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February Meeting

Before I get into a re-cap of our meeting......I moved the list of upcoming events to the sidebar on the right under the heading "Needlework Events and News".......and there is a lot of needlework places to see and go to!

So, onto our meeting and some needlework news.....

Chester County Historical Society - Ellen Enslow of the Chester County Historical Society now has framed and unframed samplers viewable in a drawer system.   Ms. Enslow thanked the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild for our past donation towards conserving samplers.  

If you signed up for the Catherine Theron needle roll kit, they arrived and were distributed at today's meeting.  If you weren't at the meeting, I am sure Deb S. has yours safe and sound!

New procedures are in place!   First up - starting this month, a table will be set up at the front of the room at each meeting.  We ask that you place your Show 'N Tell items there for display for everyone to enjoy prior to and during the meeting.   When it is time for Show 'n Tell, each item will be held up while the stitcher gives a description.  We think this will be a way for everyone to better see stitched pieces.    And, it makes this photographer happy.   It will sure make it easier for me to photograph everyone's work.    Here's todays Show 'n Tell.  (disclaimer!! - I can't catch every name and designer.   Please do not hesitate to provide corrections via email or by way of comment to this blog post. )  
Stitched by Caryl C. - Autumn Christmas Tree

Stitched by Jane G. - Elephant Walk by Fern Ridge and an americana sheep by Homespun

Stitched by Carolyn N. - Needle wrap case by Blue Ribbon Designs

Inside of Carolyn's piece

Who else but Stacy S. would stitch a beach peice?

Stitched by Carolyn N. - Sea Serpent by Sam Sarah Designs

Stitched by Patty H. - The Peacable Kingdom by The Good Housewife

Stitched by Jean T. - Looks like Little House Needleworks

Stitched by Jean T. - one the left.....Threadworks??, on  the right, Jeannette Douglas Designs

Stitched by Jean T. - one is Chessie & Me, the other ??

More from turbo stitcher Jean T. - from Needleprints

Needleprints - stitched by Jean T. 

Stitched by Pat Y. - Sue Hillis Designs

Look at the pretty crochet covered button Pat used.

The other new procedure  will be the requirement of members to wear a stitched name tag.  Starting with the March Guild Meeting, members who do not wear a name tag during the meeting will be assessed $1 'donation'.   The money collected will go to a conservation fund.  New members will get a two-month pass until they are required to wear a name tag.

We are past due on our annual donation towards sampler conservation.  Per our by-laws, a portion of our annual dues is designated to an organization working on the conservation and the preservation of samplers.  We need to designate the donations for 2013 and 2014.    The Committee has created guidelines and will ask organizations to complete an application that will outline how they would use a donation from DVHSG.   Our by-laws allot for $10 from each membership/dues paid annually.  The current membership is 65 or $650 for 2015.   (amounts for 2013 and 2014 may differ)  In the past we have donated to Winterthur, Chester County Historical Society, Gloucester County Historical Society; if anyone would like to suggest a worthy organization, please submit it to the Committee for consideration.  If you would like to join the Committee, please contact Ann S.

Susan shared the DVHSG Sampler.  The piece is nearing completion.   All the threads are included and members stitch sampler related motifs recording the info about what they stitched in the journal that accompanies the piece.  Liz and Debbie took the piece so they can each add a little something.

The Girls of the Guild Stitch-a-long was distributed.  Stacy provided an outline for month-by-month work on the project.  Caryl will make sure the newsletter has a list of what rows we are working on each month.  It was suggested the those of us participating (29 of us!!) bring our work each month to share our progress.  The project calls for silks (Gloriana) using one strand.   Stacy has started hers and likes the coverage with TWO strands.  

Stacy S. provided info on the guild retreat at Salty Yarns in April.   Stacy S. will handle all the reservations.   The retreat is the last weekend of April.  

Next month, Francine will lead a PUNCHNEEDLE demonstration.   If you have done punchneedle before, please bring in your pieces to share.     

April MeetingKatie will present information on Assisi embroidery which is a form of counted-thread embroidery based on an ancient Italian needlework tradition.

May Meeting - We will have a teacher at the May meeting.   Kim Nugent of Kennett Square and Samplers Not Forgotten, will teach the first part of a three piece project - a velour strawberry - during the meeting.   There will be a $10 fee for the strawberry.   The other two pieces will be taught in an afternoon class that will follow the meeting, 12:30 to 5 p.m.   Sign ups are needed in advance.   Deadline for sign up is March 23rd.  The Needle book and Pin Cushion Class are $70.   There will be a $10 lunch fee.  Kim will be bringing a Trunk Show to the March meeting.  (For more information and registration information, select the "classes" tab above.)

Our class this month was to make a button scissors fob.   We all brought in a selection of buttons from our stash and Stacy provided the instructions.  Once the girls from New Jersey managed to understand the directions, they caught up with everyone else.  
 Look at the variety!    

 I wish I have thought to bring a charm to add to my fob.   The lobster claws for finishing are being shipped and will be provided at the meeting next month.

Upcoming Events
Stacy's winning work
  • The 52nd Annual Woodlawn Needlework Exhibit will run March 1 through March 30th.   It is a great trip and so very inspiring to attend.   Pat Y. will again take any pieces.   Please remember to include your completed paperwork (2 copies), enclose the fee and add the extra $$ for transportation.   Woodlawn does so look forward to our items.   And last year - remember that our own Colorado Stacy took the top award!  
Scissor's Block Display from January 2014
  • The Rehoboth Beach Historical Society 5th Annual Needlework Exhibit will run March 14, 2015  to May 10, 2015.  Entry fee for members of the historical society is $10 for members and $15 for non-members per entry. (please use the link above for the form and fees).  Stacy S. will be taking any items down for display.   Please bring your completed paperwork and entry fee to the February meeting.   We discussed as a group that possibility of sending our group project of the scissors block and the Eileen Bennet stitch-a-long piece so bring them along ready to go if you'd like to participate.  
For submitted items to either Woodlawn or Rehoboth,  wrap your pieces in towels.  There have been issues with bubble wrap.  Using painters table or packing tape to secure the towel works well on smaller pieces; for larger, use twine or string to secure your towel.

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