expert finisher, said this was particularly difficult to assemble the squares and hexagons!

 Words can't even begin to describe this Japanese embroidery piece by Pat L.  It was truly exquisite and admittedly her most challenging piece.  Unbelievable.

OK, so that's our meeting this month.   Looking forward to seeing all you at our December meeting.

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