Sunday, July 28, 2013

As Promised....

I am such an errant blogger....Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild is alive and kicking, however, this blogger has missed the last several meetings as well as last several months of posting updates.   Thankfully we have a great secretary in Lynn who has kept us all informed with what is going, without further delay (on my part)...

Sharon Verbos of The Purpler Thread.

Sharon was the guest speaker at our April Guild Meeting.  Sharon has a blog but is a self-admitted slacker when it comes to updating her blog.   She shared with us insight into her method of design.   It was interesting to learn her process of trial and error to get it just the way she envisioned and to hear how her career as a needleworker designer has developed.

She had finishes to share as well as kits for sale.   The nice thing about her kits are they contain everything you need:   pattern, linen, floss, embellishments, finishing materials.  It is a one stop shop.  In the last year I have seen more and more of Sharon's designs in shops and online at internet stores.

The little red bag above right is the package the kits is marketed in.   You then complete the stitch and use the already finished bag for your finish.   See what I mean!  Her kits are complete!

Sharon also gifted each member of the guild with a small kits to create marking pins and a personalized scissor fob.   We received the necessary materials along with an alphabet chart for with our initials.

I purchased and completed the following from Sharon.    This patriotic strawberry called "To The Flag".   This blogger attended a class with a voluntary patriotic themed exchange so I stitched it up for the exchange.   It was quick and easy.  I kept the specialty flosses and trims for when I make it for myself and used linen I had on hand and DMC floss for the giveaway. 

I hope to be able to post again shortly to get everyone up to date on the Delaware Valley Historic Sampler Guild.   Until then.....keep your needle threaded and stitch on!

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