Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Monthly Meeting

Better pull up a chair and get a cup of coffee for this month's report.    We had a very full meeting.   Let's take care of some business before moving to our Show and Tell for the month.

Chessie and Me Class, November:  If you signed up for the Chessie and Me Saturday class, Linda is waiting on the linen for the kits.   Once it is received, we will let you know where/how to get your linen for the pre-work.

Nominating Committee:  They would like to hear from you.   No, I mean, really, they would like to hear from you if you are interested in taking an office for the next term.   I believe, all offices are up starting with the January 2015 term.    Please, PLEASE, they beg you, drop Marnie, Ann S, or Stacy S. a line.

Winterthur’s Diligent Needle Exhibit:  The exhibit has opened and will run through July 5, 2015.  A seminar is scheduled October 24 and 25.  By the sounds of it, lectures, etc. have filled up quickly. The planned talk by M. Finkel and Daughter has been postponed due to a scheduling conflict.

The Morven Museum:  This museum is located in Princeton, NJ and it is having an exhibit of samplers stitched by New Jersey girls.      A full day needlework symposium is planned for October 5 and will feature Stephen and Carol Huber, Amy Finkel, Peter and Leslie Warwick, Dan and Marty Campanelli and Daniel Scheid.  Reservations are now open for the symposium.  The exhibit will run from October 3, 2014 to March 29, 2015 and there will be a catalog available.   Our own Patti H. told us that eight samplers and a man’s wallet from the Gloucester County Historical Society, Woodbury, NJ will be included in the Morven exhibit.   Patti has also been asked to lead a discussion on Gloucester County samplers at the Morven on March 1, 2015.   Patti will soon have charts available for two more Gloucester County samplers.  This makes 7 or 8 she has charted so far!   They will be available at   We are lucky to have Patti as a member and Gloucester County Historical Society is lucky to have her!  In addition to the catalog available through the museum.  Dan and Marty Campanelli will be producing a book “To Education Forms the Mind”.  (This is not yet available.)

Delaware Sampler ID Days:   The Sampler Consortium and the Sampler Archive Project will host two Delaware Sampler Identification Days: September 21st from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Biggs Museum in Dover and November 22nd from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Historic Odessa Foundation in Odessa.

Show and Tell:
Wow!  What a prolific group we are!  

Oh the photos don't even begin to show you how cute all Francine's smalls and finishes are!

 These are two of the samplers from Gloucester County charted by Patti H.  The one above was stitched by 6 year old Sarah Elizabeth Carney!
 Elizabeth Clark of the Greenwich School, South Jersey

This tray was stitched by Stacy S.   The inside is inter-changeable with three other designs....I think this is Prim Lady's Needle Society but I am not sure.

Jean T. has a basket full of the "virtues" by Little House Needleworks

 BJ S. stitched this beautiful box.   (I will have to get more info from BJ on our next stitching night on the designer)

Another completion by BJ S.    This is Victoria Sampler designs.  (Sorry for the glare ladies!    Silly me forgot my camera and was using my phone....not that the camera would have fared better.)

More from BJ S.  The Ann Bowers Sampler.  

Caryl C. stitched up this set.   It is the design of a guild in New England  
(Maine, I think) and has been offered in the EGA magazine.  That pine cone on the
needlebook is awesome and so is the coordinating fabric Caryl ordered from
Keepsake Quilting in Lake Winnepausake, NH

More cuties from Caryl C.  The star is so pretty and stitched with variegated thread.

And even more from Caryl C. - another (I think)   from Ladies Prim Needle Society

Pat L. is finishing up a storm and your photographer has her phone upside down!    Center top is from Shepherd's Bush;  one the right and center bottom are KITS! complete with even the backing fabrics from Cherished Stitches.   And on the left....."Just Bee".....I don't remember who's design but she got it from Elegant Stitch.   (they knew her well there ;-)

This is one that Patti H. charted and Karen K. ~adapted~  Patti charted it from one of the Gloucester County Samplers in her collection.  (Sorry for the glare!)

Thank you Caryl C. for sharing some of your pictures with me.

Kathy R. always picks the most interesting pieces.   It is no wonder we often follow suit and add her selection of patterns to our stash!  This is the Dorothy Walpole Sampler.

A couple more photos and a close up of the piece.

Imagine that, Pat Y. doing a piece with a nativity on it.  

More from Pat Y.

And last but certainly not least, what a cute zipper bag Stacy S. stitched and mom Carolyn might have had something to do with the finishing!   

We certainly are a diverse group of stitchers.

I've got more photos that our wonderful secretary Lynn emailed me so I may be adding more.  I typed this from memory and once I look at my notes and her photos, I may be making additions!

Following Show and Tell, Stacy S. lead the shared with the group how to make a felt needlebook.  Stacy had lots of hints to make the assembly easier.    
Isn't it just darling!  And a new adventure for some but sure is EZ-PZ just using a good old blanket stitch!  Thanks Stacy!  (Who knows what way I am holding my phone at this point.  It is not easy trying to get photos of everyone's work while trying not to disrupt the meeting!)

All that going on and we also managed to welcome two new members.  Mary Rita (M.R.) M. and Sarah S. as we’re glad to have you!

UFO Challenge:Don’t forget to bring in your UFOs.  The challenge goes to the end of the year!

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  1. Wow! What a great "report". And, a really lousy time to have a massive cold. (I lost a day somewhere last week and thought Saturday was Friday!)
    So much beauty and inspiration. DVHSG rocks!