Conservation Fund

Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild 
Conservation Fund 

The Delaware Historic Sampler Guild (Guild) awards conservation funds annually to support its goal of contributing to the preservation of antique needlework samplers. 
A portion of each member’s annual dues and member’s voluntary donations throughout the calendar year supports the Guild’s Conservation Fund.  These funds are donated annually to a community non-profit organization that is committed to the conservation and the general public’s education of antique needlework samplers.  In previous years, the Conservation Fund donations have ranged between $500 and $3000, as the amount depends on the amount available from members and member donations.  Conservation Fund monies have been awarded in the past to non-profit organizations and used to conserve a specific antique sampler/s, offset the cost of seminars open to the public, and to purchase storage cabinets to protect antique samplers from the elements.   To date, we have donated over $30,000 to the support and education of antique needlework samplers.
The Guild invites non-profit organizations to submit an annual application for consideration by the Guild to receive the current year’s Conservation Fund. Non-profit organizations awarded funds in a previous year are welcome to apply for funds of a current year.  
To apply, download and complete the  application, scan or take a photo of the application and email it to DVHSG at   Applications are due by September 30th each year unless otherwise noted.  

The Conservation Fund Committee shall review each applications and make a recommendation to the Guild’s Board for final approval.   Annually, in November, the Guild shall notify the awarded organization by email of its selection.  Organizations not awarded shall receive a email notice as well.   The decision of the Guild’s Board is final.  

Questions and concerns may be directed to Guild member,  Conservation Committee at

DVHSG Conservation Funds/MB-CC
Revised April 2024

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