Monday, October 7, 2013

Semi Annual Retreat at the Beach

Ever seen this kind of look from a friend?   The blank stare when you talk about stitching?
There was none of that this weekend.

Who would believe sunshine and temperatures in the 80's would be what we would experience in OCTOBER!    It was a great weekend and there were 19 or 20 of us who joined in the fun. With most arriving by Friday afternoon, it was time to let the fun begin.  

How spoiled are we by our view for the weekend?
Chairs are just waiting for stitchers.

We were greeted by Mary at check in and received a very nice goodie bag.  Friday evening, Sara treated us to our cocktail reception (this blogger was too busy enjoying to think to get her camera out!) but trust me there was many delicious treats to be found that lead many of us to be asking for  the recipes.

We all got to check out The Crane, the makeover room from Hotel Impossible.

That's Anthony, the show host, walking the boards.   (Photos of Anthony and the room are from the Hotel Impossible website)

The makeover in The Crane was bright and crisp and so appealing.    The rooms  previously were comfortable, spacious and clean beyond compare but the decor did need updating.  We are so happy for the owners.

In case you don't know, in addition to relaxing at the beach, we get to relax and shop at Salty Yarns.

The best of both worlds.....cross stitching shop extraordinaire and porch rockers to pass the day away in.

Threads and fiber heaven.

Floss and more floss

Fabric, fabric, fabric

Francine was busy stitching away.

Sun too bright ladies?   Yes, Carol, Pat L., Diane H. and I turned our chairs around until the sun rose higher in the sky.

Stitching the afternoon and evening away.  Carrie is working on her latest project.   Much progress was made by all on their latest project or on a new start as well as much shopping was done in Salty Yarns.

Early morning walks on the boardwalk and more stitching to be enjoyed.    The 'cigarette boats' were qualifying on Saturday and then racing right in front of the hotel on Sunday.   The white blur in the middle of the picture to the right is a boat zooommmming by. Although loud, trust me, not nearly as bad at hot rod weekend where the engine revving goes on (loudly I might add) until the wee hours of the morning.

Saturday evening there was a corvette parade on the boardwalk which we enjoyed (again this blogger didn't have her camera out) but we did get to cheer on a friend of Lynn's as we all Hoo-Rah'd as she drove by.

These Retreats are so rejuvenating and restful and just fun.   So nice to spend time with friends, and meet some new friends (Shout out to the girls from Bethlehem).  I'll leave you with some other photos of Ocean City.
 Seagulls at the water's edge.

 Ferris Wheel at rest before the day begins.

 Off boardwalk shopping areas - too early to be opened while on our early morning walk.

 Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum

 Shops at the inlet at the southern end of the boardwalk.

The back bay.

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