Saturday, March 9, 2013

Where we meet......

Our monthly meetings are held at Cokesbury Village.   One of our members is a resident there.   There is a large display case in the lobby that each month features the craft or hobby of a resident.   We have seen beautiful photography, pen and ink drawings and various collections.

This month we were treated to a display case filled with our very own Jean's stitching work.   Trouble with display the glare!


It was a beautiful collection of many of Jean's pieces.  ....drat...I thought I took more pictures.  


  1. Robin,

    Just one more time! Robin, you are doing a wonderful job representing the DVHSG's website and blog. Thanks so much for your hard work! You are really the BEST!

    Theresa B.

  2. Great idea to put these in Robin!!

  3. Great idea to post these Robin!