Saturday, June 14, 2014

June Meeting

As usual, we had a good meeting.    Tons of information to share.

Registration is now open for the Winterthur Symposium, October 24/25, 2014.    There will be lectures, workshops, and tours.   Registration is required.    The overall exhibit entitled "The Diligent Needle" opens August 23, 2014.  For more information, please use the link above.

The next three meetings
     July - Stash Reallocation
     August - Stitch In
     September - Stacy S. will teach a wool stitched piece.   There is no pre-work.   The piece consists of a piece of wool approximately 6 x 6 with two pears in coordinating fabrics that are blanket stitched in place.    Advance sign-up will be required by the August meeting.   Watch the newsletter and blog for more info.   The cost for the kit will be $15.00.

Also due at the August meeting will be the registration for the November Chessie & Me classes.            November 15th - $75, kit and lunch included in price, pre-stitching is required.   Designed exclusively for DVHSG.
     November 16th - $100, kit and lunch included in price, no pre-stitching required.   This is the 'unfinishied sampler'.   A partially stitched sampler design with history and info on the motifs and suggestions for finishing with your own flare.
  (See our Class Tab for more info on the Chessie & Me classes.)

We were treated to a couple of new members from Lancaster County, PA.  Welcome Deb and Liz!  Hope you enjoyed the meeting and will be back again!

Christmas in Williamsburg
Check out the link to Just Cross Stitch for details on the 2014 Christmas in Williamsburg Seminar. The dates are December 4 through 8, 2014 and it will be at the Kingsmills Resort.

Salty Yarns
Jackie de Plesses will be teaching at Salty Yarns in September.   Stay tuned for more details.  The second week of October is the annual Jamboree at Salty Yarns.   There will be three designers teaching three half day classes.  Sharon Verbos of the Purple Thread, a LaDeDa design which will include pre-stitching and a third to be named designer.

Heart's Ease
Our own Theresa Baird has released the Mayflower Sampler Guild Design.   The piece is designed to be mounted on the lid of a Nantucket basket or it can be completed as an ornament.   Theresa will be creating and releasing the smalls in August.

Please follow the link above to catch up on all the Theresa has going on.   Her designs are beyond compare!   In January she will be leading an online group in stitching the Delaware Inspiration Sampler.   This will be through the Swan Sampler Guild.

Nomination Committee
The Nominating Committee - Marnie B., Ann S., and Stacy S. are looking for nominations for officers for our November election.  Please contact them if you are interested in holding an office for a two-year term.

Today Katie F. showed us how to complete the Lacis portion of the white band sampler stitch along. Thank you Katie!

Karen is either overwhelmed or hiding from the camera!

And now.....get ready for the photos from Show and Tell!

Stitched and finished by Francine.

 This strawberry has over 1,000 stitches and is only about an inch and 1/4 tall.   It is a SamSarah design stitched with one strand of floss over one on 40 ct.

Jane G.'s handywork.   First is a La-De-Da piece that Jane put her own touch on by adding the color to the flower and bow tie.

Don't you just love the flag.  How appropriate for Flag Day!  What a cute stitch and Jane does the beautiful finishing too.

Next up, Jean T.'s work

Jean finished and framed the SAL piece.

Jean finished and adapted the Catherine Theron needleroll into a tri-fold.

 Something by Jill G.

Lynn D's. stitching

Caryl C's version of the white work SAL. Many of us wish we had added color to ours.

More from Jill G.  Awesome color changes.

Pat L. just wows us with her Japanese embroidery.   The pictures do not do her work justice.   This is her Phase 7 piece.

Katie F. -  What can one say.....simply awesome finish!

I think we would all just love to have something like this in our sewing basket!

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