Saturday, February 2, 2019

January Showcase

For our program this month, we had two members 'showcase' their stitching story.   Deb E. and Patrick B. were gracious enough to give us a little insight into how they got interested in stitching and shared some of their favorite pieces.

First up was Deb.   She shared how she started stitching in High School after the loss of her mom when teacher became her mentor.   She chooses pieces that challenge her and has been thrilled on this journey as she learns new things.   She was overwhelmed when her path crossed Liz's and the world of cross stitch retreats,  things like CATS and Celebrations and Just Cross Stitch magazines were brought into her world.  

If you watched Deb on your YouTube Channel, you know she has an eye for framing and color choices and display ideas.    Top, below is the her Round Robin piece  from her YouTube challenge this past summer.  Below, her Country Cottage winter village.

Close up of the Round Robin.    It looked like such a fun time for all the participated, we all secretly hope they host another.

 Deb took this Hands On Design design, stitched and mounted on this box from Hobby Lobby.    She has such clever ideas.    I think a lot of Hobby Lobby's sold out of this box after seeing what Deb did with it.

Not only is Deb generous with her ideas and sharing her pieces with everyone, she held a drawing at the meeting..........drum roll.......can you believe she GAVE this beautiful piece away to lucky winner Lisa B.?

Deb has several other pieces she brought but they were all so pretty it was hard to get past everyone to take pictures.   

Next up Patrick,

Patrick brought a ton of stitching he has done over the years.   Some decorative and some functional.

This is the cummerbund he wore at his wedding.   He also made cummerbunds for each of his grooms men.

Closeup detail of the above.

We all know Patrick doesn't confine his work to frames.   Here  are some project bags, zippered cases and eyeglass case.

 If I remember correctly, this is a piece he stitched for his mom that she uses.   He had to 'borrow' it back to bring to the meeting.

One of his favorite pieces, is this checker board.  He and his son have gotten a lot of use out of this one.
 Latch hook, His Master's Voice.

Kneeling cushion he made for church.

Lots and lots of belts he has made over the years.

 Family Christmas stockings

This piece he added to a tote bag.

Patrick, like many of us, always carries a stitching project with him.   You never know when you can find a few minutes during the day to put in a few stitches.  

Thank you for both Deb and Patrick for sharing their stitching journey with us.

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